2022 June

Tuesday June 7, 2022

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[Burn, Baby, Burn] The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to conduct prescribed burns in one or more locations within the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key during June 2022, starting the week of June 6th. The primary reasons for conducting these burns are to remove the over accumulation of vegetation acting as fire fuel along our wildland-urban interface to protect our community private property and residents, and for ecological purposes aimed at mimicking a natural fire in the pine rockland habitat. This activity creates a defensible space between refuge lands and private property that helps to prevent or reduce the threat of wildfires by reducing fuel loads. Restoration and maintenance of the fire-dependent pine rockland habitat is essential for a healthy ecosystem. 06-2022 Info Bulletin Prescribed Fire Planned for NKDR-6-2022


[Living the Life] Drew Broome, practicing her cast. She loves to shark fish with her daddy on the panhandle, and was especially thrilled to see a nurse shark in the canal down here yesterday.

Free alternative for Office productivity tools. Free open-source Windows software. Link

had enough plutonium and enriched uranium to make nuclear weapons, which gives more credence to the justification of the war. There will be no peace agreement. This war will last until the Russians have it all. Link

[Gun Runner Only Gets Probation] Former Ohio police chief sentenced to 3 years’ probation for trafficking 200 fully automatic weapons. Link
[Homely Destroyer] A $4.4 billion US destroyer was touted as one of the most advanced ships in the world. At that cost it’d better be, but it’s no sweat to them, their spending our money. Link
[Welfare Is The Problem] People amaze me, I tried to sell all my tools, books and other stuff I do not need at my age anymore, but nobody wants working man stuff. I wound up scrapping most except the clothes which a charity took. This country is not going to make it just because nobody wants to work anymore because of welfare.


Grizzly bear chasing Alberta wild horses. I’m glad it’s not chasing me! Video

[Guns Checks] Now they want to ‘psychoanalyze’ everyone before they buy a gun to weed out the nuts. Who will pay for that? Nuts aren’t nuts all the time. They snap. It’s a lot better to remove the guns or, at least, modify the Constitution to only handguns, rifles and shotguns. No war guns


I need to get some new underwear. What I have now is like a cheap hotel.

It is hurricane season again and the first blow came in from Mexico. I hope it does not bring all the nasty germs and bugs they are famous for.


So if I’m reading this right, they only have two dancers, and their names are “Dignity” and “Modesty.”

Chicago has one of the strictest gun control laws. That is just a technicality for enforcement. If anyone wants a gun they can just go to the next county and buy one. Of if they have a gun and want to kill people, they can make the short drive to downtown and blast away. They know the law is meant as more of a stepping-stone than an effective law that would change anything.
[Hate Groups] When we were young we had two major hate groups: KKK and Black Panthers. Today there’s more hate groups out there, so many that you can’t figure which one to hate.
[Government’s American Community Survey] I gave them our names, birthdates, and answered that we are both US-born citizens. That is a census. The “American Community Survey” goes on to ask a lot of personal questions that have absolutely nothing to do with how many adults are living here and I’ll be damned if I answer all their busybody nosiness. There is no good reason for them to ask about what appliances we own, what utilities we pay for, etc. This smells of ways to plot more taxes and I will not contribute to their scheme. Found out if you click “next” a couple more times it’ll move on without those nosy things filled out.


Gaming revenue surpassed movie and music revenues — combined!

We need the same gun laws for the whole country. No changing the laws for an individual state or county. United we stand on gun control. Foreigners are afraid to come to America. They say it’s just not safe. It isn’t.
[D Day Remembered] D Day has largely been forgotten. It’s just a vague date according to some youngsters.
Jim Radford – The Shores of Normandy

Passing tough gun laws in one or two cities won’t deter mass shooters, it just makes them drive to the next county to buy guns. Tough gun laws only work if they are the law of the land, not each state or county’s opinion of guns.

Ricking buttonwood for charcoal. Got to cut ten cords a day, tote ’em and stack ’em, then cover the pile with grass and sand until it’s airtight, all but a few holes at the bottom to fire it and a vent on top. You get you a crooked back and maybe twenty bags of charcoal for all that heat and dirt and donkeywork, and twenty bags ain’t going to buy a living. Grandpap said, “Get up at daylight, work like mules till dusk, lay down stinking and half bit to death by skeeters, too damn tired to wash. Get up next morning daylight, do it all again, year in, year out. See any sense to it?”
~Killing Mr Watson by Matthiessen
[Interview] What will happen in Europe once the Russians have won? The U.S. is not rich enough to support the needs of Europe. The Russians realize that the West will honor no peace treaty. Watch Oliver Stone’s interview of Vladimir Putin. Link
Before evolving long necks, giraffes headbutted each other for dominance. A major plot twist emerges in the story of how giraffe necks stretched out over time. Link
Researchers defined a mass shooting as any shooting with four or more victims shot, either injured or killed. That’s Detroit on any given night.
It’s so easy to blame an inanimate object instead of the actual problem. Alex Baldwin claims that his gun (an inanimate object) was possessed by evil spirits and choose to shoot all by itself. What foolish nonsense. Contrary to the claims by anti-gunners the problem isn’t the inanimate objects like cellphones, cars, alcohol, knives, axes, machetes, and guns. They are physically unable to react in any way until put into motion by a human. There it is. The real problem is humans. Why are we obsessed with the behavior of an inanimate object (gun) when we choose to ignore the real truth: humans are fed up and until you address this problem, those fed-up people will continue to be the problem. Yes, I’m a gun owner for sport and recreation and my guns don’t do anything but continue to rust until I pick them up.
10 more mass shootings last weekend. We must protect the 2d Amendment at all costs.


Zaporizhia is Largest nuclear power plant in all of Europe in a territory with ongoing war. Link

[Patriots] Former Ohio police chief sentenced to 3 years’ probation for trafficking 200 fully automatic machine guns. Link


[Celebrating Memorial Day] U.S. marks Memorial Day weekend with at least 12 mass shootings and sales. Link

[Priorities] I wish they’d spend as much time and money on removing guns as they do on taking away woman’s rights (abortion).
[Attractive Orchids] Elegant and attractive, the exotic orchid is one of the most popular houseplants. To the uninitiated, caring for one of these attractive flowers can seem a daunting proposition. But it really isn’t. Requiring just a little care and patience, the orchid is one of the most visually rewarding plants around. Link
American Community Survey helps local officials, community leaders, and businesses understand the changes taking place in their communities. It is the premier source for detailed population and housing information about our nation. Link
[“Crappy places”] The reason why the same people stay in power in W. Va & KY is due to the fact that most can’t read or write. So how are they going to be able to vote intelligently?
[Cowboy Music] Beautiful music video from George Strait. Video


I’m a lot better at remembering movie titties than I am movie titles

[The Rise and Fall of American Empire] Guns or not, our society, as a whole, is regressing. Today’s example:
A man who said he was angry at his girlfriend broke into the Dallas Museum of Art on Wednesday and caused more than $5 million in damage. Link

I thought Monkee Pox was a hoax, Then I saw their face, Now I’m a believer.

Cats are good for something! I walked in on my husband using our cat as a background for a mobile check deposit.