2021 September

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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[R.I.P. Mary Bonneville] Sheriff Rick Ramsay and State Attorney Dennis Ward never forgot the brutality of a murder committed upon beloved VFW Post 10211 Auxiliary Member Mary Bonneville.  Their collective determination, relentless effort  and integrity of purpose recently secured the arrest of the alleged murderer.

For the last 4 years Sheriff Ramsay, State Attorney Ward and their extraordinary investigators left no stone unturned as they diligently pursued, procured and scientifically assessed all evidence related to Ms. Bonneville’s murder. Their deliberative and steadfast criminal investigation provided the definitive data necessary to make an arrest and proceed with the prosecution of her alleged murderer.

This was a difficult case to solve, as post Hurricane Irma damage  provided an opportunity for the “roofers from hell” types to descend upon the Keys and victimize those in need of home repair and landscaping  assistance.

The murder victim was a 70 year old lady who loved her country and the veterans that served and sacrificed to preserve her way of life. She exhibited love, compassion and kindness to everyone that crossed her path.

Ms. Bonneville was particularly generous and uplifting towards those who needed a helping hand. Unfortunately, her benevolence and graciousness may have triggered the predatory interests of the  criminal element that had descended upon us post Hurricane Irma.

Mary Bonneville was a dear friend. I was consumed with tracking down her killer. Sheriff Ramsay and State Attorney Ward deserve our deepest thanks for unraveling a complicated and difficult case, so that Mary’s murder might be equitably resolved. ~John Donnelly

Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns.  ~Benjamin Franklin
[Masks] Is it too much to ask people to wear a mask in public? What if those people do have the virus or worse, TB or Black Plague, then would it matter? I have no qualms about wearing a mask even though I know they do next to nothing to protect me or whomever I talk to.  The germs are everywhere being air born. Just think how dangerous it is to leave your cave or sit in a dirty bar or restaurant. The immunity gig is bs too, this bug will get us all if they don’t fix it. Did the stock boy in the market cough all over the products you just bought?  Did the gas pump handle have some nasties on it?  Did you wear your shoes into your house after coming home? Does your mask fit so tight you get welts from it? When this virus gets water born then what? Don’t worry about the rain, worry about your spigot. Kids? Ha, ever see a clean kid in your lifetime? Ask a booger. How’s that for a small touch of reality.
[Tropical Storm Nicholas] Photos and videos show damage along Texas coast from Tropical Storm Nicholas. Video


[Miami Dolphins] To anyone that follows or cares in the least about Miami Dolphins football, scratch the whole darn team and start anew. Gosh, I miss the days of Dan Marino, his accuracy, his ball release, his charitable ways

[Dunkirk Evacuation] Although not a single British soldier was left on the Dunkirk beaches, some 70,000 troops were left behind in France, either dead, wounded, prisoner or still stuck further south. The British also left behind 76,000 tons of ammunition, 400,000 tons of supplies and 2,500 guns. Somewhat like the Afghanistan evacuation.
[National Refuge Week]  Friday, October 15, we invite everyone to join us for some morning bird watching by Long Beach on Big Pine.  We’ll meet at the entrance to the hiking path (just look for the parked vehicle).  Bring your binoculars, cameras, painting gear and ‘inside voices’.  More information will be posted on our website,, when it becomes available.  Free
Is it ok to eat GMO foods? Scientists say ‘yes.’ The food labels you see in grocery stores are getting a makeover. By January 2022, products that have been bioengineered, or have an ingredient in them that’s been bioengineered, will require a disclosure telling consumers about the presence of GMOs, thanks to a mandate from Congress. You might already see this new label make its way onto select foods and brands starting this year. Link


[Seasonal Vaccine] Well, Fall is coming and that can only mean one thing, Pumpkin Spice!

[Reflecting] If you can’t look back at your younger self and realize that you were an idiot, you are probably still an idiot
[Left Behind in Afghanistan] The U.S. isn’t doing nearly enough to free those who are trapped. Video
[Insulting an insulting poster] “Pregnancy” Sir, you are a liar. The Moderna booster has not been approved yet, therefore you could not have gotten it. Maybe some dumbass doc or pharmacy gave you a 3rd shot with you lying about your vaccine status claiming it would be your first. Secondly, you sure have no problem telling women to ingest chemicals (birth control pills) when you refuse to take any responsibility. I see you totally avoided the vasectomy option. Your comment that condoms being good for only one time. Are you so full of it (your little buddies) they fire off like a fully loaded automatic weapon? Your need to be insulting in this matter proves how immature some men are when it comes to birth control – Nor did I state that wearing a mask or getting vaccinated is birth control The point was how ignorant people are about masking re: covid and how some men find it too inconvenient to use male birth control – making it the woman’s responsibility- but what can be expected from such a lying fool – FYI – you also assumed I am a woman. You and your ilk make men look like jackasses.
[Vaccine Deniers] If you don’t get vaccinated and you need medical care when you do get the virus, you have to pay the full amount of that care. You waive all rights to insurance compensation. You caused it, you pay for it.
If they don’t produce anything or work at anything, no matter what color the skin, it is time to cull out the riff raff and let the honest, hard working souls take back this planet. Let’s adopt the same idea most of the world has — if you don’t work, you don’t eat.
[Spending] Don’t you just love how the junta gives away our tax money for their  egotistical endeavors? They raise taxes, supposedly to pay for the up-keep of our living standards and maintenance of our infrastructure, but all of a sudden find pet projects and favors their friends just happen to be connected to. The aluminum railing fiasco is one, the unusable parks are two, wanting palm trees everywhere three, feed the unproductive population for free? and it goes on and on. So the question here is why work? They will take your hard earned pittances and do whatever they want with it. When are the Ferris wheels and clowns going to show up?

Potty-trained cows
could seriously help the planet. You can potty train your kids and even, with some effort, your cats. As it turns out, there might be a barnyard animal that is even better at using the toilet than tots and kittens—and the impact that might have on the environment could be huge. Link


How to find Kentucky on a map.