2019 April

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.



This water meter cover disappeared after Hurricane Irma. I found it among debris down the street in December, 2017. I left it for FKAA to plug back in, but 19 months later, I’m still paying bills for water usage. How does FKAA determine an accurate water usage without the meter hooked up?


Hemingway wrote once you get past Sand Key set your heading to 225° and you’ll hit in Havana.

[Conspiracy] If you can imagine it, you can rest uncomfortably knowing there is a fringe group who believes it–really believes it! That’s what writers do. They come up with a wild idea and write stories based on that impossibility.


Did you know that codeine metabolizes into morphine? No wonder I used to get all the codeine I could while in the Army. I got pretty good at faking cold symptoms. They don’t give it out as freely any more.

[McArthur vs FDR] In a battle of one-uppmanship general McArthur insultingly told President Roosevelt that a “commander’s place is at the battlefront.” Roosevelt famously replied, “I agree, that’s why I am here.”


[Top Ten Countries are all Socialist Friendly] “Afraid of a word” This is probably the best example of why we shouldn’t be afraid. Video

I was watching a zombie movie and the radio station in its’ call letters were IKILU.




Norbert Szilagyi




[Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral] The Vatican should pay for the repair not the people of Paris. It was heartbreaking to watch the spire collapse. Video

Tiger Woods Wins! Video





Winn Dixie‘s new manager Jay Villavicencio (blue shirt), at the fund-raising wagon he set up to raise money for a local non-profit to clean our canals.

[People Smuggling in the Keys] Captain of boat stopped off Key West faces migrant smuggling charges. Link



You can now by pot in Key West on Flagler St and Kennedy Drive , next to the Cuban coffee window. There are two more shops soon to open in the City. About time!

California has a Mediterranean climate. A rainy season and the dry season.




Last week we saw the first image of a Black Hole in the center of the galaxy M87, which is around 16 megaparsecs or 55 million light years away (one light year =5.88 trillion miles). This monster is 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun. This will show you how really big this thing is!

[Movies] If I see one more person escape through air conditioning duct work, or trying to escape in a car that won’t start, or cell phone with no reception, I’ll scream!
Citing 2018 algae bloom, Islamorada considers a fertilizer ban. Link



[Bathing Beauty] Not to brag, but every time I strut out onto the beach, women close their eyes and fantasy about me being fully dressed.

I’m on two diets now. I wasn’t getting enough food with just one.
[Austria had its own 9/11] For nearly two long months, from July 14 to early September 1683, Vienna endured the siege of a vast Turkish army. The Turkish Serasker (Supreme Commander), Grand Vizier Kara “Black” Mustafa, demanded surrender, but Count Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg, commander of Vienna’s garrison, spat back, “Let him come; I’ll fight to the last drop of blood.” Link



[Notre Dame] The Coronation of Napoleon took place in the Cathedral. This painting by David is so incredible that you can see the different weaves and textures of the different fabrics the subjects wear from silk to cotton to linen. (In 1909 Joan of Arc was beatified in the famous Notre Dame cathedral by Pope Pius X) Video

[Captain Doom and Gloom] My wife and I are divorcing, moving to Cuba or Mexico, buying a row boat, rowing back to the USA and filing for displaced people grants, life insurance, food stamps, housing, travel benefits, clothing, a vehicle, and whatever else we can suck out of you stupid tax payers! Amen to Holy Rollers.


[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

[Captain Doom and Gloom] I see the old garden shop property along route 1, in front of Cudjoe Gardens is going to be either an auto salvage yard or a shipping container apartment building complex if they can get the permits. When will the shipping container apartments start being installed on Shark Key bay side? Will they be rentals or long-term homes for the poor immigrants.
Does anyone know how to check your passport file and see what Big Bro has stuck in there that is harmful to you.




[Chemtrails] I wonder how many noticed the rainbow around the sun on April 5th? This used to be a rare phenomenon reportedly due to ice crystals, but has become quite common on heavy chemtrail days like the 5th. I have one photo taken some months ago with the chemtrail right across the sun with the rainbow halo.

Why don’t we rename the Keys Route 1 to Canary Row and get it over with?
Why do real estate agents who sell the wrong property to the wrong people always wind up in wheelchairs?