2022 January

Friday, January 21, 2022

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[Free Covid Tests] Four per address sent by mail. The government website actually works!
[Germany 1930s] “What he has seen is a nation gone insane. History attests that whole societies can turn away from truth and descend into a madness of lies in as little as a year. That was all it took in Germany in the late 1930s. But surely such a horror can never happen here. Not in this gracious land of hope, where countless men and women have given their lives over so many generations to defend freedom.”

[Book Sale] Big Pine Library tomorrow, Saturday, January 22nd from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. If you have any gently used books, please take them to the library.

[Senior apartments coming to Summerland Key
] Tuesday morning’s internet advertisement.  Summerland Key has never looked like this.  I guess the developer’s will be bringing in the hills and forests.

Delusions from modern life.
Boris Johnson “I didn’t know parties were not allowed during the Covid lockdown.”
Alec Baldwin “I didn’t pull the trigger.”
Joe Biden “I’m going to beat Covid, inflation and give away everything else.”
Donald Trump “The election was rigged.”

[Bachata Beginner Basic Steps] In this video, we will be going over all of the Basic Steps and Turns for Bachata to get your started dancing! You do not need a partner to do this Bachata tutorial. We will practice the Beginner steps and turns with and without music. Video

[Gender Confusion] I just read about the new NCAA policy that continues to cave in to the delusional few who like to pretend to be different from how they were born. This is actually a mental disorder and should not be considered for everyone.  People are either born as female or male. The NCAA, to be completely fair and accurate, should have come up with a decision that is for female sports, male sports, and “other” sports. The philosophy of granting special privileges to an emotionally disturbed person to the rest of society is something related to the principle that — There shall be no recess for all because little Jeffery feels like Little Mary. I remember that kind of treatment when I was in kindergarten, back in the Stone Age.
Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl – The Barbarians


[“Peace Bell”] Let the record show that John Macintosh was the artist who painted the peace bell at Martello Tower West.


back in my day.

[“Girl’s hair”] I always pay attention to girl’s hair, it’s the handbags I don’t pay attention to. They spend a fortune on bags that I never notice. I don’t think many straight guys ever notice a woman’s bag. I have a similar blank spot for men’s sneakers. They pay hundreds of dollars for them, and I couldn’t care less if they cost twenty bucks or a hundred—they look goofy. They all look the-boring-same to me. I don’t get it.
[Great Depression Era Food Recipes] I am a big supporter of eating “real” food. If your great-grandmother would have recognized the foods you put in your grocery cart, you are eating “real” traditional food. One of the things I have researched for my meal planning is Great Depression era and WWI recipes. Too many recipes today are based on canned cream-of-blech soup. At this point these foods were just starting to creep into recipes. You can make your own substitutions for these convenience foods, but I find it interesting to look at heirloom recipes. Link


[Values] I’m so old that when I was a kid, we actually had to win to get a trophy.

[Cuban Chuggers] More than 30 migrants stopped off the Florida Keys get Coast Guard ride back to Cuba. Yeah! Link


The Swamp Ape is back. I saw him at the corner of Key Deer Blvd and Big Pine Street.

[Catholic Pedophiles] Former pope Benedict accused of inaction over child sexual abuse cases. Two cases involved abusers who were allowed to continue with pastoral duties. Forgiveness, but a tiger cannot change his stripes. Link

[Covid Disclaimer] The document is what a friend got with his Omicron diagnosis.  He’s doing fine, without any jabs. This tells the truth about vaccines, right out of the horse’s mouth from the state of Illinois Health Department. Read the last line of what I have circled this is paperwork they gave me at the doctor’s office.
Stranded dog saved from rising tide after rescuers attach sausage to drone as ‘last resort’ to rescue Millie the jack russell from mudflats. Link
[Tchaikovsky  & Gottsch World Premiere] Maestra Sebrina Alfonso conducts the South Florida Symphony Orchestra in the World Premiere of Princess Yurievskaya by SFSO Composer-in-Residence John Gottsch. Tchaikovsky’s final symphony, “Pathétique,” closes the exciting evening of music. Saturday, January 22 Tennessee Williams Theatre at The College of the Florida Keys
Meatloaf is dead. The rock star, not the food. He was supposed to attend a business dinner earlier this week for a show he’s working on — “I’d Do Anything for Love” — but the dinner was canceled because he became seriously ill with COVID. Sources tell us that condition quickly became critical. Meat Loaf has been outspoken about COVID, railing with folks in Australia recently about vaccine mandates. We do not know if he was vaccinated. Link

[Drink Pee] If you believe JFK is still alive you definitely drink your own pee

I’m reluctant to admit that I’m better in small doses.


[“Peace Bell”] I took this picture of the Peace Lady with her bell when she first made that little park for the bell.

[Down by the River] I love this song. One of the few songs with two guitar breaks. The album cover is in the pointillist style of applying colored dots of color to a surface so that from a distance they visually blend together. Audio

I wish ceiling fans listed their RPMs on the box. I have ten fans and they all turn at different speeds. I’d like to hang the fastest one above the couch where I sit.
If the world was realistic, newspapers would be delivered wrapped on small cardboard tubes.[?]


What the NFL coaches really have in their hands.

[Volcano] Photos show La Palma volcano’s devastation as eruption officially ends on Christmas day. The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary Island of La Palma off the NW coast of Africa, erupted on Sept. 19, and has continued to spew lava and ash and cause earthquakes since. It’s the longest eruption on the island in more than three centuries and has consumed some 1400 homes.  Total in December was 2,860 homes consumed. Link
[“Warm underwear”] In the hippy days I would only go to the laundromat when I had absolutely not one clean item of clothing left in my meager wardrobe. On one of those dreadful laundry days, I stuffed everything I owned in the dryer and went next door to Thrifty Drugs for a nickel ice cream cone (the last great bargain in L.A.). when I got back, all my clothes were gone! All I had was the crappy ‘emergency’ clothes I had on. And as usual, I didn’t have any money to buy more clothes. Bummer. It’s a good thing I had a Sal’s (Salvation Army) close buy.
[Drink Pee] It tastes like Gatorade.
[Doom and Gloom] “For Sale by Owner” is a myth in the Keys. You get screwed every which way by the papers, the local media, and the real estate monsters wanting to get their cut. Best is to sell out to some foreign low renters for cash and a small precent of the real value so they don’t have to pay taxes up their giggy. The Keys are not what we thought they were when we made plans to retire here. It’s off the the South Pacific for us!


[Eyeliner] More and more male TV commenters are taking to wearing eyeliner. They’re starting to look like silent film stars.

[Shopping] My wife and I went to the GAF store to buy supplies in bulk. The only thing BULK is what your wallet should look like for the nutso prices they charge. Our local grocer is cheaper!


[Tow Truck Fails] what could go wrong?  Video

[Friday Joke] My rich friend called the Cuban house painters to paint his porch. After a few hours, the painters came back for payment as their work was complete. They thanked my friend for the work and commented that they had never painted a Porsche before.