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[Suicide Live] A Key West man live-streamed his suicide over social media. He took his life on Facebook–live! A 27-year-old Key West man hanged himself live on Facebook, police said. Someone saw the live stream early Monday and reported it to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, which was able to track down the phone that had recorded the suicide to Key West, according to Key West Police Department spokeswoman Alyson Crean. Police found the dead man at about 5 a.m. in the parking garage at the Galleon Resort, 617 Front St. “There were no signs of life by the time they go to him,” Crean said.
[Mechanical Man] I feel like I’ve been cheated. I’m almost 80 and been to more than my share of rodeos. Shot in the leg, two total knee replacements, left elbow destroyed, detached bicep, right shoulder repaired  twice, left shoulder repaired twice, Class III left collar bone separation, two back surgeries. Spent thirty years in the military and no one gave me a trophy for showing up. But then—I’m just hard working, middle class and deplorable.



If it’s Wednesday it’s Uke Nite at Coconuts! Coconuts presents Ukulele Wednesday. Join us at 7 pm. No experience needed. Video

Tokyo to build eco-friendly ‘solar roads’ ahead of 2020 Olympics. The roads will generate energy through a series of solar panels that are installed underneath the surface of the streets. Link
News of Anthony Bourdain’s death shook people around the world on Friday morning. Many took to Twitter to express sadness, heartbreak and to honor the life of the storyteller and chef. Video
[Beth Ramsay-Vickrey Meet-And-Greet Invite] Many of you know me from my Facebook posts throughout, and after Irma. In case you didn’t know, I am running for the KW Utility Board (aka Keys Energy Board) Seat D. I am having a meet-and-greet party in KW on June 20th, and I would love to meet you in person.

I will be having a second meet-and-greet in July at Kiki’s. Hope you can make one or both! Link

He was caught selling LSD on Duval Street and ran right into a cop when trying to escape another. Link
[“I feel sorry for the God critics, as you do not have the same joy in life that I do”] Probably not because ignorance is bliss as well is blind faith.




These will be the first 3d-printed homes that you can actually live in. Link

Is Gov. Scott’s affordable-housing proposal for the Keys a fix or a problem? Link
[First Tall Ship] 1034. Ammon Reigns in Egypt. He conquered Libya and reduced that people from a wandering savage life to a civil one and taught them to lay up the fruits of the earth. He was the first that built long and tall ships with sails and had a fleet of such ships on the Red Sea and another on the Mediterranean at Irasa in Libya. Until then they used small and round vessels of burden, invented on the Red Sea and kept within sight of the shore.




Is anyone missing a playhouse since hurricane Irma? I found this one tipped on its side in the woods off Key Deer Blvd behind the Lutheran church.

Speakers oppose nuclear reactor licenses extension for Turkey Point. Link




Submarine in a bottle.

[Captain Bligh’s Record Breaking 2400 Mile Voyage Of Survival On a 23’ Open Boat With 18 Men On Board 1789] Fatigue occasioned their weakness and so far got the better of their sense of duty. One person, in particular, went so far as to tell me, with a mutinous look, he was as good a man as myself. It was not possible for me to judge where this might have an end, if not stopped in time; I therefore determined to strike a final blow at it, and either to preserve my command, or die in the attempt: and, seizing a cutlass, I ordered him to take hold of another and defend himself; on which he called out I was going to kill him, and began to make concessions. I did not allow this to interfere further with the harmony of the boat. ~Bligh


The KW airport, in order to demonstrate our quirky nature, should change their orange windsock to an orange big mouth fish!

Winn Dixie’s Plenti Card is going away July 5. The Fuel Perks card went away last year. What’s up with their discount cards? I should say that they have lowered their prices considerably
[Big Brother Is Watching You] 1984 by George Orwell. A book review for those who don’t like to read. Link
[“Who is behind this inter-racial madness”] The feedback to the original post just shows how ignorant CT posters are. If that person cannot understand what is being force upon us, then let the new world order dictate your life!


[A Father’s Day Story]  The Peace lady, Jeannie’s Dad’s World War 2 account. I have always been proud of my father, but never more than now. This is going to be read by the Mayor of his town and a silence will be heard. Happy Fathers Day to all who are here, and all who are remembered.

[Yearly Meeting] The United Way of the Florida Keys will be holding an annual meeting open to Fiscal Year 2017-2018 donors on Tuesday, June 19, at 10:30 am in the board room at Iberia Bank, 12640 Overseas Highway, Marathon Shores. All supporters are welcome to attend. For questions about accessibility or to request free accommodations please contact Rebecca Zehr at 305-735-1929 or 5 days’ notice is requested.
What brands do you find polluting our beaches? Video

Buddy Hackett, “A guy goes to the doctor …”

[Priorities] Humans discovered booze before we invented the wheel.
[Be Responsible] Be responsible for your own actions should be the law. Enough of the “me too”, “it’s not my fault”, and “the gun did it” crap. Time to throw out the lawyers and get down to responsibility!
[Algae Is Blooming in Lake Okeechobee] Raising concerns of another ecological disaster in Florida. I got to go hit the veggie farms north of the lake today. Watch the video. You can thank Central Florida later. Video
[Mosquito Yard Spray] Non-toxic & has a nice minty smell.
1 Big bottle blue cheap mouthwash (at Dollar Tree)
3 cans of stale cheap beer
3 cups Epsom salts
Mix together until dissolved.Spray anywhere outside – where you sit, around pools, in the garden. It won’t harm flowers or plants and will keep the area clear of mosquitoes for up to 80 days. They leave the area and will not come back. I have been using this spray for 15 years & it works. I heard about in on the old Paul Harvey radio program a long time ago.
It is only a human right if you work for it and pay for it yourself. Nobody has a right to demand you pay for or support them. There are too many bums in this country living off of the sweat of others.
Robert De Niro is a nut case and probably a communist. He is definitely a very far Leftist
[Look on the Dark Side, Luke] “Philanthropist T. Denny Sanford” How did he get all that money in the first place? By over charging people? A hero not!



[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

[Why’s the Water Green] Watch this video from about Florida’s old flow in the River of Grass and how the new one has ruined our fresh water source. Why was this done? Development and tourism? So, for all of you who came here wanting green lawns and weedless rocks – keep spraying. For those of you on Summerland Key’s now green canals – keep praying. It’s time to build a different kind of wall (no mas touristas, no mas retirees). There’s too many of you in my home state!




What do they call geese in Canada?

[Useless Eaters] How come the people who bitch and moan about not having free this and free that, are always the lowest form of trash there is? The lazy, stupid, useless eaters are ruining this world. Time to cull the old corral!
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