2021 October

Friday, October 1, 2021

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[For Sale] I live in New York and need to sell an above ground concrete crypt in Memorial Gardens Cemetery on Big Pine Keys. My number is 631-495-2657.

[Safe America] I feel safe when traveling in Buddhist or Communist countries. They are mostly safe. I go places over there that I wouldn’t go to here unless with an army. I’m talking late at night in all kinds of inebriated conditions. I would never do that here without getting jumped or worse. In fifty years of traveling the world I only had one close call and that one time I was completely sober!
[National Refuge Week Plant Give Away] Saturday, October 16th, 10:00 a.m. ‘til noon, Key Deer Refuge parking lot, 30587 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key.  We will have over 30 different species of native plants, free on a first come first served basis.  1 plant per household as well as 1 baby gumbo limbo tree for each of the first 40 children.  Answer a Jeopardy question to win your plant.  Please visit our butterfly garden and our Nature Store table while you are here.  Even though we’ll be outside, we would like you to wear a mask.  Plants remaining at noon are free to a good home.  Monroe County residents only
The cost of a home has risen 20% since last year. Aren’t you clad you aren’t trying to buy your first home.


Dog adopts a human posture as it cruises down Interstate. It’s uncanny how much he looks human! Video

Repeat a lie enough and it becomes truth.
Queen Mary lived in Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England during the late 17th century. That is where the indoor tennis game was invented that naturally came to be called Badminton. They used a soft shuttlecock instead of a ball in order to protect the paintings and furniture when the game was played indoor on rainy days (which was everyday in Scotland).
[Free Money – No risk] I’m John Belcher. Am an active-duty Soldier serving in the U.S Army here in Syria for peace keeping. I have a discreet proposal of $7,000,000 for you that will be of immense benefit to both of us I shall furnish you with more information about this immediately I receive a response from you.
[Dead Girlfriend] I hope they catch that kid from North Port Fl accused of killing his girlfriend. Now you have the nutball Dog The Bounty Hunter (and Mrs Dog) involved in the investigation. The news showed a picture of him bare-handed holding a can of Monster Energy Drink he found that might be linked to disappearance/murder, no plastic gloves, evidence preservation tool, etc,. Let this character pass on tips, but please let trained investigators handle evidence and crime scenes.
[Flood maps 2.0] Are coming out Friday. Any property in proximity to coastal waters are going to see a rise. I asked my home insurance company how high must I build? how far inland must I be? They told me it doesn’t matter if your built 10 feet up or you have a ground level (slab) structure, if your close to open water dig deeper in your wallet. Paradise is getting still more expensive.
It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.  ~Thomas Sowell

[Black Box] I was watching tv about airplane crashes. Why can the black box (or orange box) survive the crash, and humans cannot? Makes me wonder.

[Plan Ahead] Remember when selecting a person for marriage that as they get older, everything gets bigger, harrier and closer to the ground.

Ghostbusters show projected on someone’s house. Who ya gonna call? 2021 Halloween Projection Mapping of the Ghostbusters. Ray, Egon, Peter, and Winston save the day yet again. Set to the original Ghostbusters theme with some bad boys music thrown in…they finally get Slimer! Video

Deer Ed, Thanks for persevering over the years, getting the CocoTele out to your followers. And I love how you’ve put politics/religion/conspiracy together on their own page. That seems like a very appropriate grouping.


[TV Sitcom Idea] Mohammed and Jesus. About two immigrants, one from Afghanistan and the other from Mexico and how they game the system

Toyota’s new hybrid Tundra uses an electric motor for more power. The 2022 pickup truck is now partially electrified, boosting its performance when drivers are hauling heavy loads. Link
[Dollar Tree No More] Dollar Tree breaks the $1 barrier for the first time. Increasing costs are forcing the company to raise prices. Dollar Tree announced today that shipping costs & inflation are responsible for them no longer selling everything for one dollar. Prices are going up everywhere.  Buy now. Bummer. Remember when Woolworth’s was a 5 and 10 cent store? Actually, do you even remember Woolworth’s? Link
[Deceit] In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  ~G. Orwell

A call center when someone is finally interested in an extended warranty for their car.

[“RE: the post with the Puerto Rico Flag”] You had a couple of question marks.  Not sure on the first one other than perhaps like me you had no idea of the poster’s subject.
The second question mark after ‘AOC’.  AOC is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the Democratic Congresswoman and announced socialist, and thorn in both Republican and Democrats’ sides, representing New York’s 14th congressional district.
As an aside. Thank you for (as you describe it) “moved all the crap to National Politics.”  Yes, thank you.


[Summer’s End] The geckos have stopped barking and the cicadas have stopped buzzing. I recon summer is done.

[Captain Doom & Gloom] The Key West shop keepers and brothel owners will do anything to empty your wallet including making streets walking traffic only. So where does one park to visit this over-gloried pass tense party pit? Why in the overpriced parking lots, of course. If you live in Key Weird suffer severely. And don’t forget to bring extra sandals to prevent hoof and mouth disease. The good old days are long gone. Amen.
[Flooding] The latest crisis within China is dangerous flooding along the Yangtse River, which is testing the design of the huge Three Gorges Dam. Completed in 2006, the dam is one of the world’s largest megaprojects. The structure lies about 300 kilometers west of Wuhan, the metropolis of close to 20 million people where the novel coronavirus first broke out. The threats arising from the flooding have led to the evacuation of about 40 million people. Link
I am so sick of our younger generation. You can decipher them in one or two sentences. “I get it”, “the vibe”, “hey dude”. Unfortunately, their too young to have known their grandparents or great grandparents, the people that grew up and or lived in the Great Depression. These kids are part of the throw-away society. Some of them even hide in the “going green” movement.
[United States] Remember when America was united? under one flag? indivisible? In those days if we had a world-wide problem we would obey our government? Remember polio? How everyone rushed out to vaccinate their kids? That’s when we were great. Not like today when people whine if they are asked to get vaccinated to protect us all. Or they whimper or get violent when asked to protect our children in school by wearing masks? Are they actually thinking “it’s their right” to get sick?


[Retirement] Well, the way things are going in the world today, this maybe the only retirement plans we can safely expect.

After reading the Religious and Political Section of the CT, it is better to keep the sick people on their own page away from the some-what sane posters! Thank you Ed.

[Anesthesia] The numbing truth: a history of anesthesia. Video

[Friday Joke] Bob goes to see his friend Pete. He finds Pete in his barn dancing naked around his John Deere. “What tha’ heck are you doing?” asks Bob. Pete stops dancing and says, “My wife has been ignoring me lately so I talked to my psychiatrist and he said I needed to “do something sexy to a tractor.”



Eisenhower smoked 4 packs of Camel cigarettes a day—That’s 80 cigarettes.