2021 February

Tuesday, February 9, 2021


[Tropical] Aaaaah, sitting on the porch in Key West at midnight and no lights on. Listening to the waves coming from a southerly direction. I shudder to even see pictures of snow and ice. The only ice I want is in my drink.



[Vaccines] Local drug stores to administer vaccines. Soon come: CVS Feb 11, Walgreens Feb 12.

[Kudos to Fleamarket] Upon arriving at the BPK Flea market Saturday morning I couldn’t help but notice that the management took the hint of a pending boycott and succeed in filling in the potholes at the entrance to the parking on the west side of the flea market. Way to go big guy! Thanks.
[Bring Condo Towers to The Keys] It’s time to start building taller structures to give more people an opportunity to survive here in Key West. Throw out old height requirements.

2.7 million people live in Toronto Canada. You drive into the most beautiful city (but cold, cold), and the high rises are popping up like flowers in a garden. And their housing issues are being addressed. Yes it would be great to continue having low lying structures, but aesthetically pleasing designs to address our terrible housing situation must be addressed.

[Shovel Ready] Buttigieg is the new Transportation Secretary who says he’ll do wonders. I say that’s BS. No Transportation Secretary has done anything at least not in the last 4 administrations. Bush did nothing, Obama did noting but talk, Trump just talked. How come not one bridge or highway has been repaired? If each administration fixed just one landmark project the masses would be appeased. Just one.



[Invasives] Coming to an Everglades near you!

[Single Use] I can’t stand how cheaply-made products have become. From cereal boxes, to electric cords for coffee makers or blenders. We have definitely become a throw-away society. Unfortunately, a lot of these one-time use products end up in our once clean waters.
[Battery Fire] China electric vehicle explode while charging. What you see in this video is an electric car at a charging station with a shorting cell setting off all the rest. It’s a chain reaction from the first to the fiery end of the car. Bet they eventually lost all the cars in that charging line. Note the time it took to destroy 3 cars, 1.15 minutes. The first car was destroyed in about 38 seconds. The fire cannot be extinguished with water. No fire department will approach a burning battery powered car because of the toxic gasses produced during the fire. No recycling place will take the car’s remains because of the toxic chemicals the batteries contain. You own it! Video
[Equality] In Finland, charging fees for tuition is illegal, which means rich kids have to mix with normal kids, which means rich families had to make sure the school their kid went to was good which meant the rich were prompted to invest in public schools. Finland, take a bow!


[Tax Help For Seniors] Has anyone talked about income tax help for seniors, especially? Help is needed to understand the new changes and forms.

[“Light pollution”] Those that aren’t too bright don’t like bright lights at night. Daytime is fine.
[TV] I’m sick of new apps. There’s a new “must have” app seemingly every day. I’m also sick of my TV telling me to be calm for the next 30 seconds.


[Illusion] Is this a guy walking into the woods or a black poodle walking out?

[Perfection] I always try to make the same mistake twice, just to make sure it really was a mistake. Y’know, “measure twice, cut once”


[R.I.P.] Mary Wilson, founding member of The Supremes is dead. Video The Supremes – You Keep Me Hanging On

[New World Order] You must understand the concept of profit and loss. Profit is anything that lets the rich park their yachts, aircraft and Rolls anywhere they want to without some peasant stealing the hub caps. Loss is when that object needs to be cleaned and waxed then the rich guy has to hire (curse word) a peasant to do the (shudder) work. Now the peasant needs to be fed, clothed and housed and rarely educated to a higher level of incompetence needed for a nicer wax job. When AI and robotics take over this rock, the population will somehow be reduced to robot maintenance personnel until the rich again, develop automatic self-repair AI workers. All this seems a long way off, but in reality, the move to establish this NWO started in WW1. So what to do about that deep rut we peons are born into. First is to get naked, second is to move to the Keys and party one’s ass off until you get arrested by Big Bro or die of liver failure and some form of VD.


Ever watch Naked and Afraid? I wonder if they’re wearing masks in the new episodes?

[Old Dogs by Shel Silverstein] You better have some fun before you say bye bye. You’re still gonna die. Old Dogs by Shell Silverstein from Key West. Link
[Dream Buster] I found a nice section of beach to walk on Saturday afternoon in the lower Keys. It was 75 degrees, warm and gentle west wind. I was walking barefoot, stepping over and away from beautiful natural shapes. I got a a glimpse of a red strange shaped item in the distance. I slowly come across it, my heart’s beating faster with anticipation. It’s a red Solo cup. So much for fuzzy, happy thoughts and feelings.


Nowhere in the Bible does it say I have to eat kale!

[Shoe Fetish] You have to laugh at these entertainers who move out their 500 sneaker or shoe collections. Boo hoo. Perhaps they could do something more useful such as building shelters for the mentally/physically disadvantaged, donate to autism research, cancer, etc. Gets you sick watching the young uns trying to emulate the boneheads.
[Alligator Farm Story] A few years ago a friend of my wife explained working on a gator farm with her recently passed husband. She told me how she retrieved the eggs. She would grab a long 6 to 8 foot pole, walk up behind the gator, 6 to 8 footers! and bop them on the head. They would become stunned for a long enough time to walk up and retrieve the eggs.
Well, I tried to convince my wife for us to move up to gator country in central Florida, and she could get a job doing just that. Things didn’t go well in our relationship for some time after.
[Vaccine Waiting] Each week, the Federal Government authorizes states to order a maximum number of vaccines. Putting seniors and health care personnel first, Florida orders the maximum number of vaccines available to our state. Upon receiving the vaccines from the Federal Government, counties coordinate the vaccination process for their residents. If you qualify for vaccination (Florida Resident who is 65 years of age or older or Frontline Healthcare Personnel) and have preregistered, please rest assured that your place in line is secure and you will be receiving notification on how to schedule an appointment when additional vaccine is available.
[Pandemic] Suppose Covid continues to mutate and can’t ever be controlled or eradicated? Is this planet Earth’s way to control its population? We all agree that the Earth is too crowded. Could this be Earth’s solution? Gaia? Link


[Angry Generation] I think the real reason this generation is so angry is because their music sucks.

[Time] One minute you are young and wild, the next you are into air fryers.