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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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island tropical sunsetI just spent a few days in the Keys for the first time in 5 years. It was beautiful. I know locals complain about how it’s changed and how tourists from New Jersey wreck it every winter. I don’t know. Maybe. I am not a local. I’m from Toronto, spent my time on Big Pine and loved the isolation. I don’t think I held up anyone in traffic. And my wife is a gorgeous blond, not fat. So you probably didn’t notice us. Haven’t been there since the Walgreens was finished. Or Long Beach Rd was resurfaced. The Bells extension was nice. Nothing I got at the Winn Dixie was rotten or stale dated. I’ll admit, the parking lot looks like a drag, in a different way than before. People at the Fishing Lodge were friendly as hell. And the stuff at Out of the Blue, as always, was worth checking out and buying. Thanks for having us.
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[Key Largo Limestone and Miami Limestone] The Florida Keys form a crescentic chain of small limestone islands which extend from near Miami to Key West, a distance of about 150 miles. They are made of two main formations of Pleistocene age—the Key Largo Limestone and the Miami Limestone. The former, named and described by Sanford, is an elevated coral reef rock, and the latter, also described by Sanford, is an oolitic limestone in this area. The Key Largo Limestone is the surface rock of the Upper Keys, and the

Miami Limestone covers the Lower Keys. A contact found at Big Pine Key shows that the oolitic limestone overlaps the Key Largo, and core borings show that the Key Largo underlies the odlitic cover for the entire area of the Lower Keys. The Key Largo, therefore, extends for the total length of the Keys. A core placed at Dry Tortugas, 70 miles west of Key West, encountered it at 30 feet below sea level. The Key Largo has a maximum thickness of over 200 feet.

dancing snowman

[The Abominable Snowman] That’s a misunderstanding of what Sherpa guides said during British expeditions to Mount Everest. The correct translation is ‘wild man of the snows.'”

[“Hates the Keys and moved”] I read all the complaints the person made and don’t agree with any of them. The writer has a skewered opinion of what he sees. Some people can’t adjust to island living and need malls and superhighways and to get lost in the anonymity of a large city. Down here we tend to stick out and need to adjust our lifestyle so as no to stick out too much and create enemies. No one said it would be easy. You have to really want to live here.
Jared[Florida Keys Federal Wildlife Officer Named 2015 Officer of the Year] Officer Jared Brierley has been named the 2015 “James A. Clark Officer of the Year” for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southeast Region which includes nearly 1,500 federal employees in 10 states and spans more than 430,000 square miles.  FWO Brierley is stationed on Big Pine Key and is assigned to the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges Complex which includes the National Key Deer Refuge and Crocodile Lake, Great White Heron and Key West National Wildlife Refuges.  FWO Brierley was presented the award at the 2016 law enforcement in-service training this month in Mississippi and was recognized for his outstanding leadership in resource law enforcement, effective cooperation and coordination with partner law enforcement agencies and his personal and professional demeanor.  FWO Brierley was specifically cited for his superior personal character and professional competence throughout 2015 including his investigations of illegal contact with the federally endangered Key Deer, coordinating the life-saving rescue of 23 Cuban nationals in a home-made vessel near the Dry Tortugas National Park, and curtailing illegal dumping on public lands.  FWO Brierley was also instrumental in community relations, public outreach and education of the myriad of residents and visitors to the backcountry of the Great White Heron and Key West National Wildlife Refuges.  FWO Brierley has worked for both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service in the Florida Keys and Biscayne National Park since 2008.
[Charity Rip-offs] You may want to think twice about where you donate your money. How many times have we seen this with some of these charitable organizations that play on the heart? When the CEO is a lawyer, hang on to your wallet. rates the charities in terms of percentages that actually get to the intended people. Check this out about the wounded warrior project. Link
[Jehovah’s Witness] A former City of Key West Department of Transportation bus driver has filed a federal lawsuit against the city claiming his civil rights were violated due to his race and as a practicing Jehovah’s Witness. Bobby Walker Jr. claims that he requested, via a letter dated Oct. 23, 2014 to the city manager’s office, that he not participate in the annual Fantasy Fest parade and that his “participation in the Fantasy Fest parade was contrary to his beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness,” the lawsuit states. He further claims that the next day, during a meeting with superiors, that city management officials “openly mocked (Walker’s) religious beliefs and threatened to write up Walker for purportedly not giving enough time to change the schedule,” the lawsuit states
mosquito spears man[Frankenmosquitoes] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found that there would be no significant impact to the environment or people by releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Key Haven. Starting Monday, the agency will take public comment for the next 30 days on the preliminary finding. The British company Oxitec has partnered with the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District on a proposal to conduct a test release of genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which can transmit tropical diseases like dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya.
[Toilet Paper] Why the poor pay more for toilet paper. Link
suntan oil ad[Sunscreen] Most of us should be aware by now that oxybenzone, a very common UV block ingredient in sunscreen is so toxic to coral and other marine life that a drop in the equivalent of a half dozen Olympic sized pools is enough to be damaging. When you slather it on, it goes right into your skin and soon appears in your urine. You are not immune to the toxicity even though you are probably not a coral or a grouper. Even if you just slather on sunscreen and go nowhere near the ocean, you will probably shower it off later and it may be going right through that new Cudjoe sewer plant and down the shallow wells into the tide. Same thing in Marathon, Big Coppitt, Baypoint, Layton, Duck Key, and all the package plants like at Venture Out and KOA. There is a superb article in the current issue of Alert Diver published by Divers Alert Network that discusses many other extremely toxic ingredients used in common sunscreen. It is an easy read if you don’t try too hard to pronounce the chemical names. It should be required reading to even visit the Keys. Link
Monday was FKAA’s workshop to decide whether to spend over $200 million in infrastructure upgrades that they admit will raise rates for water and sewer. Rates that are already sky-high compared to most of the world. They had a nice glossy presentation and the conclusions no doubt reached before holding the all-for-show workshop. FKAA took over dilapidated Navy infrastructure that they knew would cost millions to patch or replace rather than let the Feds foot the bill. FKAA bought the dilapidated private Key Haven sewer system knowing it would cost millions to patch or replace. (And where does the Chairman of the FKAA Board really live, along with certain FKAA executives?). The presentation talks about prioritization as if they know how. We see that fancy architectural aluminum fences with motorized gates were installed to replace the chain link around their above ground facilities while all these urgent hidden repairs were ignored. They want to double the size and upgrade the Marathon emergency 1MGD RO water plant that has never yet contributed a drop to the pipeline. They wonder why the source water always has fecal coliform. With the shallow supply well about 30′ from the Marathon Yacht Club’s deep liveaboard boat basin, and just barely over 200′ from an FKAA onsite shallow wastewater injection well, and only a few hundred feet from another FKAA shallow wastewater injection well, and the shallow injection wells of the County EOC & offices plus State office (including DEP) buildings’ sewage treatment package plant, do you wonder how fecal got into the nearby water supply well at the same depth? Note that although Marathon has had central sewer for years, the FKAA, County, DEP, and Marathon Yacht Club have not bothered to connect as required by County and State law. Integrity and common sense both appear to be severely lacking in FKAA management, so it must be time for another big pay raise for the Executive Department.
pump vaneBefore buying a pressure washer check with your water company to see how many gallons per minute the feed to your house gives you. It is a waste of money to buy a heavy duty washer if you cannot give it the water supply it needs. 2000 PSI is enough to clean anything and 2500 to 3500 PSI can cut holes in stuff. However, the volume of water is just as important as the pressure at the jet nozzle. A washer with only 1 GPM or 1.5 GPN is next to useless. It will take forever to clean with the tiny spray. A good GPM is 3.5 to 5 GPM, but they are expensive units. It might be better to rent a HD unit if you do not need it for lots of work. Do you research first!
[Hangovers] Is it cheap booze in the wells or dirty ice from the ice makers that is giving us very bad hangovers in the lower Keys?
[Complete and Finished] Some people say there is no difference between complete and finished. No English dictionary has been able to adequately explain the difference between these two words.  Here’s an easy way to remember. When you marry the right woman, you are complete. When you marry the wrong woman, you are finished.
hooker lampost[Sex Slave] I had a 3:30 AM phone call from a very distressed and crying Keys friend who was visiting her brother on the mainland. She had just been released by the local cops after a few hours of questioning. A friend of the brother had asked for a ride that turned into a car-jacking, kidnapping, punching and choking ordeal that ended in a risky part of town where she escaped and found a patrol cop.

The cops told her that she was on her way to be sold as a sex-slave and drugged and forced into prostitution to a black gang that pays $10,000 for good looking white ladies, then kills them when they have had their fun and recovered their investment from renting the ladies out. This reminded me of those rumored guys with the nice yacht in Key West who would invite “sweet young things” for a boat ride that would turn out to be a one-way trip to international waters with the ladies sold as sex slaves to Arab traders. Be careful out there, ladies. Not all the guys are as nice and trustworthy as me.

tractor barricades fillDrivers beware. The FKAA contractors are dumping huge piles of gravel around their sewer construction sites.  One pile was dumped on Littons Way on Big Pine taking up 2/3 of the road bed.  No traffic cones, no flashing lights, nothing to warn drivers of the obstruction.  Littons Way is pitch dark at night and the gravel is difficult to see.  I know, I hit it.  No damage except a call to AAA for a pull-off. I heard today that someone else hit the pile later in the evening.  Irresponsible and dangerous to say the least.  Who will be responsible when someone gets hurt?
[“Toilet paper”] Nice article about TP. Cost, number of sheets, double roll, fragrance, etc. But the only thing that you should be concerned with is it strong enough to prevent breakthrough? Who likes to end up with the shitty end of a finger.


Why did the cow return to the marijuana field? It was the pot calling the cattle back.

[Hacking] Could a person do a search into someone else’s computer and read or download everything with just the web connection? I know it is probably called hacking, but I mean way beyond that like the government could do!
kid cellphone


[Brats] The best thing that ever happened to my household is buying my brats their own cell phones. Sure beats trying to relax and watch a football game while they run amok. Easier than duct tape too!

[“Gonzales Gonzales from John Wayne movies”] I swear I saw that guy or his doppelganger installing sewer laterals on Cudjoe Key. His PVC pipe installation skills were amazing, but I’d love to see him act in a Key West play.
In reference to the “free coconut palm” on No Name Key. The owner forgot to mention that the tree is still standing and that you’ll need a backhoe and large truck with a trailer to dig it up and haul it out. And by the way, this is the same guy who asked for a free handout/donation from the public to pay for his sewer connection. Get off your lazy ass and cut the tree away from your solar panels yourself!
for sale by ownerBig Pine. Park-like private and tranquil. Punta Brisa neighborhood. 2750 square feet, 3 bedrooms with 3.5 baths with separate guest house on a beautiful landscaped 1 acre lot with open water view and boat slip with davits. Under house bays for 4 cars, an RV and a boat plus a legal downstairs enclosure. 750 k
Glenn Gray architect, pre-stressed concrete, stucco, two circular drives. We have guests now, cannot show but will advertise here and maybe a website with more after the guests leave on March 18th. You will love this house. Stay tuned please.
[Highlight Text] Being old and going blind, I use this trick to read the CT easier. The font color often used is tough to see sometimes so I highlight the area by dragging my mouse across text so it acts like a high contrast area. It might help other old farts too!


It is that stupid time of year to change our clocks again. Most of the world does not do this. The only reason Americans do this is to get more labor out of our peasants with longer work days! Link

[Sleep With Me] Should be the slogan for all the dating services which are no more than pimp sites.
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[“Toilet paper review”] How come woman use 10 to 20 times as much toilet paper as men do? That bee hive hand bundle is nothing but wasting trees for a few drops of urine. Use some common sense.



[“Santeria legal”] How about if I am an Aztec and need to practice my religion of human sacrifice and cannibalism? Will the courts allow my Constitutional rights? Link

[“Stink raised over pig in Old Town Key West] A pig is a farm animal and according to Monroe County law it cannot be kept in a residential area. So shoot the smelly thing. 3/4 of a million dollars for an Old Town house and you have to put up with low renter’s pig s**t.


Does anybody else has problems with their Toyota dashboards melting? Link

It is past time for the organizers of Fantasy Fest to pay their own way to cover the bulk of the City’s expenses. The very successful Zombie Bike Ride is self-funded, so is the Red Party at Fogerty’s, as well as, Kelly’s Kinky Karnival and a myriad of other events that bear their own costs. Why shouldn’t FF do the same? After all, they reap the profits from FF, and just maybe the Fest will get back to the original “Let it all hang out” FF we loved before the advertisers and holy rollers took over. What we don’t need in KW is rule by Bible belters.


Don’t be afraid of growing older. You’ll still do stupid things–only slower.

[Hacking] An old computer saying was, ‘If you plug it into the wall, they can plug into you’. Now it is even more so with WiFi. They do not need the wall plug!
[“Home page from Yahoo”] Resetting my Home Page to another is easy, but the point of the last post was to find out how I could get AT&T and Yahoo to give me decent input instead of the super market tabloid garbage I am paying for. No matter which ISP I went to they all seem the same level of garbage


Roadrunner cartoon come to life!

Thank you Ed for placing the picture of the most handsome cat–Charles. Thank you for being so kind. Your comment was priceless.
blues sax[The Blue Note] A variable microtonal lowering of the third, seventh, and occasionally fifth degrees of the major scale. Blues: a song often of lamentation characterized by usually 12-bar phrases, 3-line stanzas in which the words of the second line usually repeat those of the first, and continual occurrence of blue notes in melody and harmony.
Peary Court terms of use. Link



Well at least my pipes didn’t freeze this winter.

I wondered why FKAA would use a pump-out tank truck if a lift station will not pump. There are connections to use an emergency engine-driven high capacity pump. Of course, the design is intended to restrict pump selection to E-One grinders, so pressures are often very high for a so-called low pressure system. That often eliminates the possibility of using an emergency pump since most can’t achieve that kind of pressure. (Not that FKAA actually owns one anyway) In Port Pine Heights, the resistance to pumping (head… which is not what I like to think of with that term) is so high that FKAA had to get special approval by the manufacturer because it is beyond the usually allowable head and causes the motor to run hot. I wondered if that was also the case in the far south reaches of Cudjoe off Puerto Bello, so I checked the DEP permit application. It did not say, so they may not have even calculated. What I did notice is that there is no redundant back-up pump on the lift station I looked at (violation of DEP rules), and the application says they get 36 gals/min with two pumps running. That is impossible with E-One. You are lucky to get 22 gpm with 2 pumps. This particular lift station has 95 homes connected to a manhole with 4 residential grinders- one of which is supposed to be an emergency back-up. Lots of luck, folks. The collection system will absolutely fail, and contrary to the official BS, is failing already. Document it for your lawsuit for loss of property value and peace of mind.
[“Sea level rise”] I must be reading this NOAA chart wrong- What I see is that the the mean sea level variation (MSL) from 1916 to 2006 was 2.24 mm and the mean sea level variation in 2014 was 2.33 mm. This show the difference in mean sea level variation from 1916 to 2014 is .09 mm or about .0035 inches. This means that the rate of increase in the Key West sea level has not really changed from 98 years ago. I thought the sea levels were rising at an incredible fast rate due to man made global warming- as least that is what our elected officials keep telling us. Could they be telling us a falsehood?  Link
fbi-badge[Sewers vs FBI] Somebody gave my phone number to the Miami FBI as another possible information source for an investigation of FKAA and County corruption. I had been ignoring the calls from “Private Number” since I don’t know anyone with that name and did not feel like buying anything from some voice on the phone. Today, I answered just so “Private” might quit calling. I talked with the FBI agent quite a long time, and I think he now knows where to look to make a bust or even make a RICO case from management of the Cudjoe Regional sewer project. It took them long enough to take an interest, didn’t it? If anyone at FKAA or the County gets convicted, they will also lose entitlement to their Florida Retirement System pension. That’s okay, since room, board, and free medical is provided by the prison system, so they won’t need the money there anyway. They might even have sex more often and not have to pay for it.
[“Hates the Keys”] To the person who is complaining about the Keys. We don’t need your kind down here. If you like Kansas go to Kansas. We don’t want to live in Kansas anymore. If you can’t see the beauty of the Keys, I’m sorry for you. No place is perfect, but all the things you whine about don’t exist under water, on the ocean, in a boat, or on an island. The Keys aren’t for everyone, but even though it was different 30 years ago when I first moved here. I still sit in awe every day when I wake up. If you don’t like drinking don’t move to a place where it’s considered a spot.




[The Beer Machine] I must have one of these! Video

[“Smart drug increases brain use 100%”] Gee, that’s all we need is to have the idiots in the Keys take this and become 50% more intelligent up to the moronic level!
accurate-home insp 700x175
[“Looking for new insurance agent”] Isaksen Insurance is the best in the Keys. I’ve dealt with them all. He’s the only one that really cares.


Carol Saxe

[“What’s up with From The Right guy”] He’s probably depressed from watching his party committing suicide on live TV.
cat-rabbitThat outdoor cat enthusiast is so misguided he doesn’t even realize that domestic cats are predators. I’ve got news for you. They are predators, and non-native predators to boot! That they kill songbirds is well documented. Though marsh rabbits’ nocturnal habits and habitat may have thus far prevented the filming of a live kill, it is well documented that cats drag home marsh rabbits. Do you suppose that the cats just happen upon dead rabbits and birds by chance & decide to bring them home to the house from where they are being fed & from where they are allowed to freely roam outdoors? People in sensitive habitats need to put native wildlife first, and keep their felines indoors. If they are unwilling to do that, they should get a different pet.
[“Contribute for a sewer lawsuit or help fill the ranks of a lynch mob if that is what it takes”] Please people, let’s not get violent over the dung sucking sewer company’s methods of robbing us of our hard earned feeble income and retirement monies, let’s just invite them to a beautiful day of baseball or take them fishing! OK?
[“Insurance agent”] Back in 2006, they told me I had to have almost $10,000 in insurance premiums per year: $6000 for wind and $4 for Flood. Flood is useless when your house is 20 feet up and not required unless you have a mortgage. I opted to spend $10,000 on a metal roof installed by Rick Williams (R.I.P.) which was the best investment made. He was the best and I was so lucky to have him do the job.



Man, getting a bank loan is damn near impossible these days.

[“Sea level rise”] While it’s true that when ice melts it takes up no more space (technically it takes up slightly less – water is one of the rare compounds that is less dense in the solid state – good thing too, or the lakes would have ice on the bottom!), the thought path is incomplete – ice above the water line will add to the water level when it melts.  But even more a factor, as water gets warmer, it expands, and that’s a lot of the cause of sea level rise.  I know a lot of people are climate change deniers (wishful thinking). I prefer to be one of the cautiously concerned and think we should stop as much pollution as possible for many good reasons.



[Healthy Beer] New high-protein, low-calorie Barbell Beer targets gym-going drunks. Link

[“Home page from Yahoo”] Open your Yahoo email page then set that as your home page, then if you want news, open a new tab and enter the address of the news page you’d like such as CNN, Google news (which I think is customizable), etc. Also the page is highly customizable too. You can have your email, news, etc, all on one home page. Link
[“Yahoo”] You really don’t pay Yahoo to connect to the internet for your email and education.
nira-tocco 700x175
Is Japanese beer recycled twice before they export it to the US?
seadekIs there anyone in the lower Keys who does SeaDek type marine decking?  The nearest authorized dealer/installer is in Tavenier, per the company.  I know I can buy the sheets myself, but that’s the thinner 5mm material.  I’d like to get the nicer, thicker 13mm material which can have the edges routed. Link
They really uglied-up the cool pedestrian bridge they are building on Cudjoe. The aluminum rails really are an eyesore next to that cool bridge that spans the gap. Why didn’t they go with the concrete barriers like all the other fishing bridges? Are they protecting babies that may be walking on the bridge? I have a bad feeling that the brother-in-law aluminum railing guy was needing some alimony money.
coot-catCoot marsh birds are nice to look at when alive. The Blue Hole has Coots year around and cats kill them year around. Guys, I like cats, but they are killers. the common house cat is second only to the common farm cat for killing with lust and vigor. this has been proven many times by reputable scientists and zoologists worldwide. The pet cat is the most vicious, uncaring killer on the planet besides insects. We humans made these destroyers of nature, so we should take care of the perverted pet situation now.
[“Low budget sewer connection may prove to be less of a bargain”]  Could this comment possibly have been written by a overpriced local contractor or relative? Can you say $1,500 to $2,000 more for the same job done by these third world companies?  These local firms must be using best practices trench engineering, state of the art nano-PVC piping and some really premium bedding gravel to justify their prices.
[Refund Denied] It’s a darn shame when Summerland Key Sandals refuses to give refunds for defective goods. We have shopped there ever since it opened, but unfortunately today was the last time ever. They can take advantage of the tourists all they want, but that will also come back to bite them in the butt. So sad. A very sad and long gone x-customer.
win2000 logoMicrosoft Windows 2000 (NT) was the last true professional operating system, then the brain boys came out with Windows XP, the next good OS, then Vista which was a disaster until they fixed it years later. Bill Gates saw the light of his company dying from the Executive Board Virus and sold out to a bunch of greedy computer uneducated marketers who all but destroyed any creditability that Microsoft once had. Windows 7 came out which was nothing but Vista stripped of the debris not needed. Windows 7 is still recommended as a good semi-professional OS, but the up-dates are turning it into another pile of junk. Windows 8 ate the only operating system that still was workable. W8 is gone and may God burn it in hell. Now the new Windows 10 is trying to get people by force and piracy to buy new hardware and software for the NWO of computer marketing and greed. Windows 10 sucks big ones and if Microsoft does not give the public what they want, a Kiss Principle OS and support it forever, they will crash the planet computer wise except for the government main frames which control everything and everybody today! This author is backing up all my records and pictures to paper ASAP! Don’t even go to the mess Microsoft created with their new email programs.
In Zen meditation you sit on a cushion called a zafu with your legs crossed, back straight, hands at your knees or in front of you in a gesture called a mudra. You face a white wall and watch your breath. No matter what you feel-great tornadoes of anger and resistance, thunderstorms of joy and grief-you continue to sit, back straight, legs crossed, facing the wall. You learn to not be tossed away no matter how great the thought or emotion. That is the discipline: to continue to sit.
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[The Ross Sisters Redux] The Ross Sisters were a trio of female sibling singing dancers consisting of Aggie Ross, Elmira Ross, and Maggie Ross, (whose real names were Veda Victoria, Dixie Jewel and Betsy Ann Ross). The Ross Sisters performed as a 3-part harmony trio, in which they also danced and did acrobatics and contortionism. Their public attention peaked during the 1940s. Notice there are no belly buttons. They weren’t allowed to show them back then. Video


[The endangered “dead” Keys Marsh Rabbit] A cat will kill for fun, that’s just what they do. So my friends, if you have a outside cat it is killing most everything & anything it can.

[“Happy birthday Maya”] You did not rescue Maya. She would have been happier in life as a working sheep dog in Calf.
[Hates Cuba] Ever been to Cuba? I have many times and only on business. I would not live there if it was free. It’s all gangsters and commies with their hands out. Everything is based on payola. You think the Caribbean is low rent, you’ve seen nothing yet. No thank you, I will not party there ever!
radioactive[Radioactive Water] The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority will increase its testing for radioactive substances around the aquifer that acts as the Keys main drinking water supply. The testing comes in the wake of reports of low levels of radioactive tritium making its way from Turkey Point nuclear power plant and cooling canals to nearshore waters and into the neighboring Biscayne Bay.
New Florida drivers exam. If the blonde takes her hand off the wheel, grabs a cell phone or opens her mouth, she fails!



After seeing the grotesque pictures of Walmart customers, I swear to God I will burn it down of they try to build one here! Link

[Barroom Decorum] Some locals were talking about the loudmouth snowbird crowd disturbing everyone in a local tiki bar. The noise was unbearable until the bartender rang the tip bell and got their attention to say, “Keep it down you’re in civilization now!” They got the message. Thank God April is only a few weeks away!


Often talked about – rarely photographed!

This Peary Court fiasco is nothing but another wallet fattening scam as was all the developments in the Keys. These builders and politicos could care less about our Keys and the old days which are long gone when we were free here. It is all about the money and big egos trying to be big shots. When the Keys are all covered in concrete and low renters, then where are we going to go?
Fashion-Show[Islands in the Sun] The 4th annual Southernmost Fashion Show to benefit the local charity, will be held Sunday, April 3 at the Southernmost Mansion and SSF Vice President Julie Hanson, chair of the show, is asking for help. Sister Season Fund is the charity that pays rent and utilities for locals in the hospitality and entertainment industries when they temporarily are unable to work through no fault of their own. Hanson has announced that 20 local models will showcase the latest styles of ten local stores and is now putting out the call for support in the form of volunteers to work the day of the show and donations from local attractions and businesses for the silent auction. Doors open at 5 p.m. for guests to enjoy no host cocktails and the elegant ambiance. The first model will step onto the poolside runway at 6 p.m. There will also be door prizes, hors d’oeuvres and entertainment by Jonathan Romero. Tickets for the show are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, or a whole table of eight for $160. Go to keystix to purchase early. If you’re interested in volunteering or donating to the silent auction, please contact Hanson 305-304-9828.
[FTR] Deer Friends: FTR is alive and well.  Been spending more time on Face Book than on Coconut Telegraph since our Deer Ed decided to downsize and modify the format a bit.

This election is the most bizarre in my lifetime.  It is fascinating and yet deeply disturbing.

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