2022 March

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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The French Bakery is open on BPK. They’re the ones from the Flea Market. Pastries, breads, coffee with 4 tables inside and seating outside. They open at 7 am seven days a week. 30971 Ave A (the old Johnson Insurance building west of the old Dions Quik Chik).
Truth does not mind being questioned. But a lie does not like being challenged
[Appliances] Since Home Depot won’t deliver appliances to my house because their truck is too big, where in the Keys can I buy a washer and dryer? Where’s Sears when you need them.
[One Way To Bribe] An inspector was called out to look at a construction job and the contractor met him there. The inspector was finding a lot of things wrong, that didn’t meet code. As they walked, the contractor reached down and picked up a one-hundred dollar bill and handed it to the inspector saying, “I think you just dropped this.”
The inspector says, “Yes, I believe I did” and starts looking around. The contractor asks what he’s looking for.  The inspector says, “I dropped a whole bunch of them. Can you help me find them?”
[Rose-Veiled Fairy Wrasse] With a color palette brighter than a bag of Skittles, you’d think the rose-veiled fairy wrasse would have no trouble standing out. But in the teeming waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s easy for a fish to swim under the radar, even when it looks like it’s ultraviolet. Link
Deer Ed, your “Left-wing Commie Rap Sheet” You should be ashamed of yourself. Forcing these poor right-wing snowflakes to read. And using really big words. And has FTR guy risen from the dead? Some of these post sure sounds like him.


This is almost like a before and after photo all-in-one.

[Driving Too Slow] We visited from Kansas and are not coming back. We had a great time in Key West. Our visit went by way to fast. Got a ticket in Marathon for going too slow. What an ass he was. We were looking for a place to stop and shop. He said, “I have followed you for 5 blocks and you were going 40 in a 45 mph zone.” We thought it was a joke, but wasn’t.

[Слава Україні  Slava Ukrayini] Having sated their hunger for tanks, Ukrainian Farmers head to sea in search of Russian warships to tow home.
Texas wildfires destroy 86 homes and most of small town. Wildfires wiped out 86 homes and a majority of the small town of Carbon, Texas, as four fires west of Dallas burned 54,000 acres and killed a sheriff’s deputy who was helping people flee. Driven by strong winds and feasting on dry brush, the fires consumed most of Carbon within three hours, the Morning News said, based on a reporter’s dispatch from the town. Link

The north end of Duval Street and Key West harbor in the 1920s. Link
[The Rise and Fall of the USA] All the signs are there. We are less civilized than other countries. Streets are not safe because of guns everywhere. Political groups chipping away at democracy and mainstream media. These are just some of the signs.
[Privacy Cover] Eventually earth will be so crowded that we’ll need a cover that we can throw over ourselves to gain a few minutes to be alone and not have anyone watching us.

[Why? No, really… why?] HealthPartners seeks 100,000 volunteers for growing DNA database. Free ancestral analysis comes with it.

[“CT is Left-wing Commie rap sheet”] Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one.

Monster tornado
sweeps Oklahoma, leaving residents trapped in their homes. Video reportedly taken in the tornado even showed a truck flipped completely over before it miraculously drove off! Video
I picked up a hitchhiker. He seemed like a nice guy. After a few miles, he asked me if I wasn’t afraid that he might be a serial killer? I told him that the odds of two serial killers being in the same car were extremely unlikely.



Happy Easter!

[Hydro-therapy] I tried out a fitness center franchise the other day in Key West. After a brief exercise they offered me the use of a “hydro-therapy” machine. Better than sex and it lasted way longer!