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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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[Life is a Breeze in the Florida Keys] This is one of the reasons why I live here.

[Fishing] Catch and release and dead. How and how long you handle fish determines their fate. Link
[Protecting Our Southern Border] I don’t know why we can’t protect our border. We should hire a billion more agents, get a billion more drones, and more electronic surveillance. Cover every inch of the border. All this cost money but so does all those immigrants. Closing the border is cheaper in the long run. Those that we do let in should immediately be given a special card (not a green card) with a tracking chip that allows them to work and pay taxes not suck us dry.
There, I’ve solved the problem with just five minutes of thinking.
[Wetstock 18] I had a ball. This was the first year that there were so many young people. I don’t know why they all came this year and never before. This event should be a “must do” for anyone visiting the Keys so they could see how well we all get along and laugh and holler. It cracks me up seeing all the frolickers in the “mosh pit” dancing in 3 feet of water, although no one can see the fancy footwork. Ha
I went by the future Senior Center at the old Deer Refuge office across from Winn Dixie this morning and I can confirm that the kitchen is in. There were at least 3 guys working there, so we will probably get in next month.

[Useless Pencil Pushers] If you want a surprise, make a list of all the jobs all people do, then cross off the non-essential ones to see who the really important people are. Think logically on a basic survival level, if you can. It will scare you.

[Doom and Gloom Palm Critic] What is happening to Key West. The place is being overtaken by palm tree freaks and looks like the ugliest debris field I have ever seen. Some of the shopping areas are a disgrace. Has the mob taken over or some wannabe fifth grade landscaper? The Keys are dead!
[Poop Police] For the last 25 or so years we were lectured on how the individual, passive, unpowered, clean, beneficial, sound septic tank/drain field system that requires no energy to work was “a threat to the eco-system”. Now we’re locked into paying a bureaucracy billions to dispense treated sewage into ocean waters for us, (requiring massive amounts of electricity and hydrocarbon fuels) something that was impossible with septic tank systems. The Wizards Of Smart working their genius, will continue imposing more “solutions”. This is now a permanent dysfunction of hemorrhaging sewage and money, in service to a massive bureaucratic lie. The sewer system was a rotten non-solution to a problem that didn’t exist.
[Assistance Please] I am looking for the name of the contact for the posted phone number in the article below.
“Take me out to the ball park! On Sunday, May 3, the Miami Marlins are inviting Monroe County residents to Florida Keys Day at Marlins Park. The Marlins will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies. The Marlins are also making available special base line reserve tickets for $20.00. A portion of the proceeds will go to Monroe County school athletics. For more information and to get tickets, please call 305-587-4343.”
[Sloan Bashinsky] The other day, I finished writing and compiling The Golden Flake Clown’s Tale, a patchwork quilt recounting of my father, his family and his company, Golden Flake, where I worked summers during my teens and early twenties, and full time, 1969-1973. The book is written from the perspective of my father’s presumed oldest son, who became the family black sheep and keeper of the family and Golden Flake skeletons. Weaved into the book is the impact my father’s second wife had on his family, and the awful lawyer-feast litigation over her affairs, which was reported by the news media, and the later awful lawyer-feast litigation over my father’s estate, which was sealed by the Court because my younger brother, Major’s minor children by his second wife were beneficiaries. The news media never saw and reported the sealed litigation. I share Golden Flake and family stories never before told in public, and seldom in private, and I share a good bit about the clown, who is the author.
I created a Google blogspot to hold the entire tale, which is a free read, no ads, no soliciting. Click this link to get there. Link
[WW3] The only people I really have faith in and respect for are true realists, all others are fodder. I am amazed to see how fast a country and even the world, has collapsed into madness. If WW3 starts and the mad men throw nukes at everybody, what will be left and is it worth worrying about? I wonder if there are any apartments still available in Antarctica. Gee, I wish you knew how safe I feel living just 25 miles from a Navy Base! If there is one cruise ship left after the war ends, who will be allowed on it? Food is cooked by radiation from my microwave, will the same be that way when the bombs drop? Will the radiation cook us? Do I need a building permit for a underground bomb shelter in the Keys? My wife wants to know how much food and OJ to buy at the market for WW3. Will they really blow the bridges to the Keys? Why?
[More IRS Agents Needed] 21,370 Border agents for 60,000 asylum seekers and only 79,070 full-time IRS agents for 157,500,000 tax returns. It’s no wonder there are so many tax cheats. The chance of getting caught is slim.
[Aging] No one ever warns you that the older you get the further away your feet get while you’re putting on your socks

[Wetstock 18] What a fund day! I’ve never seen so many boats at one time.

[Wetstock 18] Flip Flop Bob and crew made another great success. A totally fun day for rock and rollers and peeing in the water!

Wetlands lose some environmental protections in new Supreme Court ruling. The 5-to-4 decision is a huge setback for the EPA and the Clean Water Act. Link

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[Sick Society] You know societies priorities are misplaced when we celebrate gay pride for a month and honor our fallen serviceman for one day

I’m ready for world war 3.
Got my cave under the mountain.
Got 50 cases of booze.
Got 10 cases of soap and TP.
Got 6, 18 year old virgins.
Got 10 cases of Viagra.
[‘Presenters’ Not Newsmen] On Friday a CT’er woofed that various media outlets slanted story content to “meet the needs of their audience.”  And added that that was “sad.”
The author was only partially correct.  Most of today’s media outlets have abandoned any attempt, or even pretense of actually engaging in journalism.  No longer are we presented with pure unvarnished facts during a “news” presentation.  No longer do we see opinion labeled as opinion in a separate editorial segment.  Instead we are inundated with blatant propaganda that is specifically designed to influence the audience rather than being designed to inform the audience of actual facts.  No longer can we reasonably expect our journalists to be truthful honest.  Today to accept the news as presented is a fool’s errand.  Today if we are to be aware of the import or accuracy of any story presented by the media, we must research for ourselves. Thankfully if you are reading this you have a tool at your fingertips that gives you access to global information.  Think for yourselves. This reality is not simply “sad”–it is an abomination.


Mangroves budding.

[WW3] If the world goes nuts and starts WW3, what can we do in the Keys to survive? Save the booze and young girls? How do we defend our homes against the hordes from the north? Will the water and electric be shut off and what do I do with all my S & h Green Stamps?

[Uncultured Cultures] Why do Arabs eat on the floor and with their fingers? Also why do the Japanese sleep on the floor? Both cultures are thousands of years old, yet they haven’t discovered forks, tables or beds. Most Orientals haven’t even discovered toilet paper yet. They still use their left hand.

[Debt Ceiling] Don’t worry about it, it will surely pass or the politicians won’t get paid and you know that’s not going to happen.
[Shootout of the Week] 3 dead, 5 injured as biker gang shootout erupts in Red River, New Mexico. This shootout doesn’t matter because it’s just assholes shooting other assholes. Video
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