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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

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Covid exposes everything that is wrong.
[The Will To Win] The greatest military in world history lost its last two wars. How could that possibly happen? We have the best men and woman, the best equipment, the best food, the best training. It’s because of “will”.
Vietnam and Afghanistan didn’t want what America tried to force upon them at the end of a bayonet — democracy and capitalism. We couldn’t beat the Vietnamese because their will was stronger than ours. They didn’t want our democracy and capitalism. Afghanistan was lost because of a religion we can’t understand. How can you fight a fanatic? Someone who thinks that an actual god-being is protecting them. We have been defeated again in Afghanistan and are giving the country back to the Taliban. We wasted 20 years and so many of our brave American lives trying to force democracy on them and today the Taliban is stronger than they ever were; already controlling 80% of the country that we abandoned just a few days ago. Our invasion strengthened their will while we lost ours. I hope we’ve learned our lesson that might does not equal right, and moreover, we are not as mighty as we like to think we are. We beat the British in the Revolutionary War because our will was stronger than the British’s. Whoever has the strongest will always wins. We have to try something different from now on.
I’ve spoken to vets from those two wars and they all said they were fighting to save their and their buddies’ asses. They weren’t fighting for a cause. They had no will to win, but to survive until they could go home. These are brave men who weren’t convinced of validity of their mission.


[Free Fence] Did you know that if you garden naked your neighbor will build a privacy fence at no cost to you.

[5G] I have 5G and a 5G equipped phone but I’ve yet to see what the big deal is. I experienced no benefits that I can notice. What’s the big deal? T-Mobile and Verizon argue about who has the most 5G coverage, but never tell us why we should care. What does it do for me?
A record-breaking heat wave affecting the Pacific Northwest and parts of Canada has cooked millions of mussels, clams and other sea creatures alive. (French chefs were seen shopping the beach with garlic and madeira wine.) Video
[Moving] Well we made it out of KW. After experiencing the bull crap a city of 26,000 can provide, we’re done. We lived in old town for many years. Pretty well seen it all. From the quaint, adorable little conch houses with TV satellite dishes, which are clearly disallowed per the HARC gods rules. They are all over old town, to the tourists running rampant on golf carts, scooters, while drinking, puking, as well as beeping their horns like it’s a must-do ritual.
Years ago it was a great quirky city. Not any more. And the folks who are working 2 jobs to survive, are now being forced to work 3 part timers, as well as move 10 or so miles up the keys.
Along with giving away Duval St (and South) to a developer to serve Slushy’s in a most beautiful historical house and location.
Pretty soon the public transportation is going to start bussing workers from 30 miles up the road (Big Pine), cause they lost or could not afford the doubled rent for houses closer to KW. Sad.
[AI] Take a bite size look on the tech landscape of AI – where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. Video

[Storm Chaser] This photographer chases the Midwest’s most dramatic storms. Here are some of his favorite shots. Eric Meola went from shooting rock-album art to documenting the hidden beauty of the great American plains. Link

Covid19 Delta variant. Let’s call it what it is: the MAGA variant.


[The Anti-Boat] Redneck engineering at its finest and a clever re-use and an oxymoron.

[Definition of Sanity] A state of mind that can be lost to over-indulgence of disconnection from acquaintances because of email and cell phones which replace all face-to-face contact and delete rational understanding of time, place and person
Blood drive this Thursday & July 26.
Thursday, July 15 at Bealles 12:30-5:30
Monday, July 26 at Bealles 11:00am-4:00pmBonus 1: All donors will receive a Southernmost donor local art t-shirt plus a
Bonus 2: $20 eGift card
Bonus 3: Wellness checkup including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening.
Thanks for donating!
[‘Dem Bones] Archaeologists were excavating materials from the prehistoric entrance to Einhornhöhle, or the “Unicorn Cave,” in the Harz Mountains in Germany when they found the 2.2 inch-long bone. Scientists identified it as a phalanx, or toe bone, of a giant deer, and radiocarbon dating suggested that it is at least 51,000 years old. Link
[War… What Is It Good For] Ever wonder why this planet invented war? Was it because one culture had more food than another, had better chicks than another, smelled better than another, were more intelligent than another, or just for the fun of killing? Whatever the reason, it didn’t work out very well and today’s advanced military industrial complexes are just about ready to annihilate the rest of us for parking spots.

[7 Mile Bridge Run Movie] “Beating the Bus” An early release of a movie about the first 40 years of the 7 Mile Bridge Run. Video

[Assisted Suicide] Oh, you mean marriage?


Just add the USA to the list of failed conquerors.

[Police Academy 3] College Of The Florida Keys graduates law enforcement candidates in Key West.

[Regulating Cruise Ships] Between an unfettered cruise industry and the total ban on cruise ships that many in Key West support, the sensible limits supported by an overwhelming majority of voters ARE the compromise. There’s no need to re-open the debate about whether or not the limits in our City Charter are the perfect limits. They have been endorsed by a supermajority of voters. In our system of governance, that is as perfect as anything gets. These limits can be enacted by the Commission in a new city ordinance at a future meeting.


Keith Richards teaching Willie Nelson how to play guitar.

A bigot thinks he’s right when he’s wrong.

[TV] I wish there was a button on the remote that would place the character’s names over their image to make it easier to follow British crime mysteries. The have so many characters and names it’s often hard to follow who’s who.