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Remember the Alamo!



[Crooks] FKAA manipulated data!  Laudicina vs FKAA preliminary forensic analysis of FKAA water consumption databases. Video

[Key West Mayor’s Race] What does mayoral candidate Ed “Krane” Karsch, the publisher of the online arts and entertainment calendar “The Blast,” do in his spare time when he’s not running for office? Well apparently, according to his advertisement on, he runs an upscale swingers event group called Upscale Adult Parties. (UAP). On this site, he professes that they “are a group of nice Upscale SDC members that has been meeting for years. The Florida Voters web site ( lists Eddie’s personal telephone number as the same number used for the swinger’s group.
The Mayor’s “party” could take on a whole new meaning. Step aside Ashley Madison
earthrise[NASA Earthrise] I’m sure you’ve seen the world’s most famous photograph,    “Earthrise”   .   It’s been on the cover of TIME and on stamps.   But did you know it almost didn’t happen?   This occurred over 45 years ago, on Christmas Eve, 1968.   The site below is outstanding.   It takes you right onto the module with the 3 astronauts and you hear them as they see it for the first time. (It begins occurring around 3 minutes, 38 seconds.)   Just think we were alive and watching when this happened. Video
[“Hurricane Shutters”] I live upstate on the West coast, but not too far up. I am looking at ‘Storm Stoppers’. I haven’t bought them yet, but they look stable, strong and affordable and easy to install and remove.  But (there’s always a ‘but’) I haven’t asked my insurer if they are FEMA approved and will lower my ridiculous homeowners premiums. Check them out at and post what you see and decide.
sword turban

[“Gold Sword Earrings”] That phone number was mid-typed should be. 305-304-2965. Also I want to apologize to the person who has the phone whose number I mistyped.

[“Hypocrite Refuses Same Sex Marriage”] Remember what Kinky Friedman said when asked if he supports gay marriage, “They got a right to be as miserable as the rest of us.”
It’s September with an ‘R’ so we can all eat oysters again.
an galaxy spiral

How to find the Andromeda Galaxy: 7 Steps (with pictures) Link

Putting up the flag. Video

[Smartphone Saves The Day] On Saturday Comcast internet went out for a few hours. I previously had noticed there was an app on my phone called Portable Wi-Fi. I opened it and selected USB tethering because my PC doesn’t have Wi-Fi. I then plugged one end of a cable into the smartphone and the other end into a USB slot on the PC. It connected instantly and I was able to surf the web until Comcast got their act together. Smartphones sure are smart.

[One Human Family] The throngs of refugees entering Europe will change the racial and cultural makeup of those countries forever. Once they settle and breed with the natives Europe will never be the same..
the end9It is interesting that the physicists’ Cern Super-collider is scheduled to come on line with its doomsday “God Particle” at the same time as the astronomers’ alignment of Mars and the Moon at the end of the month (the 27th). Some religious sects have tied that to prophecies for the end of time.
[“Good cops”] The post by the person who had a flat tire on the 7 Mile Bridge reminded me to mention that at Crime Watch they told us that if you have any troubles on the 7 Mile Bridge that it is a 911 call.  It is really important to get you up, off and moving as that is a very dangerous stretch and also backs up traffic for miles.  Safety first. Just remember to call 911.
cia spy listening


[Spies Like Us] Does any company in the Keys do home inspection for electronic bugs or listening devices?

[Waterfront Properties] By the looks of the South Pacific islands getting flooded by the new higher tides, this ‘fake’ global warming thing is not fake at all. If this is true are the Keys next to become the new Venus? So much for real estate values, eh?

[Alarm Clock From Hell] I think the Puzzle Alarm Clock will be pretty frustrating to get used to in the beginning as you will need to have an alert brain before you can turn the darn thing off. Featuring a 3-piece jigsaw puzzle, you must assemble it correctly before turning off the alar. Sound easy? Apparently not. When the alarm rings, this devil of an alarm clock will shoot out all three pieces, so you’ll need to actually find those pieces before putting them back in; and that act alone ought to be enough to wake you up for good!

I thought the FKAA was a public company and controlled by the County, but it seems some schmuck owns it and is dictating the rules of sewage development for fun and profit. What gives?
youre fired

[“The 3 time divorced religious hypocrite should be fired for not doing here job”] Hers is not a religious job, it’s a government job. What if a Moslem were in her position. Or a Mormon? They’d refuse certain obligations too. Americans have to be Americans and I say that separation of Church and State is one of American’s fundamental rights. Fire that Clerk! She refuses to do her job.

[Refugees] It looks like Key West and the entire Keys will be put to the test for inviting 100,000 or more foreign refugees to live here in the One Human Family subsidized housing projects. Gee, we cannot wait to greet all those poor low life people and their thousands of children who will fill our half empty schools and vacant properties. What a wonderful way to bring love to this world!


So Frank, is this thing grounded?

[Pass It On] What is the reason people always tell you to pass an email on to your friends? Or tell you to turn on the volume? Do they know you’re stupid? Don’t they realize that if you really like an email you will pass it to your friends anyway? As far as turning on the sound—that’s too dumb for me to address.
referee goal

[Video Overdose] This morning I watched as CNN replayed the high school football players body slamming the referee 16 times. I changed the channels and they only had commercials so I returned to CNN where they were still playing the video 3 more times!

They let the triple divorcee county clerk out of jail (I guess that makes her a fair weather Christian?). The next case will be when the Vegan clerk stops issuing hunting and fishing licenses. How do you think the crowd would respond in Kentucky?


Is this the centipede season or are they just always here? Why doesn’t the bug sprayers we pay to kill pests, spray for all bugs, rats, and wild cats?

Women, if you want to strike a bit of fear into your man. Just smile really big and ask him, “Notice anything different?”
thank you wave

The “thank you wave” after letting someone merge their car in front of yours is the only thing holding this fragile society together.

The difference in mentality between the rich and the poor is amazing. The poor always hate and condemn the rich and the rich always have contempt for the poor. I am poor but I admire the rich for having the intelligence and drive to become what they are. I have distain for the poor because they are inept, lazy useless eaters that should not be allowed to breed. The masses of incompetent drones are killing this planet and it should be culling time in the old coral!
mother and baby


Everyday is Labor Day in the delivery room!

[For Sale] How many politicians does it take to do the job right? As many as you can buy!
iouU.S. consumer borrowing climbed to a fresh record in July, the latest evidence that the U.S. economy is on track to grow at a healthy pace in the second half of this year. The Federal Reserve says consumer borrowing rose by $19.1 billion in July, pushing the total to a record $3.45 trillion. This followed an even larger $27 billion increase in June, the biggest one-month gain in credit since November 2001.
I consider Monroe County the most corrupt county in Florida and maybe in the America. The cops are a prime example as are the politicians and other agencies. They make up their own rules regardless of the written law, and we citizens have little choice but to bend over and smile!
ice cream bikini


Why do we hardly ever see coffee flavored ice cream anymore?

Seriously, does anyone think that if the FBI had a Wi-Fi network they’d call it ‘FBI surveillance 6’? It’s a common gag to label Wi-Fi’s with silly names. I use ‘FBI SWAT van’. Everyone knows it’s not the FBI (it’s really the CIA) ha.
tattoo sign


The Illustrated Man in a dramatization of Ray Bradbury’s iconic short story collection: A young traveler encounters a vagrant on the road who claims his tattoos come to life. Audio

[“Neanderthal Man”] What is so Neanderthal about the statement saying men should be men and women should be women? Looks like the CT is siding with the no nuts crowd and wants this country to turn silly! Don’t you people see what is happening? We are being culled into a heard of ball-less sheep.
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