2022 November

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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[New ‘Swimming Hole’] The County finally did it after years of promises. They built a beautiful park around the canal where we nursed the dying whales next to US1. I hope sometime in the future the elevated deck will extend to North Pine Channel for another exciting view.

CNN has a new morning lineup. John Berman and Brianna are out. CNN is losing viewers to FOX News so they are trying to be more conspiracy friendly.


They are going to change the time again on Sunday, November 6, at 2am. Here we go again!

[Bad Sunscreen] The latest product recalled for having the carcinogen benzene: Banana Boat sunscreen. Link
[Politics] If you think American politics are bad, be glad you are not in England. In just two months, they went through 1 Queen and 3 Prime ministers. Here’s a helpful translator: Tea = lunch, car hood = bonnet, trunk = boot, pudding = dessert, truck = lorry, gas = petro, yard = garden, bathroom = loo.
I wish they would learn proper English.
How many My Pillow ads does Mike Lindell have to sell before he’s done with his ads?

[Movies] Why does every female actor drop whatever they are holding when they get scared? In old movies all women scream like crazy when they are surprised or frightened.

[Rumors of War] The US is planning to deploy up to six B-52 bombers to northern Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported, in the nations’ latest move to strengthen security ties to counter China. Link


[Mistress of the Dark] What’s Halloween without Elvira!

[Keys Rotary Social] Sun Nov 6 from 11am – 2pm at Boondocks Grille and Draft House, 27205 Overseas Hwy, Ramrod Key.
[“Evolution of a post”] I have no clue as to how you came to believe Charles Darwin was ever in Key West — or anywhere near it. He never even visited North America. Please read On the Origin of Species to clear things up for you. (Editor:  Darwin was never in the Keys. It was John James Audubon wo visited the Keys in 1832. Thank you Mr. Google.)


You are never more than 6’ from a spider.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] How to kill the Keys. Just start running water lines and electric lines and let the greedy developers butcher up these paradise islands for fun and profit. Stick hundreds of low rent shacks for low renters everywhere which will drive out the money people and let the real high end castle builders have these dirt lumps for free. This works everywhere else, why not in our homeland.

[Eat My Family First] Whether it’s aliens or zombies, the importance of a head start cannot be overstated.

Be Like Mike Day in the Florida Keys. Link
[“New swimming hole park”] If it wasn’t for all the noisy traffic close by, it would be paradise. It’s still pretty damned good!

Say a prayer for the poor people of Ukraine that are in the throes of war.

[The Last Word] Do I mind when my wife gets in the last word? Hell no. I’m just glad it finally got here.
[New Cairo City] The authoritarian president of Egypt is moving Cairo on his say-so alone (no approval from anyone else!) Development of phase 1 of the New Cairo will cost about $58 billion when complete in 2030. Basic infrastructure of the phase is complete, and construction on several buildings, including this ministerial building, is slated to be finished in 2022. Link
Harris School, Southard Street in Key West. Has anyone seen it lately? The grand dame looks like a used car lot. How can the city of Key West have the nerve to bother one single resident in the HARC district, or the tree commission, or the parking division, while you have this gorgeous structure going to hell? Time for house cleaning in city hall.
[Full Moon Kayak Tour] Guide training for the Full Moon Kayak Tours is Tuesday the 1st (today) at the Old Wooden Bridge Marina. Big Pine Kayak Adventures and The Florida Keys Wildlife Society are providing all the gear. See you at 6 p.m.
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