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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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[Reminisce] Bus Stop by the Hollys was a popular song in 1966 when I was a window dresser in a northeast city.  Hearing that song always reminds me of when I stood in the big windows daydreaming and wondering about the people on the other side of the glass. I watched the backs of downtown shoppers waiting for the bus. The stop was right in front of the windows. There was always a small crowd waiting. It was winter and the curb and gutter was all dark grey slush, and the shoppers wore long coats and thick scarves and knit hats; sometimes with a pompom on the top. I wondered about their lives instead of working and thinking about all the places I could be.

Bus Stop–The Hollys

[Children’s Safety] I don’t trust the ice cream man, priests, or scout masters with young boys.

[Wetstock 16] Flip Flop Bob has been putting on this event for 16 years through hell and high water. He hasn’t made a dime from it. He does it all for us! Can you imagine the logistics of putting on a concert off a deserted island and keeping everything dry? Just getting everything and everyone out there is problem enough and the worse part is getting it all back on dry land at the end of the day when everyone is pretty well trashed. Welcome to the locals’ version of the Keys.

To all you veterans out there whether alive or deceased. It doesn’t matter whether you carry a pen or a gun. Without you there is no me. I humbly thank you for this life you made possible for me to live.


Wetstock gets better and better. It’s probably the only free music event in the Keys.

[Ways to Use Flour Tortillas] It’s time to add these recipes with flour tortillas to your collection! With ideas for fajitas, tacos, breakfast bakes and even desserts, you’ll never run out of ways to use up those last few tortillas in the pack. Link

[“Lawyer review”] I hope your atty from Marathon isn’t named Tom or James who used to be partners for the purpose of handling real estate transactions. They tried to force me to close on a home sale without paying me for the house and insisting on me signing the deed over to them. I refused – and after several hours of BS – was able to get paid via a bank wire


Another juggler gives up on his dreams.

[Developers] 280 new tenants. The building permits have been issued and work in earnest has begun on the Lower Keys’ largest affordable housing project in five decades. Developers of the Wreckers Cay project on Maloney Ave, Stock Island expect to have some of the 280 units of affordable housing built within 13 months, with other units coming online shortly after that and the project completed within 18 months. Link


[Memorial Day] Biden commemorates war dead at Arlington National Cemetery. Link

Miami-Dade police find SUV used in mass shooting submerged in canal, hours after release of video. Security video shows masked gunmen arrive in the vehicle before unloading a barrage of gunfire at a banquet hall. Link


[Worcestershire Sauce] Winn Dixie has been out of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce for about a month. They have others, but seeing as people only buy about 3-4 bottles of the stuff in their lifetime, it’s worth the extra dollar for the Lea & Perrins. The fancy paper wrapper is worth the extra dollar too.

[Memorial Day] D-Day Seventy Years On – Friday night is music night from the Albert Hall commemorates the 70th anniversary of D-Day. BBC Concert Orchestra.
Jim Radford – The Shores of Normandy
[Wetstock 16] All I can say is “Wow” and I get by with a little help from my friends. Thank you all!
~Flip Flop Bob
[Florida Consumer Newsletter] Have you been scammed? Link



The new gold standard for beach sculptures.

[Memorial Day] Remembering and honoring American military heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Link
Wetstock was great! The vibes were wonderful, and everyone was smiling. As far as music, The Ray West band stole the show. They should call themselves the Ray West Shredders because that’s what Ray did—he shredded the music! Super high energy. The Wetstock organizers should sell t-shirts. I would have bought one to memorialize the great day.
[DUI vs Covid] From Friday the 28th of May until Monday the 31st of May there were 13 DUI arrests and 8 felony drug arrests. It seems to me you have a better chance of dying from being in an accident with a drunk or high driver in the Keys than you do from a man-made virus that boasts a 98% recovery rate. Remember this as you sit at the bar with your friends and drink a few drinks an hour for a few hours or — and bitch about those not wearing masks.
[Covid Vs Greed] This bug is not stopping!  The greedy merchants don’t care if you get sick and die as long as your wallet is empty

[Oh No Department] The Bob Ross Channel on TV. Now we can watch loveable Bob paint the same mountain picture and in different dark colors any time we want. I once saw him paint a tropical scene, but that too looked like the Rockies, but at night.

[National Politics] Waiting and waiting but no political page. Waiting for your excuses this time. (Editor’s excuse: Oops.)