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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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[Hurricane Preparedness] If you are beginning your shopping for essentials in preparation for Hurricane Ian, lay your wine or liquor bottles horizontally in your cart. You can get more in one trip rather than placing them in your cart vertically
I heard that the 7 Mile Bridge gets closed if sustained winds are 40mph. Is that true?


My wife has the flu and asked for help around the house so I bought her a Roomba.

[Meteor “Nudge”] The size of a small vending machine at 1,260 pounds, the spacecraft will slam into roughly 11 billion pounds of asteroid. “Sometimes we describe it as running a golf cart into a Great Pyramid,” said scientist Chabot. Link

[Welfare] Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? I guess we could call the program Urine Or You’re Out.

Who owns the old 7-mile bridge? The State, County or City of Marathon?


[Hurricane] Here we go again!

[Lunapic Photo Editor] Here is a great web site to get your photos adjusted and the tools are free. Take the time to view all the tools and methods to bring up the beauty of that old photo. Link
[Side Effect?] Does anyone else have the “Sleepies” after getting the virus shots? I cannot stay awake and have to nap several times a day now. Why, I do not know?
[Puberty] I took my ii-year-old daughter to get a drink at Starbucks. We watched an incredibly handsome construction worker. Do you know what that little girl said to me? “I don’t know what he fixes, but mine is broken.  Anyone know a good convent I can send her to?


Miss Piggy jigsaw set for sale.

Rats can’t barf—here’s why. Plus other fun facts from the weirdest thing I learned this week. Link
Our TV weather channel should be ashamed of themselves the way they try to install fear regarding our hurricane threats. Year after year they use the fear tactic to try to keep us watching their TV channel. They never actually lie, but they are purposely deceitful. Speaking to S. Fla Friday, the woman actually said, “You’re running out of time!” Even though I fully understand what they are doing and why, it still makes my blood pressure high
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I’m sure you’re staying glued to the news just like we are, tracking the latest on Hurricane Ian. In fact, mandatory evacuations are currently underway in parts of our state. You can stay up to date with the latest on the storm at That said, now is the time to:

Know your evacuation zone. According to Florida’s State Emergency Response Team, the greatest threat to life from a hurricane is storm surge flooding. If you are in an ordered evacuation zone, low-lying flood area, or in a mobile home, please follow all evacuation orders.

Know where the emergency shelters are located. Emergency shelters pop across the Florida coast during hurricane threats and are usually stocked with food, water, and other necessities. The shelters are often in schools, office buildings, and other facilities. Watch your local news and alerts to locate the shelter nearest to you. It’s essential to have a pet plan, too.

Protect your home from wind and debris. Move all plants, outdoor furniture, and any other free-standing items indoors to a garage or basement.

Move vehicles to higher ground. If you need to evacuate, move left behind vehicles to higher ground or a parking garage if you have access, not under trees or power lines.

Gather important documents in one place. Store important documents, such as legal papers, birth certificates, marriage licenses, financial papers, and insurance policy information in a waterproof, portable safe that is easy to transport in an evacuation.

Don’t forget tornadoes. Tornadoes can be a hurricane threat, especially if you live inland. Read over what to do in a tornado to prepare for fast-forming and unpredictable storms.

Refill your prescriptions. You can refill prescription medications in advance for at least a 30-day supply if you live in a county under a hurricane warning by the NWS, under a State of Emergency issued by the Governor, or one with an activated emergency operations center.

Once the storm passes, please reach out if you suspect your home or property received damage. Whether major or minor, we’ll be here to help make it right. As always, let us know if you have questions. ~Isaksen Insurance

[Beware Amazon] I clicked on “Buy Again” in my orders to repurchase garden insect spray, but the price was $20.29. That was outrageous for a $6 bottle! I then searched Amazon for that spray and first up was the same bottle for $5.88. They used to be our friend, but greed overwhelmed them. Once they lose the trust of the masses their reign will be over.

[Lbrary is Closed] This is to confirm what you may know or suspect; the library is closed today, Tuesday September 27, 2022 due to Hurricane Ian. Stay tuned for reopening date by visiting our library website or Facebook pages Please keep yourselves and all library material safe with you until our reopening.


How come aliens all have drooly mouths?

[Bring Money] Take plenty of cash from you bank because if the electricity goes out nothing works.
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