Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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My truck died at the light. A deputy pulled up next to me asked if I needed help. I said I did and him and another gentleman helped me push my vehicle out of traffic and to the side of the road. The officer then told me he had a call to go to, but he would come back and check on me after that. I was able to get the truck running again and made my way home. I didn’t get the officers name but wanted to give him kudos. Thank you sir!
[Apocalypse] What will happen if this Covid19 virus cannot be cured? What will happen if America does crash; and into what kind of place?
[Big Soda] What happens when the biggest players in “Big Soda” gets into the bottled water game? Well, in the case of Coca-Cola’s Dasani Water brand, you get a hodge-podge of ingredients that are about as scary as Frankenstein’s monster. Sure, the main ingredient is water – though it’s nothing more than purified tap water, but they don’t stop there. If you look at the label, you’ll see that “pure,” unflavored Dasani Water also contains the chemical additives magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride.

What the label doesn’t tell you is that both of these ingredients have been associated with birth defects. Even if your childbearing days are far behind you, you should know that magnesium sulfate – a.k.a. Epsom salt – is used for industrial purposes as a drying agent — and as a laxative. So much for hydration! And potassium chloride – a.k.a. the farm fertilizer Muriate of potash – is a heart-stopping ingredient in lethal injections. A shocking 2018 report revealed that both Dasani and Pepsi’s Aquafina and other bottled water brands, too contain tiny bits of plastic (a.k.a. microplastic). Not just a little – but twice as much as tap water. Instead of getting more than you bargained for from big corporations that sell water for half or more than the price of gasoline, you can buy a reverse osmosis filter system or a Berkey filter and turn tap water or worse into very pure water that you can carry in glass containers for safe refreshment away from home. The Illuminati reportedly place water in glass containers in the direct sun to create AquaVitae energized water purported to be health restorative if it did not contact metal. It costs nothing to try that but be aware that FKAA tap water in the sun quickly grows algae due to all the nutrients included and in spite of all the poisons added for disinfection and treatment



The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner.

The Key West Citizen has fallen on hard times. It’s just a shadow of its former self which wasn’t that great to begin with. Now they only print a few days a week, but charge for 7 days. The reporters seem to be missing. I’ll not be renewing my online subscription unless they start thinking about my needs more than theirs. I’ll be reading the Barometer and KW The Newspaper a lot more from now on. They both have reporters and news! It’s been eight months since the virus arrived, if the Citizen can’t get it’s crap together by now they aren’t going to.
You know it’s election time in Key West when one of the incumbents who is only out for a free photo op, is now actually being seen in the neighborhood he represents.
[Largest Fire In Colorado History] Cameron Peak fire burns nearly 30,000 acres in a day. The Cameron Peak fire that’s been burning west of Fort Collins and north of Estes Park for two months exploded Wednesday afternoon with high winds and dry conditions, scorching nearly 30,000 acres in a single day. The fire has now burned 164,140 acres and has become the largest fire in Colorado’s recorded history. The Pine Gulch fire, which burned 139,007 acres near Grand Junction this summer, had the title for just 48 days.  Link




Hunting dog for sale.

[Virus Spreading] Toronto is getting their 2nd hit. They’re going to be cracking down again. Stay in your cave, wash everything, buy dry and canned foods, store water, meds and eyeglasses. Got combat boots? Something tells me they ain’t going to fix this bug for some time and it ain’t no political BS! Could well be a grand FU by some jerk in some lab somewhere! Got your bar stocked? Body lubes? “Toy Batts”? Tell people who want to come visit, you’re going on a cruise for 8 weeks.
[Movies] I’s sick of no cellphone coverage, people escaping by running upstairs, mix-race couples, gay couples, mixed race gay couples, watching needles puncturing skin, snot running over mouth, not wiping bloody faces, plod pooling on floor from head wound, view of bottom of car door as one foot steps out and onto the ground, and sticking fingers in blood and tasting it to see if it’s blood.




Ouija board headstone, now you can ask loved ones how are they doing.


[Why I Love America] This article written by Nancy Simpson was the winner of The Epoch Times essay contest.  Link

[Honest Christian] Dearest in Christ, Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. I am Mrs Rose Williams, an aging widow (69 years old) suffering from long time illness, I am currently admitted in a private hospital here in Abidjan Cote d’ Ivoire. I have some funds I inherited from my late loving husband, the sum of $4.700,000.00 US which he deposited with a bank in Abidjan. Bla, bla, bla.
[Missing Kayak]  The high tide Saturday night, Oct. 18th, took a kayak from our seawall. It is a 14ft light blue Aquaterra with 2 hatches and a rudder. We’re on a canal off Ships Way, 2nd to the last one on the North end, across from Kiki’s and Parmers. It might be on the West side of Pine Channel, on the shore line. If found, please call Gary 513-307-2538, or email Please, help if you can. Thank you.
[Movies] I find it unimaginative and odd that the movie Superman Returns has the same theme music as Indiana Jones.
[Unemployment] The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits rose last week by the most in two months, to 898,000, a historically high number and evidence that layoffs remain a hindrance to the economy’s recovery from the pandemic recession. Thursday’s report from the Labor Department coincides with other recent data that have signaled a slowdown in hiring. The economy is still roughly 10.7 million jobs short of recovering all the 22 million jobs that were lost when the pandemic struck in early spring. Confirmed coronavirus cases have been rising again nationwide in the past month, likely causing more Americans to hold back from eating out, shopping and engaging in other commerce.


The final Mercury retrograde of the year started on Oct. 14 and lasts through Nov. 3, which also happens to be Election Day. Link