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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Huge waterspout above Cudjoe Key Monday afternoon!

Florida man traps alligator in garbage bin, releases it near lake. (better thee than me) This guy is either really brave, just crazy or some of both – you decide Video
[New Book Release] I am proud to announce publishing my book “No Bad Days.” It is a written as an adventure and thriller set in the Florida Keys and New Orleans. It is fast moving and contains many twists and turns. You’ll learn what it’s like to live a life of adventure in the Florida Keys. It is a real page turner.
Click on the link below to purchase a softbound or hardbound copy, you can even buy it as a Kindle version.
This is my fourth book and I believe my best. Thank you, Jerry Horton Link
[“A soldier’s story”] Will there be a Memorial Day update coming from Mr. Donnelly?

This flamingo cactus flower just opened in my living room. It will be gone by morning. The wilted flower will be shaped like a flamingo.
[Mass Shootings Across the US] What’s the solution to stop? Internet gives full access to normal and crazies alike. Few people want to read normal stuff from normal people. The odd character gets all the attention so people think it must be true.
God pray for us.
[Black Hole] The black hole was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope, an array linking together radio observatories across the planet. It’s the first picture of Sagittarius A*, the Milky Way’s central black hole. Link


Bahia Honda beach is re-open –and growing.

[Mass Shootings] Here’s what usually happens: 1. Nut shoots the hated du jour. 2. Politicians yap and preen and say, ”We must do something.” 3. Not one meaningful something gets done. And that’s because no one will even mention the big something that is gun control.


Where’s my driver?

[Greedy] It’s getting so you can’t hardly read a web article or web recipe anymore because they cram so many ads and video ads between paragraphs. You don’t know which is part of the web page or just an ad? Videos even pop up over your videos! It’s hard to separate the article from the ads anymore and it’s becoming a chore trying to read a web page for all the ads.



Is Johnny Depp’s career kaput? Maybe, but don’t underestimate the devotion of his fans. He’ll always be know as a wife beater and heavy drug user and drunk, but he is a great actor who is totally original and unique and fans will always want to watch him on and off screen. Link

[Politics in a Nutshell]
Fact is information minus emotion.
Opinion is information plus experience.
Ignorance is an opinion lacking information.
Stupidity is opinion that ignores fact.
Captain Doom and Gloom, How do you propose to eliminate the ‘over-breeding of useless eaters’ All you seem to do is complain and never offer any reasonable solutions.”
Captain Doom and Gloom responds: Roll her over and dull her teeth then sterilize all low renters.
[Jive Dancing] If you love great dancing watch the LA Shag Team perform to the song “San” by The California Feetwarmers. They make it look so easy to dance this well! Video
[Political Correctness] I got fired from my restaurant job because I kept asking my customers whether they would prefer smoking or non-smoking. Apparently, the correct terms are cremation or burial.
[Gunned Down in May] Week 1: Blacks targeted, week 2: Jews targeted, week 3: Asians targeted. You’re next unless you’re White.


This illusion’ll take you a minute!

The May AARP calendar of events is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Create Icons and Favicons] If you want to make your own icons, Microsoft Paint can help you with that. The trick is to being able to save them as .ico files. Link
Chief Chekaika perpetrated the massacre of Dr. Perrine and others at Indian Key in 1840. He was subsequently shot, then hung by Lieutenant Colonel Harney’s expedition of pursuit. Harney’s expedition searched for Chief Chekaika from the Miami River into the Everglades.
40% of the US dollars currently in circulation were created in the past two years. Created out of nothing, backed by nothing. We just needed more dollars so we made them!
[Non-Fungible Tokens — NFTs] The feature that Instagram is testing will allow a group of creators and collectors to share their NFTs on Instagram in a way that shows that they are unique and different images or videos. It goes a lot further than Twitter, which has allowed people to use an NFT as their profile picture for a few months. Each post on Instagram will display a “shimmer effect,” have a small “digital collectible” icon, automatically tag the creator and the owner, and display information about the specific NFT and the collection its part of. To verify all this, users will have to connect the crypto wallet containing their NFT to Instagram. Link