2022 January

Tuesday, January 18, 2021

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This is a picture of the Community Peace Park with the Peace Bell in the middle of the photo. I helped create the small park with The Keys To Peace group in Key West. For the Peace Bell, we took an old scuba tank and had a local artist paint it. They have just recently added the very cool labyrinth. I am so excited the bell is still there. It is in an old Civil War fort, West Martello Tower. Check out the history at   My husband, Ralf, loved the idea that I snuck a peace bell in a National Historic site recognized for war. I thought everyone could use a breath of fresh air. We are all the Keys to Peace.  Love & Peace  ~Jeannie
Being cremated is my last hope for a smoking-hot body.


[Warm Underwear] I love putting on warm underwear fresh out of the dryer. Plus, it’s fun to look around the laundromat and try to guess who they belong to.

[National Health Insurance] For some reason many people are against national health insurance. It seems one of their biggest arguments is that with national insurance the wait times would be too long. They cite Canada’s national health insurance which they say has long waits to see specialists. That is a bogus argument. Here in the Keys I’ve been waiting almost two months to see my heart specialists. Before Covid I always had to wait at least a month to see him. So long waits are already normal in the US and have been for years. It’s the same long wait to see my eye doctor too—over a month.


[Brrrrrr] Gosh darn, the waters freezing!

I never paid much attention to girls’ hair, but if you study it, you can see the part down the center, the roots of the real color.
[Cargo Theft] Discarded packages, shredded boxes: Photos renew attention on Los Angeles cargo theft. Reporters this week found packages with labels of many major US mail companies including Amazon, REI among others. Link
[Air Heads] I have seen many dumb people in my 75 years on this planet, but the Florida Keys take the cake! Air Heads is the better name for the residents than Parrot Heads.
Key West dinghy beach activist says Marriott Beachside is violating her first amendment rights. For the past two years Christine Lininger’s been fighting to save “Dinghy Beach,” a tiny strip of sand wedged between exclusive hotel resorts and used by the few locals who know about it. “I have been loving this little place for the past seven years,” she says. “I used to stop here often, sometimes to relax and sometimes to help with cleanups.” “They are lying about this beach,” says Lininger, “the beach did not just appear after Hurricane Irma.” She has done some research. Link


Welcome to Home Depot, Key West.

[Weight Loss] 6 strategies for success. Follow these proven strategies to reduce your weight and boost your health. Link

Matt Gaetz hired lawyers who specialize in defending sex offenders because that’s What you do when you are absolutely not a sex offender.

[The Best Troops] Madame Montholon having inquired what troops Napoleon considered the best, “Those which are victorious, madam,” replied the Emperor. “But,” added he, “soldiers are capricious and inconstant, like you ladies. The best troops were the Carthaginians under Hannibal, the Romans under the Scipios, the Macedonians under Alexander, and the Prussians under Frederick.”


CDC warns the once-eradicated jitterbug is spreading across the country at rate not seen since 1940.

[Rumors of War Ignored] Although there were daily newspaper stories threatening secession, the US Government made no military preparation, and the Northern people generally paid no attention, took no warning of its coming, and would not realize its existence till Fort Sumter was fired on by batteries of artillery, handled by declared enemies, from the surrounding islands and from the city of Charleston.
Is this what’s going on now?
Williams is the most popular surname surpassing Smith and Johnson in the United States.
Shirley Ellis —The Name Game


The Rolling Stones in drag, 1966.

How the old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys changed from danger to showpiece after a $44 million renovation. Link