2019 October

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.



The BPK Zombie Bike Ride is back. Saturday October 12th 3PM. Start at Big Pine Bike Center for hot dogs, brats and soft drinks. 2nd stop, Milagro’s, 3rd.Paradise BSB, 4. Moose Lodge Tiki, 5. Coconuts.
Join your friends and neighbors for a great time.

[Yard Waste & Waster Management] For over a month many of my neighbors, some snowbirds, have had their yard waste cans not picked up, including my own. So I called Waste Management to get the scoop since we pay for this service through our taxes. The bottom line is that Waste Management will no longer pick up and empty any yard waste when the debris is over the top of the trash can. Also, the can must be a regular trash can and not a tall boy. There has got to be some wiggle room with this Waste Management policy and I plan to try and make a stand with Greg Sullivan on the matter. Waste Management garbage and recycling drivers do a fine job in the Lower Keys and weekly I reward the drivers which I intend to continue doing. I am however concerned about the yard debris service. Landscapers who work for snowbirds be advised that your yard wok in the can must be level with the top of the can or it will sit there uncollected.
Uber, one of the nation’s largest ride-hailing companies, will start up again in Key West on July 1, two years after city police arrested a man for driving for the then-outlawed vehicle-for-hire outfit. State lawmakers did what Key West city commissioners wouldn’t do: Decide on ride-sharing and in the companies’ favor. The new law allowing ride-sharing companies to work freely in Florida takes effect July 1.

Influenced by an angry taxi company contingent, the City Commission punted the ride-sharing question to the state, although several elected leaders, including Mayor Craig Cates, said Key West couldn’t keep out companies like Uber and Lyft forever. In March, city code compliance sent a cease-and-desist letter to Lyft after it launched briefly in Key West, citing the local law requiring taxi companies to hold specific permits.

On Monday, both Lyft and Uber apps stated they were not available in Key West.



Lull rough terrain telescoping forklift, 10,000 pound capacity, 6-cylinder diesel,  good tires, hours unknown, no known leaks,  must go, need room. Located in Marathon.

[Tattoos of Society Islands 1878] A prodigious number, in islands we afterwards visited, were tatooed in their fashion. What was most singular, we saw some with the glans of the penis entirely tatooed; and our men, from being tatooed in the legs, arms, and breasts.
[National Marine Sanctuary] They have overseen the die off of sea urchins, the degradation of our near shore water quality, the introduction of invasive lionfish. the continuous dumping of non-native sand on beaches that were never beaches in the first place, the build-up of cruise ships, oil spills in the Gulf.  The list goes on and on.

The sanctuary’s (and I don’t capitalize the S because I don’t respect them) response to all these maladies is that it is out of the scope of their influence and jurisdiction. That they can’t help it, they can’t stop it.  So my view is, what good are they? Now let’s see about the cost to us the taxpayer.


When your head is in the sand, your ass is exposed.

The AARP October calendar of events is here! Full Menu > Ongoing Events
Plasma Gasification Plants generate much less emissions than standard waste incineration plants, and also cuts down on landfills, which are the US’s largest human caused producer of methane gas. Why are we not using this system in the Keys of all places?  We could power the entire island system with Mount Trashmore for 100 years, and use the waste material for building bricks, land fill, etc. Link
[Fake Charities] To anyone thinking about defrauding Floridians with fake charities after Hurricane Dorian – think again. We are the state agency responsible for regulating charities, we are watching, and we will take action,” stated Commissioner Nikki Fried. “Bad actors taking advantage of generosity will not be tolerated, especially after disasters like Hurricanes Dorian. To check a charity’s status, use our Check-a-Charity tool, or call 1-800-HELP-FLA.”

FDACS Division of Consumer Services has identified over 140 new Hurricane Dorian-related charities soliciting on online platforms like GoFundMe. Department staff has been working to contact these solicitors and explain the requirements to register as a charity in Florida.

Consumers can also confirm the legitimacy of a charity through the department’s Check-A-Charity tool. Consumers can also call 1-800-HELP-FLA



Biscayne Bay isn’t a python’s usual habitat, but park rangers found one taking a swim. (Coming soon to a Key near you…) Video

[Bridge Collapse] A towering arch bridge over a bay in eastern Taiwan collapsed Tuesday, sending an oil tanker truck falling onto boats in the water below. Video
[White Coral Syndrome] The areas where most diving in Cozumel occurs — from Palancar Gardens (on Cozumel’s southwest quadrant) to Maracaibo, and Playa Bosh in the extreme south (including dive sites Columbia, Punta Sur, and El Cielo) will be closed so government scientists may investigate the causes of ‘white syndrome’ affecting hard corals there and gauge the amounts and effects of pollution discharged by the large hotels that border the marine park.” Expect this to happen in the Keys, where many dive shops have already closed shop. It’s always something.

[Phishing Attack] The last time you visited a porn website with teenagers, you downloaded and installed the virus I developed. My program has turned on your cam and recorded the act of your masturbation. My software also downloaded all your email contact lists and a list of your friends on Facebook. I have the – Island.mp4 – with you jerking off to teens, as well as a file with all your contacts on my computer. You are very perverted! If you want me to delete both files and keep the secret, you must send me the Bitcoin payment. I give you 72 hours only to transfer the funds.

[Phishing] I just got a call from an “authorized” Microsoft agent asking for my data and passwords. The idiot forgets you can see their phone numbers and report them to the cops. There are some really sick people out there.
[“Forgot it was Friday”] Deer Ed, Yes, being retired and sometimes not knowing what day it is is wonderful!
If you can limit your drinking, beer can be very healthful! For example, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that a pint of Guinness at mealtimes can reduce cholesterol depositing in your arteries, helping to prevent strokes.
Also commonly available here is Seattle’s Elysian Space Dust IPA, which is unfiltered, thereby retaining more natural flavor and beneficial constituents. Unfortunately, Seattle fluoridates its water supply and you want to minimize all fluoride contact. Link
The word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent”.


[R/V For Sale] If you need an affordable place to live while figuring out what to do or where to go consider my Crusemaster RV with a comfortable queen size bed and a solid cool AC and full size shower $6,000.00 Cash, check or money order and the clean title is yours. Call George (305) 395-0955. Located in Marathon, Oceanside.

[Bad Water] A 2019 study by the Environmental Working Group estimates that over 100,000 cases of cancer per year in the US are the result of drinking public utility tap water. Some bottled water is just some municipality’s tap water in a chemical-leaching plastic bottle. The right water filter is affordable and may save you both money and your life. A counter-top Reverse Osmosis Filter that just connects to your faucet is slow but can be had for under $80 delivered from eBay and no plumber or permit is required. If you connect it to a reservoir tank before the filtered water faucet, then the slow flow issue goes away. Or just fill a glass container from the slow flow countertop unit for a quick drink when needed. You can also get a showerhead carbon filter that will protect you from chlorine gas released from tap water when showering. Again, no plumber needed if you can unscrew a showerhead. A whole house carbon block filter will capture most chemicals but takes some light plumbing skills to install. To your health, and to hell with FKAA’s “Best Drink in Town”. Link
[Computer Paranoia] This morning I started my #1 desktop computer. It did not boot. I ran a F8 diagnostic and it still would not boot. I took out the Slave Back up Hard Drive, a Western Digital 1 TB high end drive and tried to reboot. It did using the master HD only. I tested the Slave Back Up HD and it is failing. My point of all this is, I have 1/2 a terabyte of programs and files (everything I have) backed up on this back up HD. Luckily, I also have all my stuff backed up on DVD’S and on the Master operation boot 1 TB hard drive. Also, on Desktop #2 with 2 1 TB HD’s! So what’s this tell you, it should tell you that computers can delete you instantly if you do not have everything backed up several times. If you only use a cell phone and never a desktop or laptop, the Cloud is the only way to store stuff. Be careful with this cloud thing. If you have a laptop that can hold 2 hard drives, buy another matching HD and do a backup weekly, else by a larger auxiliary back up hard drive.If you have very important files, burn them to DVD and protect them in cases. Good luck.
I finally figured out how to be a millionaire. Just run for office, look like everybody in your hood, and ask for support money. Everybody else is doing it!