2022 July

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Spring is here! I got so excited I wet my plants.

[Youth Wasted on the Young] To get back to my youth I would do anything in the world, except exercise, get up early, or be respectable. ~Oscar Wilde


Tell me what the problem is. After repairing the propeller, vibration appeared.  Maybe because the bolts are different?

[Clueless] Tell me what the problem is. After repairing the propeller, vibration appeared.  Maybe because the bolts are different?


[Photos] Kids today will never know what it weas like to take a ton of pictures, wait a week for development, and find out they were useless.

[Hooked Bird] Watch how to safely handle and unhook a bird. Free the bird, but don’t cut the line! Video


Nothing says “Let’s celebrate America” quite like drinking beer and playing with explosives

[Guns] No human needs a weapon except a game warden, but being the mental midgets we are, it has to be! God forgive us!
[The Usual Suspects] Suspects steal over $7,000 in copper wire from Lincoln County Lowe’s. Link

Most of health problems are due at least in part by infected teeth. 97% of woman with breast cancer were found to have a root canal or other diseased tooth on the same side. Each tooth is on an electrical meridian to a part of your body. If you have had or are contemplating a root canal, you better watch this video. Video
Humanity has to wake up to the fact we are breeding too many lower class dysfunctional and not enough stable producers. The sickos hate abortion and sterilization, but want their mutated offspring to live off of everyone that is balanced. We humans are not anything special, just tool using creatures who think we are special. How long would humans last if all our support structures vanished? Days, weeks, months or minutes? The smart members of humanity are out-numbered 1000 to 1, and that is getting worse


[Summer Of Love] The human be-in that inspired a summer of love. Link

A whistling scrotum is merely a bagpipe with the pipe removed.

[Tradition] I’m looking forward to the 4th of July as a chance to consume a couple of hot dogs. I have no choice since it is the law. Unless SCOTUS overturns the law. Then I might have to take a bus to another state

[“S.h.i.t.  story“] I hope the poster does not really believe his s.h.i.t.  story. The word is likely derived from Old English, having the nouns scite (dung, attested only in place names) and scitte (diarrhoea) and the verb scītan (to defecate, attested only in bescītan, to cover with excrement); eventually it morphed into Middle English schītte (excrement), schyt(diarrhoea) and shiten (to defecate), and it is virtually certain that it was used in some form by preliterate Germanic tribes at the time of the Roman Empire. The word may be further traced to Proto-Germanic *skit-, and ultimately to Proto-Indo-European *skheid- “cut, separate”, the same root believed to have become the word shed. The word has several cognates in modern Germanic languages, such as German Scheiße, Dutch schijt, Swedish skit, Icelandic skítur, Norwegian skitt etc. Ancient Greek had ‘skōr’ (gen. ‘skatos’ hence ‘scato-‘), from Proto-Indo-European *sker-, which is likely unrelated


[Cats Don’t Chew?] I just learned that cats do not chew!  Even their kibble. So if you give them meat, cut it down to kibble size. Now I know why I often have to clean up unchewed, previously eaten kibble

[“Boom cars banned”] New loud music law ban in Florida? Let’s see if it’s enforced in Bahama village Key West. Probably not. ‘Hood rats and tourists rule the roost.
[Turn Signals] I wish a large percentage of drivers would learn to turn on their directional signals one hundred feet before their turn. Jamming the brakes and getting 1/2 way thru the turn then activating your blinker doesn’t help. I already know your plans at that point. Turn on your blinker to signal your plans in the future, not in the middle! Thanks.
[“Killing protected poisonwood”] It’s nothing but a big land grab by the Federal government.


Oh, there’s no doubt I married Miss Right. It wasn’t until a couple of years into the marriage when I found out her first name was Always.

[“Whistling scrotum”] I feel good after actually sending something that got you flummoxed.
Not displaying your dive flag properly is like trolling for a FWC safety inspection.  FWC may figure you don’t know how to display your dive flag, what else don’t you know??  that you need PFD’s?? are your Flares in date?? some boats need fire extinguishers, got a current registration? Where is your whistle?  Got a measuring device when lobstering? By not displaying your dive flag properly, not only are you trolling for FWC to give you a safety/fisheries inspection, you are also advertising to all the boats surrounding you that you don’t know what you are doing especially those with their dive flags upside-down
[The Most Dangerous Country] There has been a mass shooting every week in 2022. Who was it that was arguing America was safe? Let’s have another phony news conference and not mention changing the 2d Amendment.


[Squid Ink] I’ve just learned that squid ink is vegetarian, but not vegan. And like eggs it is probably kosher. But if I want to eat black food I’ll have some licorice!

Shark attacks woman in the Florida Keys. Victim airlifted to Miami hospital. The woman was bitten on her leg, he said. The attack happened in Niles Channel near the Tarpon Belly Keys, while she was swimming with her family. It wasn’t immediately clear Friday what type of shark bit the woman. Link


[Dog/Cat] Mysterious ‘Dúi dog’ looks like a cat-dog hybrid or a plush toy. Link

Fort Myers, Florida used to be Fort Harvie during the Third Seminole War, then reactivated during the Civil War as a base for Union raiders harassing the cattle trains that were still supplying beef to the Confederacy.