2021 August

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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[Drive-thru Vaccines] If it wasn’t so problematic to get vaccinated the other half of Americans might get the jab. Why don’t they have drive-thru vaccine stops along the highway? Now you have to make an appointment, but first you have to learn how to do that because there are so many websites telling you different things. Then when you figure out where to go you have to make an appointment and go to a special place. If they’re serious about vaccination, they should make it extremely convenient. All they have is excuses. Make it convenient. No appointments, locations on US1, and always open. No more excuses whey they can’t do that.
[Movies] One thing the movies taught me is never to display your gun until you are actually going to shoot it. Whenever I see the moment of reckoning in a movie and the gunman starts to talk, I know that the shootee is going to grab the gun or someone else will shoot the gunman.


Did you ever notice that Bruce Willis is missing the end of his nose?

[Fred] Hurricane center says next tropical depression for here is likely to form Monday. Tropical storm warnings Issued for Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. Video


[Irony] Hunters dress all in camo and then put on an orange vest and cap.

These big lizards have shown up in the last year or two. I’ve seen a lot of them in Cuba, but they are just populating the island now. They are about six inches long and have a curly tail and are stupid. I wonder if it is one of the noisy geckos that sound sort of like a heron.
TV says for cops with problems to seek the police department’s mental health experts. It’s free to them, but will stop their advancement within the department. “Yeah, he’s very qualified for the post but he couldn’t handle the pressure and had to see a shrink.” Cops are macho and, like all predators, look for weakness in the others they’ll be putting their life on the line with. It’ll always be on the cop’s record that he’s weak.
[CEO Lesson] All you need to know about being a leader is a few clichés.
I just wanted to touch base.
Really make it pop.
Take it to the next level.
Think outside the box.



[Tofu] I’m glad someone finally figured out a good use for tofu.

[No More Sex] Pediatricians slam AMA effort to remove sex markers from birth certificates. Now they’ll really be confused! Link

Three Topical Storms heading our way, as if the virus isn’t enough! Link

[Disrespect] Gwen Berry turned her back while the national anthem was playing and then put a T-shirt over her head that read “Activist Athlete.” The other two women on the top-three podium turned toward the flag for the performance. Link



[Tuk Tuk R/V] Maybe now I can afford an RV. Yes, that’s a Tuk-Tuk.

[Anyone Can Do It] I’m not surprised that almost all the negative links friends send me against vaccines and politics are from sites that don’t verify their sources, have never won a Pulitzer, and never double-checked every fact posted. Mostly they are written by an opiniated person in underwear at home. These are the kooks that are spreading what they think is truth.


[Color] Viewing the color green will decrease anxiety and increase well-being. Oommmmm

You are all I have.


Can someone explain to me what the hell is going on here, and who the hell gave the cat a phone?