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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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[Tour Guides Wanted] Are there any pictures of the Cudjoe sewer plant available? Tours?  Has it been named after any of the politicians who promoted it, or are they waiting to see how bad it smells first and then name accordingly?  I remember Carl Hiaasen once said that the Miami airport was the politicians’ piggy bank- they shake it to get more money. This sewer system is like a piggy bank to our politicians and FKAA. Have you seen your water bills lately?

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[“Antarctica has largest amount ice in years”] How is this possible with global warming? As global average temperatures rise, not all parts of the planet will see the same effects. Some areas can even see cooling periods. Last year, the warmest on record, Antarctica had the most ice coverage it’s had in 30 years. Yet the Arctic Ocean is losing ice cover almost three times faster than the Antarctic is gaining it. Possible causes for the temperature differences involve changes in snowfall, winds and ocean circulation patterns.
fear-loathing-marathon[Fear & Loathing in Marathon] I’m talking about Marathon’s last remaining cancer cell still festering in our Marathon City government, Peter “the Beat Her” Rosasco. Marathon needs Peter Rosasco like we need more cancer in our lives. Why the City of Marathon continues to hold on to this cancerous growth is a fair and interesting question. The answer does not make sense to me, but it appears that our City Council believes that they can live with this cancer one more year and are lining up to extend the Rosasco contract once again. Very disappointing, very sad, but true.

What is this hold Peter Rosasco has over our Marathon City Council? As I have stated before, it seems to be clearly based on an unreasonable and irrational fear of accounting. John Bartus will disagree but John Bartus is the leader of the Peter Rosasco movement, he is Peter Rosasco’s biggest supporter and one of the big reasons Rosasco has been able hold on to this position for over 12 years. Hugh!

Fear is a queer monster that motivates people to do things against the best interests of what we all know to be the right thing to do. The majority of our Marathon City Council wants to address the Peter Rosasco problem but they have not because of their fear of accounting. It seems they loath to address the Rosasco abuses, conflicts, mistakes, and arrogant disregard of the laws of our City. Marathon continues to employ his firm and still pay him an extraordinary amount of money for a job that has been documented to cost well below his historically high fees. Just as John Herin used the City of Marathon legal services contract to leverage up his personal law career, Peter Rosasco continues to do the same for himself and his accounting firm. Unfortunately, the people paying the price for this are us, the Taxpayers of Marathon and we will continue to pay his price since the extension of the Peter Rosasco contract seems to be a foregone conclusion.

It is clear that John Bartus will be voting on extending the Rosasco contract since he has a perfect record of voting for Peter Rosasco in all things benefiting Peter Rosasco. I see no evidence of John Bartus developing any courage or backbone to do otherwise. Michelle Coldiron will follow John Bartus’ lead as she did in the Mike Cinque legal fee vote but for different reasons, which she will explain when the time comes, no doubt. The next three votes, of which only one is needed, will be very interesting and very uncomfortable for Bill Kelly, Dan Zieg and Mark Senmartin. The fear will become palpable and real but I will go on record, here and now, and remind everyone that by not renewing Peter Rosasco’s contract the world will not come to an end and the City’s bond rating will not crash to junk bond status. Anyone who believes this lie is uninformed and suffering from the dreaded “Fear of Accounting”.

The City of Marathon is in a difficult position but they only have themselves to blame. Six months ago the City Council voted for a six-month extension of the Rosasco contract with the intention of conducting a search for his replacement and hiring someone else.

The ball was dropped, there was no real search. What search there was, was pathetic. Even the posted requirements for the position were unrealistic and unreasonable. The so called search was conducted in such a way as to ensure that no one would qualify, so not many bothered. We were led into this current circumstance intentionally placing the City of Marathon into a position guarantying that we would be forced into extending the Peter Rosasco contract. As a result the City of Marathon will continue to be held under the thumb of an admitted abuser, law breaker, mistake prone accountant, and self-benefiting developer.

Fear & Loathing in the City of Marathon truly does exist. It started with the fear of accounting which Peter Rosasco fed, to evolve into our loathing to address it. Why are we so afraid to face our fears? Makes no sense. It can, has, and will get worse if we don’t address it sooner rather than later. The Peter Rosasco problem goes back to 2003 when the City hired him. Interesting, Peter Rosaco, would not have been hired 12+ years ago based on his qualifications then. It would seem that Fear & Loathing can and has mutated into a disease that may seem to be incurable. The new fear that has been mentioned to me is that maybe now the City of Marathon needs Peter Rosasco more than Peter Rosasco needs the City. That is crazy but the mutations can get worse.

For the record, the only way I will quit on this issue is when Rosasco is gone, some way, somehow. If the legal system won’t do it and the City of Marathon won’t do it, then what? Who knows but I’m not giving up. For the time being Fear & Loathing may be our new norm! Brace yourselves!  ~Bruce Schmitt

[“Submerged pilings”] To answer the questions about rubble west of the end of Watson on BPK and the submerged pilings in Pine channel.  The rubble is the remains of the first Overseas Highway SR-4.  A car ferry was taken to No Name Key where the road ran west on Watson to a bridge spanning Pine Channel. I’m not sure when this bridge was abandoned.  I believe the submerged pilings are related to building the railroad.  Possibly part of a dredging operation to create a road bed for the tracks.
Last year I joined a support group for antisocial people. We haven’t met yet.
Key-West-1855I have been fascinated with the “Today In Keys History” column in the KW Citizen. The daily postings of William R. Hackley’s diary from 1855 gives the reader a first person glimpse into the island’s history and just what daily life was like at that time.
[JUST SAY NOmore)] Former first lady Nancy Reagan dies at 94. She will join other great first ladies such as Martha Washington, Dolly Madison and Eleonore Roosevelt.

[Conspiracy] Did the guy who was going to expose bad things in the Sheriff’s Department on the Coconut Telegraph meet with an “unfortunate accident”?

Never again will I have a garage or yard sale because people are nuts. I had brand new tools with the Sears price tags still on them and these people wanted to give me ten percent of the values. I will throw the stuff away before I give it to the cheap-asses. The first idiot to hit my yard sale was a woman who handled every item on the tables then pulled out her cell phone calculator and made an offer for a few $1 items and got pissed-off because I would not give her a 50% discount for being the first to arrive on Saturday morning; all the while leaving her 4×4 monster truck running to AC the dog and kid inside. Some people need help before they hurt someone!
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[“Meet Donna at bat tower”] Donna, don’t bother meeting that guy at the Bat Tower. Meet me at the Casa Marina for drinks and dinner. You are wasting your time with Bat Man.
tp-mega-roll[Toilet Paper Deliema] How can I buy TP and get the best value? I know I can’t unless I’m good at mathematics. You need a calculator to figure the number of sheets per roll to compare it to the next brand’s misleading advertising. The “same” TP by a different brand ranges from eight or nine dollars a bag to ten and twelve dollars. They all say they are double rolls, but what constitutes a double roll? All the brands are different!
EBay is a prime example of what ails our system. The platform is quickly made popular with people’s garage sale stuff and, concurrently, a few pros squeeze in there to sell their wares. As time goes by and the platform becomes an investment vehicle, shareholders demand an ever increasing slice of the proceeds. Consequently, more and more pros occupy the marketplace, while private citizens peel off. Instead of reducing posting pricing, eBay increased it in an attempt to keep the margin of profit. Now that most private sellers have left, eBay wonders why it happened. Fees are tacked on before and after the sale and the adjunct PayPal is also demanding its share in addition to, and not in lieu of, eBay’s fees. That’s why Craigslist is now the selling platform of choice, even if it has its own set of drawbacks. The same can be said about flea markets at large, where private citizens selling their debris is getting overrun by cheap goods made in China. What happened to the notion of get rich slowly?

I have a 30 foot tall coconut tree for free if you can come and pick it up. It’s on No Name Key. Call 305-872-7070, Dean.

It is good to see that some people are seeing that all sewer connections are not equal in quality of workmanship. The “building[‘s] sewer” is the gravity pipe from your house to the point of connection with the utility’s sewer (the gravity lateral sewer clean-out, whether that is connected to a gravity sewer main, a vacuum pit, a STEP septic tank, or a grinder pump pit). The gravity “building sewer” is what the law requires you to construct to get your wastewater to the utility’s cleanout at the property line. Properly, the building sewer pipe is laid on compacted fine granular material at an even gentle slope. Nothing else should be passing County inspection, but the plumbing inspector is too overworked to keep coming back until the plumber’s often untrained workers do it right. Consequently, we often see pipes cobbled together suspended over a trench. After the rough-in inspection passes, the workers dump fill on the pipe and try to get enough under them to support them enough that the FKAA’s camera will not find a belly of standing water in the pipe. You might imagine what happens after the fill settles with rains soaking and consolidating the loose material. Even with a big sag in the pipe, it may not clog for a year or more. After a year, the plumber is off the hook for free repairs or cleaning.
As for the question on shallow-buried sewer pipes, the manufacturers say 2 feet of compacted cover will keep the pipe safe. A residence can usually get away with less because the vehicles and trailers are not so heavy as what travels the roadway. Bear in mind that a gravity sewer pipe is normally empty, and can float right out of the ground in saturated soil (think Wilma) like a long pontoon boat if there is not enough weight of dirt on top. I hope that helps.
[“Saving septic tanks”] Someone reportedly got a stupid answer from FKAA about why they could not have a diverter valve to switch back to their old septic system when the central sewer fails. FKAA said someone might switch to the septic tank to save on a sewer bill? That’s ridiculous! Sewage is not metered–the water is. That’s what you pay for as if all the water coming on your property leaves as sewage.
It makes absolutely no sense to abandon the old on-site treatment system. If it is never used, there is absolutely no chance that it can contribute nutrients or anything else. If the central sewer works and you are paying for it, then why would you ever use your on-site system? The current law says you have to render your old system unusable, and they treat abandonment like it contains nuclear waste instead of just wastewater. It is harmless in two years no matter what pathogen might be within.This is a law that needs to be changed, and a group based in Cudjoe is now forming to work on that, tentatively called Save Our Systems, or SOS for short. Abandoning your old system will add about $1,000 to your sewer connection costs. Without a backup system, you will be without any sewer service at all in the not distant future when the central system fails, which it will. We need to have the option to keep our on-site systems as emergency back-up. No harm is done if they are not needed; and we each save about a grand and lose another worry.
false-teeth-usb[Show Me Your Papers]Shortly it will become compulsory for senior citizens to carry not only their ID, but also their insurance documents, their prescription list, a compact version of their medical file, the statement declaring if they want to be resuscitated after a heart attack, stroke, etc. etc.  Consequently, a lot of paperwork will have to be carried when a senior citizen goes out the front door or when they travel. Specifically for this purpose, a special Senior USB stick has been developed.

We don’t stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing.  Wow, two bites of information. Blue Tooth technology to fit your lifestyle. Expanded memory can be arranged. Something to chew on. Don’t forget to smile.

In life it’s important to know when to stop arguing with people, and simply let them be wrong.




West Martello Tower’s garden entrance.

[Anarchy Party] Short of an angry mob disguised as a ball team going out and clubbing certain officials to a pulp, how do we go about imposing personal responsibility on those who would use an empowered corporation or government entity as a shield for their psychopathic power trips? I am beginning to think that anarchy is not so bad as those that hide behind selective law enforcement would have you believe.

“an•ar•chy (ˈæn ər ki) n.
1. a state of society without government or law.
2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control.
3. a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.”

I guess I understand why there is no Anarchy Party candidate (oxymoron?), but if there was, what would happen if he or she were elected President? Would every new law would be vetoed? Do you have a headache now from thinking about the possibilities?

[“Sewer connection pricing”] Your 1st mistake is talking to the Government. This is the Keys, originally populated by pirates, thieves, smugglers, cutthroats, rascals, and living amongst them it’s remarkable that you haven’t learned lessons #1. Never involve the government. Find the midnight plumber. Tell the state Health Department that you want to save your septic tank for a cistern–this is legal. It will cost you more than having it destroyed. After the project is inspected, make sure you have put up a signs “Posted No Trespassing” and “Trespassers Will Be Shot”. Wait about a week and then contact the midnight plumber and he will install in a Jandi Valve, re-connect, and tie itback into the drain field. You’ll be happy to know that’s it’s your elected county officials that have made this no diverter valve decision. Almost all other counties in Florida allow their residents to install them as they are intelligent enough to realize that this is smart as these other counties recognize and admit that their central sewer systems will have problems.
santeria-rituals[“Santeria”] Animals are cooked and eaten following all Santeria rituals (except healing and death rites, where the sickness is believed to pass into the dead animal). Eating the sacrificed animal is considered a sharing with the Orisha, who only consumes the animal’s blood, while the worshippers eat the meat. Sacrificial animals include chickens (the most common), pigeons, doves, ducks, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, and turtles.

The USA Supreme Court has stated (Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah, 1993 – see related links) that it is constitutional for Santeria worshippers to kill animals for such a ritual sacrifice.

[Medical Marijuana] The Florida House passed its second medical marijuana bill in three years Thursday. Legislators acknowledged that Rep. Matt Gaetz’s bill (HB 307) is not a panacea for all of the problems that have arisen the past two years, but that it does make significant progress. The bill, which passed with a 99-16 vote, expands the Right to Try act allowing near-death patients to use non-smokable marijuana of all strengths and doses. It also adds regulations for dispensing organizations, patients and physicians covered by the 2014 Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.
devil wavingI think it’s pretty funny and poetic justice that FKAA struggled to find enough power on the Cudjoe treatment plant’s electrical service to run the 75 hp deep well pumps that they did not want, but were forced to install. They had no compassion at all for the people with limited or inadequate electrical capacity from whom they extorted an easement and demanded a power supply for their infernal grinder pumps. Sure, it was a headache for FKAA, but they get to use your money to come up with a solution and get paid very well for their effort. They didn’t feel the personal financial injury and stress that grinder pump “losers” feel due to FKAA’s sociopathic design decisions (place the burden on homeowners, and FKAA makes more profit). Sometimes I hope there is a hell. But then I think they would probably just be rewarded for doing Satan’s will.
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[No Laughing or Talking] Eden Pines walkers down Narcissus enjoy your early morning strolls but please keep in mind there are those of us who work late shifts and are trying to get some much needed sleep. Your chatter and laughs carry through the stillness of the morning. Enjoy the calm and serenity of the area with consideration please.
bill-long-hose[“Sewer diverter valve”] There is no financial (saving on your sewer bill ) advantage to having a diverter valve in an emergency to your existing septic system. Like the one FKAA wants you to pay a thousand dollars to destroy. There’s no logic behind it since your sewer bill is based on water “usage”. It’s an overreaching, and unnecessary rule they made up. We should be allowed to keep our septic systems for emergencies like storms or misguided engineers, at least for the time being. I believe it’s even suggested by DEP or the EPA for pressure systems. Don’t obey FKAA, you’ll probably be glad you didn’t.
I’m not a doctor but I know adding bacon to anything makes it an antidepressant.


Transportation problem.

[No Such Thing As A Free Lunch] “Free tree” After visiting the Arbor Day Foundation’s website for the Energy Saving Trees, after 10 minutes of trying to do so, it led me to a dead end and I had to cancel the whole attempt. No free tree for me. That’s probably good because they’d likely send me an email a day and junk mail to my box soliciting donations for the rest of my life.
Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, March 19th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Play a game of Hide To Survive. Make a seagrass crown to take home. “Build an Ocean” with your friends. For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register. Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center. Link
[Discrimination] Two polygamous towns in Arizona and Utah violated the constitutional rights of nonbelievers by denying them basic services such as police protection, building permits and water hookups, a jury said Monday. The civil rights trial marks one of boldest efforts by the government to confront what critics have long said was a corrupt regime in Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah. The towns were accused of doing the bidding of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a radical offshoot of mainstream Mormonism, which disavowed polygamy more than 100 years ago.
sleep snoring zees

[Sleep With Me] Sleep help podcast. The website that is designed to put you to sleep with host and San Francisco Bay Area librarian Drew Ackerman.  He does about 340 podcasts, so if you’re not totally bored to death you’re probably already dead. Link

[Water Bill] I haven’t gotten my sewer hook-up letter yet and I’m on Auto Pay so this morning I’m going down to Kennedy Dr. and cancel my auto pay and have my bill on paper snail mailed to my house. Then when I get my bill I’ll pay for the amount that I actually used and see if they’ll attempt to turn off my water for not paying for something I’m not getting. If they do turn off my water, it’s law suit time. Perhaps it might even be a class action law suit? Hope so, no more huge salaries for all the bubbas. An example is a fat cow who sits on her ass, plans vacations, arranges feel-good events for her intimates, talks incessantly, gossiping inane dribble, playing solitaire, pisses off those working under and around her and is making 125K a year.
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[Cultural Anthropology] Seventy percent of people who walk into a shopping mall make a right turn. If you could change that behavior you could make a million!
quartetThe Lower Keys Community Choir and the Keys Chamber Orchestra are proud to present A Living Hope, celebrating the risen Christ.

Big Pine Key–Monday March 14 – 7:30 p.m. – Big Pine Methodist Churst 280 Key Deer Blvd.
Marathon–Tuesday March 15 – 7:30 p.m. – San Pablo Catholic Church 550 122nd St.
Cudjoe Key–Wednesday March 16th – 7:30 p.m. – Venture Out 701 Spanish Main Dr (ask at the gate)
Key West–Sunday March 20th – 4:00 p.m – Key West United Methodist Church 600 Eaton St.
This concert includes the students from Bahama Village and the Boys/Girls Club music program as well as Island Guitar.

Please join us.  All concerts are free and will have a good will offering available.  If you’d like information regarding joining our choir or orchestra for future concerts, please give our conductor your contact info and we’ll let you know when our next rehearsals begin.  All ages welcome.

suprised fish 300h[Drugged-out Salmon] Quoted from Disturbing new research has indicated that young salmon found in Puget Sound tested positive for more than 80 different drugs, including cocaine, antidepressants and dozens of other medications used by humans.
When researchers tested the water at and near sewage treatment plants in the estuaries of Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, they discovered high levels of drugs and personal care products – at some of the highest concentrations found anywhere in the nation.
The tissues of migratory chinook salmon and local staghorn sculpin also contained these compounds – even in the fish found in estuaries far from the sewage treatment plants where the water was previously considered “pristine.”
As reported by The Seattle Times:
The medicine chest of common drugs also included Flonase, Aleve and Tylenol. Paxil, Valium and Zoloft. Tagamet, OxyContin and Darvon. Nicotine and caffeine. Fungicides, antiseptics and anticoagulants. And Cipro and other antibiotics galore. Why are the levels so high? It could be because people here use more of the drugs detected, or it could be related to wastewater-treatment plants’ processes, said Jim Meador, an environmental toxicologist at NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle and lead author on a paper published this week in the journal Environmental Pollution.
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Wednesday is International woman’s Day (whatever that means). Link
judge mad[Big Pine Gun Shop] In addition to the existing charges prosecutors have added 15 new counts of receipt and possession of an unregistered firearm. Willi also faces three new counts of making a false statement in connection with the sale of a firearm; Osorio faces one new count of the same charge. Additionally, the grand jury added two counts of sale of a firearm to a person under 21 years of age to the new indictment.
[Vote No on School Tax Extension] Here is the school district tax referendum wording: RENEW FLEXIBLE FUNDING FOR MONROE COUNTY SCHOOLS: The District’s objective is to continue to make available a portion of the existing capital ad valorem tax levy for operations – such as teachers, school nurses and classroom materials. The District intends to continue its reduced millage for capital projects, and continue to make available the equivalent amount for operations. Shall the district continue to enact a yearly ad valorem tax of .5 mill, for four (4) years beginning July 1, 2016, for operating purposes?

When I ran for school board in 2012, I repeatedly said not passing this tax that year would be Armageddon for the school district. I also repeatedly said the school board and school district administration is terminally dysfunctionally insane, and the only possible cures are either the state of Florida takes over the school district, or each school votes itself to be a charter school, and thus has its own individual school board, which does not answer to the county school board, while the county school board has to continue, by state law, funding said new charter schools.

-I also repeatedly said the school district is teaching to standardized tests, and not what students need to learn; the school district views college prep curriculum as all that’s important, even though most keys high school students don’t enter college, and a large majority of those who do enter college dropout, and most of those who do graduate from college can’t find work that pays them a living wage even on the mainland.

-I repeatedly said the school district should put most emphasis on vocational training in high school, that all students should be able to touch type by the time they leave grammar school, that all students should be bilingual in English and Spanish by the time they leave grammar school; and I repeatedly said the school district is using the cookie cutter approach, trying to cram each student into the same mold, although no two students are alike, although no two students have the same aptitude, although each student has his/her own abilities which need to be met by the curriculum.

-I repeatedly said the school district needs to centrally locate its administration in Marathon High School, which was way over-built under pressure from Marathon parents who wanted a high school as big as Key West High School. Centralized administration would be more efficient and economic.

-I repeatedly said the School Board should sell off its Key West real estate, and the white elephant nursing home next to Marathon High School, which it bought with grandeur of making a killing in real estate.

-I flat opposed the school board giving the City of Key West Glenn Archer school.

-I flat opposed adding a grammar school to the new Horace O’Bryant school.

-I flat opposed busing Bahama Village grammar school students (predominantly black) around two grammar schools in Key West (predominantly white), to the grammar school on stock island.

-I loudly and longly called for a full, in broad daylight investigation of the hazing of Key West High School student Matthew Gelleran, because he was gay, which led to his shooting himself to death with his father’s pistol, which one school board member, Robin Smith-Martin, blamed on his father having a pistol in the home, while all school board members, including Ed Davidson, as I recall, did nothing about the tragedy.

-I saw the school district continue to stonewall Kathy Reitzel, who had blown the whistle on the Acevedos, and for that and for being the State Attorney’s star witness against the Acevedos, Reitzel was told by the school board to resign, or be fired, because she had waited too long to blow the whistle, school board member Andy Griffiths told me, guaranteeing there would be no future whistle-blowing in the school district, which is how the school board and the school district like it. I watched the school board, in the wake of the Acevedo scandal, create its own appointed volunteer Audit & Finance Committee to make it look like the board was serious about changing school district money oversight; then I watched the school board ignore the Audit & Finance committee’s many efforts and recommendations to improve the school district’s financial operations. I watched the school district repeatedly ignore requests for public records made by Dr. Larry Murray, who had been an outspoken member on the Audit & Finance Committee, until he was fired by the school board member who had appointed him, by not renewing the appointment. Then Larry ran for that now retired school board member’s seat on the board, and did not even make it into the runoff, even as he continued dogging the school district and the school board, and he continued not getting his public records requests honored, although state law requires such requests to be honored, and if a court has to force it, the requester’s attorney fees and court costs have to be paid by the school district. Ed Davidson won that school board seat in 2012, after moving from one part of Marathon to another, solely to be able to run for that school board seat. The school board still does not let citizens who attend school board meetings speak to action items, but only allows citizens to speak once, for 3 minutes, during a school board meeting. I attended many school board meetings in 2011 and 2012, and spoke for 3 minutes, and it was obvious the board appreciated no citizen input.

After the Acevedo scandal, I watched the school board choose a new superintendent of schools, Mark Porter, who was clearly inferior to another candidate, Dr. Ed Shine. Porter had been fired by his school district in Minnesota. He was out of a job. Shine had served with distinction as superintendent of schools, and was loved by students, in two different New York state school districts. Dr. Shine made our school board members look like rank amateurs in education, and illiterate, and immature as adults during the public part of his vetting by the school board members at Marathon High School.

I have seen nothing change for the better in our school district since 2012. Most of our students would be better served by being home schooled, or by going to work in some trade and being taught how to make a living wage somewhere, if not in the Florida Keys.

So, guess what? I voted NO yesterday on extending the school board ad valorem tax for operations. ~Sloan Bashinsky

estate sale pointing finger[Estate Sale] Saturday and Sunday estate sale at 1066 Flagship Dr, Summerland Key. We will start at 8 am and go to noon on both days. Everything must go because we are, sad to say, leaving the Keys. Lots off stuff: kayaks, dive tanks, regulators, wet suits, and much more. Lots of art stuff collected over the last 20 years.
[“How long is a can of Spam and a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli good for”] I think a can of Spam is good for 100 years and a can of Chef Boyardee is never good!
[Fastest Mobility Scooter – Guinness World Records] As we are all starting to get a little older. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about a mobility scooter. Video
free the weed jail bars[Free the weed] Two new studies report the same conclusion. They found no evidence that adolescent marijuana use leads to a decline in intelligence. In fact, they found that those who used marijuana didn’t experience consistently greater cognitive deficits than the others. If marijuana use were responsible for cognitive decline, you might expect to find that the more marijuana a person smokes, the less intelligent they become. But this paper found that the heavier marijuana use was not associated with greater decreases in IQ.

Let me call on my own experimental knowledge gained from smoking marijuana virtually daily since early 1962.  Weed can make you smarter, more aware of what’s happening around you, more sensitive to your environment and your fellow humans, more receptive to visual arts, music, poetry, artistic activity of all kinds. It can help you open your mind to new experiences, new companions, new cultures, new perceptions of reality (from a John Sinclair article 2016).

Medicine Side Effects – Jeff Foxworthy. Why do medications always have side effects like ‘anal leakage’ and ‘suicidal thoughts’? Why not ‘invisibility’ or ‘spontaneous orgasms’? Video
I was so lucky Saturday. I found an original Ronsullie[?] painting. It was done in special crayon–and signed! Great price too, only $500.
question mark man


What’s up with From The Right guy? He hardly posts anymore and doesn’t seem as outraged. Can it be that he is starting to warm to the rest of the country’s views?

[FTR] Trump a winner? Not so much…let’s examine Trump and bankruptcy. (continued on the National Politics page …)
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