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Friday, April 16, 2021

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[Voltaire and Thieves] Politics, and religion are a means by which men without principles lead men without memory.  ~Voltaire
In life, there are three types of thieves:
1. The common thief: Is the one who steals your money, your wallet, your bike, your umbrella, etc.
2. The political thief: Is the one who steals your future, your dreams, your wisdom, your salary, your education, your health, your strength, your smile, etc.
3. The religious thief: Is the one who steals all the above and your sanity, virginity, hope, faith and whatever else lets him not work for a living.
Jobless claims plunge to 576,000, lowest since pandemic. The Labor Department said Thursday that applications plummeted by 193,000 from a revised 769,000 a week earlier. Jobless claims are now down sharply from a peak of 900,000 in early January and well below the 700,000-plus level they had been stuck at for months. The decline in unemployment claims coincides with other evidence that the economy is strengthening. Link

It is amazing how the Keys fell from grace in only ten years from a very hip and fun set of islands to a useless line of redneck and snowbird encrusted plastic tourist pits making these party islands the last place any smart person would want to go to. R.I.P. Keys, it was nice while it lasted.

[Cruise Ships] On Wednesday we woke up at 3:00 am and boarded a flight to Tallahassee with Mayor Johnston and 19 fishermen, small business owners, environmental leaders, and public servants. We took off work, cancelled charters, and left our families behind so we could give public testimony before the State Senate Rules Committee about how the bill to overturn Key West’s voter-enacted cruise ship limits threatens the future of our reef and the livelihoods that depend on a healthy ecosystem.  This video demonstrates how politicians won’t listen to anything that doesn’t bring them money. Video
[“What’s wrong with Minnesota police”]  The poster stated that they are killing black men for minor infractions and misdemeanors.  That simply is not true.  In virtually every case that we have seen was as a result of the deceased resisting a completely lawful arrest.  In virtually every incident that resistance was violent.  Had the deceased not resisted arrest, they would be alive today.

Please remember that every cop in this nation today is fully aware that shooting or harming of a person of color today, is likely to be a career ending event.  Cops are now incredibly reluctant to use any type of force.  And lots of cops are getting killed because of it.

The Seven-Mile Bridge Run returns on Saturday, April 17, after a hiatus due to COVID-19. Motorists and residents should plan accordingly and help spread the word as the bridge will be shut down in both directions for three hours. Plan to be across the bridge by 6 a.m. to avoid being stuck on one side or the other. Traffic flow will resume at approximately 9 a.m. Motorists and residents should expect delays.
[No Masks During Pandemic] The Florida Governor has lifted the mask mandate. What are you guys waiting for? State after state is lifting their masks mandate. I think the total is now at 22. Tourist season is over, the snowbirds have all gone back where they came from. The spring breakers have left to terrorize their college towns. There is absolutely no reason, I say again absolutely no reason to continue this farce and intrusion on our 1st Amendment liberty. Tear down this mandate!
[Policing the Police] Key West jail Deputy fired and criminally charged. Link

Coronavirus vaccine update: Just got my second shot! But the strange thing was just before the nurse put on the band-aid I thought I heard in a tiny voice, “ Download complete, connecting to server.” Is that normal?

[“Forgive any medical debt”] That is precisely why we need national health insurance here. Disease is not our fault. Maybe more payroll taxes could pay for it.


[Friday Joke] The wife said: “Here’s $20, get the dog a jacket. If there’s any money left over, get yourself a beer!

Retiring Raul Castro to bring younger face to Cuba’s communists. This week’s Communist Party congress could be the last with a Castro at the helm of Cuba’s all-powerful political institution. Six years after the death of Fidel Castro, his brother and fellow leader of the island’s 1959 revolution, Raul Castro, is being watched to see if he fulfills his commitment to give up the reins of the only political organization permitted in the country of 11 million people. Raul Castro in 2016 said that he would give up the post of party secretary-general at the party’s eighth congress.
[Frankenskeeters] Executive Director of Florida Keys Environmental Commission, Barry Wray, is very concerned about the release of GMO mosquitos in the Florida Keys. There is another proven product to eradicate dengue fever, but we’re not using it. Live GMO mosquitos will be released without any independent science review.  FDA did not approve this, nor did University of Florida agree to oversee this, contrary to Oxitec claims.  Our only source of data is from the vendor.  This should be a red flag. Oxitec had big money to promote 3 different marketing plans.  We have no way to combat that.  We need public hearings for debate. Are the new GMO male mosquitos free from any disease? Experiments with genetically modified crops eventually resulted in unintended consequences, with the ecosystem suffering collateral damage. Link

[Minnesota] I propose we just wall off this state and let them have at it like in the movie Escape From New York.  The problem is Snake Plissken refused to go to Minnesota and keep them in line.. Remember that the residents voted in Jesse Ventura the wrestler as their Governor in 1999.

The roads on Ships Way are actually named after sailing ships not aircraft carriers.
There’s a blood drive at Keys Vineyard Community Church – Sunday, April 18  8:30am-12:30pm. Donor gifts are tie-dye shirt & $10 eCard. Thanks for giving. Link
[Hoedown] I grew up in the Niagara Falls region of NY. I have city friends as well as country friends. Back in the day we would go to a hoedown, dancing, drinking, chasing women around a barn. Ho’ down sure has changed over the years.
[“What’s wrong with Minnesota police”] Everything! Their training officer couldn’t even tell a handgun from a taser. And the f**ck ups continue. You can make all the excuses you want, blaming the assholes they arrest, but it comes down to the culture and attitude of the police department and its leaders. Make all the excuses you want, eventually they’ll have to face it, to them, black lives don’t matter.
[United Way] John Riley has joined the United Way of Collier and the Keys as Vice President of Philanthropy after eight years at the helm of Riley Philanthropy, a Naples firm specializing in strategic planning, major giving, and capital campaigns. Before founding Riley Philanthropy, John consulted with both local and national charitable organizations through the Hodge Group. Altogether, he has partnered with over thirty Southwest Florida nonprofits to improve individual outcomes and strengthen communities. John is a Certified Fundraising Executive who has worked in the nonprofit sector since 1995.

[Vaccine] You‘ve been eating hot dogs and McChickens all your life, but don’t want the vaccine, because, you don’t know what’s in it?

[Vaccines No Good] What better way to infect people and animals than to use injections? Mosquitos are famous for that, right? Stupid people do stupid things like immunity dependence or untested injections of experimental vaccines. If some miracle drug does appear soon, we’re all going to die!
[Over-Developing the Keys] A group of Sugarloaf Key homeowners have appealed an approval by the Monroe County Planning Commission of a development of an 88-unit housing project at the entrance to the South Point neighborhood in Sugarloaf Shores.

The residents have also filed a petition to Monroe County Commission, who will hear the appeal, by 672 owners and full-time residents in Sugarloaf Shores opposing the project called the Dockside & the Landings Apartments. Key West restaurateur Joe Walsh has partnered with the South Florida-based Rural Neighborhoods on the project. Link

[Car Show] The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club is holding a Show & Shine event on Sunday, April 18, from Noon to 3PM at the Sugarloaf Lodge, MM 17. This free event features classic, custom, sports and street rod automobiles of all years and makes.  This event features prizes and a plaque for the Peoples’ Choice Award. Join the club for $25, and receive a club T-shirt and stickers.  Your membership continues to December. Bring a cooler, bring a chair and enjoy the shade in the grass.  Restrooms will be open for our use. Any questions, call Dick Moody 305-942-1758.
Sunday is our last Show & Shine of the season.  We resume regular shows, third Sunday in October.
Big cruise ships are coming back. Makes no difference local citizens voted no. It’s all about the greenbacks.



Keith Richards has been identified as Patient Zero, for everything!