2021 September

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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[“America is safe”] That’s BS. The FBI reported Monday that the murder rate in 2020 increased by almost 30%! So much for those who don’t think there’s a gun problem. Remember that the folks who say America is safe usually carry hidden guns because they are scared to leave their houses unarmed. It won’t be until those people admit that we have a gun problem that we can start doing something about it. Americans are addicted to guns just as a junkie is addicted to heroin. Neither problem can be solved until they admit there is a problem. There are too many guns. That’s the first big step: recognize there is a problem. Stop throwing a bunch of numbers around trying to prove a negative. Go out your door, look around, do you have a gun in your car? Is it in your handbag? Do you feel safe going downtown? It won’t happen to you? Link
You never really know a woman until she gets drunk and mad at you at the same time.

[“Mosquito ‘copter”] Good enough pest control I suppose, but I still really miss the old yellow/white DC-3. Exciting, house shaking stuff back in the days now long gone.

[R.Kelly Guillty On All Counts] R&B superstar, known for his anthem ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ was found guilty of all nine counts in his sex trafficking trial on Monday. What’s next for R. Kelly following guilty verdict in sex trafficking trial. Video

[Dead Bird]  I had a few mirrors in the woods, placed on the ground that reflected the sky. It was a cool effect until a red-headed woodpecker smashed into one of them thinking it was the sky. I felt bad and removed my “yard art”.

[Conspiracy] I had a nightmare last night that woke me up. I dreamed that COVID 19 was a worldwide con that voided all Life Insurance claims and was initiated by the major insurance companies and the international medical professionals. I think they did this several times before for another major plagues and a few wars. I hope I am wrong!


[“Name that dead bird”] Friday’s picture of dead/suicidal bird was a picture of a juvenile Green heron.

[“Insulting the insulting poster”] So where did you get your Moderna booster – CVS or Winn-Dixie? Hum? Sounds like BS. Nobody asked you to reveal your health history. You’re the one who brought it up.
[Mosquitoes] The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County and the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District urge residents to drain and cover all forms of standing water regularly to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and to apply a reputable mosquito repellent when outdoors. While there is currently no active, ongoing transmission of mosquito-borne illness in Monroe County, there is an increase in mosquito-borne infections on the mainland. It is, therefore, important to prevent future mosquito-borne illness outbreaks in Monroe County and take simple precautions to protect yourself, your neighbors, and your family from such illnesses
[“The CT was better when everything was posted on one page!”] Something changed – CT ownership – Deer Ed got replaced – or maybe got the vaccine. I’ve noticed the same thing. The truth is hidden where the sheep won’t read it. Why did the ad rates drop? Lack of readers is my guess. I also guess this won’t appear on the first page. (Editor: Thank you for your concern, but I respectfully say you are wrong on all points except moving the crap to the National Politics Page.)


[“Mosquito ‘copter sprayed… thank you”] Are you going to be thanking them when you come down with a mysterious GMO cancer?

Regarding the crypto currency craze. Traditional stocks like Walmart, Dollar General, General Mills, will continue to thrive as the economy weakens. People still have to eat, and will continue to try and stretch the American dollar.

Let’s go fishing! Facebook


[?]Where in the f’ing hell are all these moths coming from?   ~Thomas Edison

Even after enlightenment, you still have to do the laundry.
~Dalai Lama
[?] I am having a serious disagreement with AOC’s[?] claim, that she’s ”A person of color”.  How can that be? as both of her parents are Puerto Rican?  Since when have Puerto Ricans ever been considered Negroid. After all there’s basically only three types of humans (in alphabetical order) Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negroid. So simplistically, if you’re not Asian, with Mongoloid features, or you are not a person of color, if you don’t have Negroid features, then there’s only one left, and that is Caucasian because you definitely do have Caucasian features. There’s no biological classification of a Spoiled Brat. However, it seems that you’re the exception.
[Hungry Wolf Bites Grizzly] Watch a gray wolf annoy a grizzly bear by biting its butt! For the second time in a matter of weeks, a wolf in Yellowstone was seen—and videotaped—biting a big grizzly bear. The curious behavior is especially notable because it took place repeatedly in the span of several weeks. Video


A sad retrospect of old-time comedians
Sinatra — Where Are The Clowns

[Taking a Crap] Thomas Crapper was an English businessman and plumber. He founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London, a sanitary equipment company. Crapper held nine patents, three of them for water closet improvements such as the floating ballcock. He improved the S-bend plumbing trap in 1880 by inventing the U-bend. The firm’s lavatorial equipment was manufactured in London and had the world’s first bath, toilet and sink showroom. Crapper was noted for the quality of his products and received several royal warrants. Manhole covers with Crapper’s company’s name on them in Westminster Abbey have become one of London’s minor tourist attractions. Link