2021 October

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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[Sunrise] If you build your dream house and it has a view, build it with a porch facing east. Few things boost the spirit more than a good cup of coffee while watching the sun rise. Sunrise is a time of optimism. It’s all downhill from there. It’s even better when you have someone you love sitting next to you.
[KW Airport] As most travelers and locals know the KW Airport is an antique design fit for bi-planes and private putt-putts, but not industrial airlines. The new design, which is modeled in front of the restaurant, does little to alleviate problems except to make money for the contractors who will slap together something next to useless again. Most agree it would be better to level the whole mess and build from scratch something that real world airport engineers can make efficient and cost effective, not just an ego trip for the existing controllers. We will never have 747’s or other monster air ships that are larger than the island, so forgetaboutit!


Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complications. Link

[Mosque attacked in Afghanistan] Didn’t the Moslems say that terrorism would cease as soon as all foreign troops left? Well, they left! The terrible truth is that terrorism will never stop until all of Islam agrees on everything—which is impossible. Link
[AT&T Supports Lies] Have you heard of the far-right television network beloved by Donald Trump that is so extreme it could make Fox News seem like an arm of the Democratic Party? It’s called One America News (OAN), and in just the last five months, hosts and guests on its shows have claimed all of the following asinine, nonsensical lies:
That COVID-19 vaccines have killed 10,000 to 12,000 people and can make you magnetic.
That President Biden is a “brain-dead zombie puppet” being controlled by George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party.
That the participants in the deadly white supremacist attempted coup on January 6 were actually the victims of a “setup.”
That Black people fighting for civil rights are “race hustlers.”
That the LGBTQ+ community is “perverted” and that Pride Month should be replaced by a celebration of “white history month.”
And that is just the tip of the iceberg. The bile spewed by OAN is just one remote control click away for more than 30 million Americans, primarily thanks to a multimillion-dollar deal made by AT&T to include the network on their DIRECTV cable service. That’s right, AT&T, a company that proudly touts their status as one of the first companies to ban discrimination of LGBTQ+ employees, is almost single-handedly propping up one of the worst, most hateful, violent, and racist television networks in history.I have ATT for my internet & phone, and Direct TV. I don’t want to start from scratch & change. I want them to change. Think it’ll happen?  I hate to give my money to a company that’s so racist.



Texas motorcycle seat.

[Scarce Employees] You non-tippers told restaurant employees that if $2.13 an hour wasn’t enough, they should get another job, so they did. And now your favorite restaurant is understaffed and you’re mad about it.
Veterans Day Ceremony to be held at the Upper Keys Government Center on November 11th at 11AM. VFW Post 10211 and the Monroe County Veterans Service Office will host a Veterans Day observance, which will include a Color Guard, Upper Keys Pops’ Concert Band and Veteran Comments. Upon the conclusion of event, attendees seeking further fellowship and entertainment can gather at Arthur’s Restaurant across the highway from the Government Center.
~Blessings & Respect, John Donnelly, VFW Trustee
As far as politics go, I wish everyone thought like me.
Snowbirds are leaving Canada as the US boarder reopens. Here they come! Link
[Vagus Nerve] This is the largest accumulation of nerve cells in the human body. Since the ENS is similar to the brain regarding structure, function, and chemical coding, it has been described as “the second brain” or “the brain within the gut”. The vagus nerve represents the main component of the parasympathetic nervous system, which oversees a vast array of crucial bodily functions, including control of mood, immune response, digestion, and heart rate. Link



JFK Saw the future of media suppression. Video

[Guns] Stunning Revaluation by FBI Uniform Crime Report of 2020. private citizens fatality shot more criminals during the commission of felonies than law enforcement. Law enforcement had 298 fatal line of duty shootings, whereas civilians were able to eliminate 343 bad guys from the planet with little cost for the taxpayers. The cost of ammunition is insignificant compared to trials and incarceration. That you founding fathers for granting citizens the right to defend their selves.
[Marine Science Resource Guide] Balancing the fun and adventure of the Florida Keys with marine stewardship and sustainability is no easy task.  The United Way of Collier and the Keys has taken a big step in bringing both of those worlds together. As part of the partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), UWCK has launched a comprehensive Marine Science Resource Guide. It is a free online portal for residents and visitors – a place to find excursions, educational opportunities, and careers centered around marine science in the Florida Keys.
A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

[More Ridiculous Political Correctness] Jefferson’s statue will be removed from N.Y.C. Council Chambers. After a debate over Jefferson’s legacy and his history as a slaveholder, city officials delayed deciding on where to display the statue.

[Overused Idiom] The number of people that do not have, “I’m, sorry, my bad” in their everyday vocabulary is overwhelming.
[End of Flu] If everyone got vaccinated the flu would be gone in a few weeks. I can’t understand why people knowingly continue to spread the virus when they know there’s a cure.
[Riot] In the 30th of May, 1896, the last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II, had been crowned. On that day, half a million people gathered for the festivities. When word spread that gifts were being handed out, the crowd got out of control. The resulting stampede led to over thirteen hundred people being crushed to death. The gift that caused the stampede was one bread roll, one piece of sausage, one pretzel, and one gingerbread cookie per person. Despite the tragedy, the bodies were cleared, the festivities continued.
[Getting Sick] I do not care what you have heard, read, or think you know, just read all of this and learn something that may save your dumb ass! Whatever or whomever started this bug is irrelevant now. If it goes on much longer, we all should learn to speak Worm! It only took 2 years to fu this rock and there’s no place else to go. Covid Symptoms
[Advertising] It’s getting harder and harder to separate the ads from the articles on most websites. (Editor: We get about a dozen request a day from companies willing to pay us to post their ads between your posts.)

[What’s In A Name] Have you wondered why they changed the name of the jewfish to goliath grouper? History
[How To Tell Science From Pseudoscience] Our all-in guide to ferreting out falsehoods. In our increasingly chaotic digital age, disinformation disguised as science is rampant. It’s also getting harder to detect, thanks to new technologies and politically motivated campaigns against commonly acknowledged scientific truths like vaccine effectiveness, the realities of the climate crisis, and more. Navigating the turbulent sea of online scientific and pseudoscientific information requires a sharp eye, a skeptical brain, and an openness to new ideas about the world around us. Link

How come Bic lighters never explode or catch fire? There must be billions of them in existence and one of them must have exploded.

[“Fighter jets obsolete”] No one knows how much we spend on the military–they don’t tell those numbers. Why can’t someone add up all the budget approvals over time for the total?
They are paving Kohens Rd to the kayak ramp. I wonder why? It’s in pretty good shape already. Instead of using the yellow canvas sheets to protect the wetlands they are using straw “logs”. This is the first time I’ve seen them used. They sure look a lot better than the yellow fabric.
[5 million dollars] That’s how much it costs to sue Google for patent infringement. That’s what the lawyers told the people who sued Google for stealing their code that they used to create Google Earth. There’s a movie on Netflix about that.