2021 May

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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[False Advertising] For sure! Or are there plans in the works we don’t know about?

[Misogamy] When a wife laughs during an argument, please know that the psycho part of her brain has been activated. Abort mission! RUN!


[Inflation] $29.95 for a club sandwich and fries! Are you kidding me? I asked the waitress, she said it’s usually $6.95 but the cost of lumber is so high, it’s the four toothpicks that drove up the price.

Blood Drive at Bealls on BPK on Memorial Day, May 31 from 11-4. Donors receive  $20eGift Card and a donor gift. There’s a BONUS donate twice 5/1 – 8/31 offer & get $25 in eGift cards per donation. Link
[Piracy] It is said that real piracy exists only in the waters above Australia and off the coasts of Africa and South America, but those who write about it have never eaten or stayed at a restaurant or hotel in Key West. Link



It’s easy to make everything a conspiracy when you don’t know how anything works.

[America] In some states it is easier to carry a loaded gun in public than it is to vote.
[Boating Accidents Award] Monroe County again tops list of most boating accidents. The report also showed an uptick in the overall number of boating accidents in the state and an increase in the number of vessels on the water. Florida is by far the most boat accident-prone state. It registered 679 of them in 2019, compared to 324 in California, the state with the second most. Link
[Wetstock 16 This Sunday] Hello everyone. Work and preparations are well under way for Wetstock 16. We have been testing new PA and generator power and all systems are go. As well as a day of peace & music I am adding another theme that applies to all past Wetstocks and especially Wetstock 16: I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Deer Ol’ Ed from the coconut Telegraph and Steve Estes from the News~Barometer have always been there with support. Jon North and Cat 4 for the last several years have been instrumental in making Wetstock happen. And to all the bands that play for free and manage to make their way to the stage on the deserted island, I want to thank them all!

This year moving forward from the plague other friends are stepping up and providing their support. Mark Hill (or “Red Boat” Mark as a lot of us know him) is providing some heavy duty PA gear to go with my new sound system and he is also providing one of the super quiet generators. Thank you Mark Tucker Phinney (my friend and old Moondog band mate) for furnishing the other super quiet generator.

Bob Tucker, a great musician, singer, and sound man is doing sound for us. Something we dearly needed.

Here’s Sunday’s the line up:
Popeye & Friends Band
Bobby Howard and the Ukeholics
Ray West Band
Music will kick off at 12:30 (Keys time of course) and will happen until around 6:00 in the waters just off Picnic Island.

Those of you on social media please post this so everyone will know about Wetstock 16 — A day of peace & music. Come enjoy and we will all get by with a little help from our friends. Your friend, Flip Flop Bob


[Ribs] (Editor: someone sent this in without a caption, but I think it is his supper that he was either proud or ashamed of. Didn’t say.)

[Greed] Most of the planet is under lock-down except the States that are tourist oriented and they don’t give a damn who gets this virus as long as they open their wallets and get the money. No wonder the United States of Greed is floundering.
[How to Make Salsa]
8 Tomatoes (I used Roma tomatoes so adjust quantity based on what type of tomato you use)
Cilantro (Adjust quantity to taste, I used around 15 sprigs)
2 Jalapenos (Put more of the vein in if you want it spicier, less if you want it milder)
6 Garlic Cloves (Again, adjust to your tastes)
1/2 Onion
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
Lime Juice (I ended up using the juice of 3 Key limes, probably equivalent to 2 normal limes)
Salt to taste. Link
[Quarantine] People are still dying from this plague everywhere, but KW wants to open to ships and tourists. Puhleeze, the plague is here to stay – the new normal. Before Kung Flu, there was Swine, Hong Kong, and Spanish. For decades people have died from the flu add Covid-19 to the list. Focus on being healthy and live life. Quit whining about the 2% and focus on the 98%.


[Tip Of The Day] Blow on the booze in your cup to convince the rest of the Zoom meeting that it’s tea.

[Rehab That Works] Is this a great country or what? After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction, committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl and meth, passing counterfeit money, beating 4 victims senseless and being arrested 23 times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over one year now! But it did net his family $27 million from the state and $20 million from a GoFundMe account. We are one sick country. You would think some smart attorney would gather his victims and sue his estate.
Christ the Redeemer Statue Rio de Janeiro. The idea of constructing the statue overlooking on Corcovado Mountain emerged in 1920, after World War I when representatives of the Brazilian republic felt that the country needs a symbol to strengthen their faith again. Construction of Christ the Redeemer was finished in 1931 with a built-in chapel at the statue’s base. The statue is 30 meters high standing on 8 meters high pedestal and weighs 635 tons. The arms of Christ the Redeemer stretch 28 meters wide and stands 700 meters above sea level and is located in Tijuca Forest National Park. Video (footage of workers making repairs high up on the statue)
[Plants and Honey] Make propagating plants from cuttings easier by using honey as rooting hormone before planting. It may contain the enzymes that promote root growth, but most importantly the antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties in honey save the cuttings from rot and infection.
-Dip the cut end of cutting you’re going to plant in undiluted honey and rotate it to create a thin layer around it. After dipping, plant it in the growing medium.
-Add two tablespoons of honey in two cups of boiled water and let the solution to cool. Dip the cutting in it and plant it in the growing medium.
-Wet cuttings in the water and roll them in cinnamon powder. Afterward, turn the cuttings in honey before planting. Addition of cinnamon will increase the potency of this DIYrooting hormone. Link