2023 November

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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[Crooks] Are you wondering why we have massive inflation and an ever-increasing national debt? ¾ of a trillion dollars added via these PPP loan giveaways. These were loans given to entities who were supposedly suffering financially from the Covid crisis. 11.5M loans approved, 964,843 organizations, businesses, individuals approved for loans between $150,000 and $10 million, $790b amount approved, $757b amount forgiven. Biggest giveaway ever. Many, many of these recipients did not need this money and quietly banked it.  Many very wealthy entities took this free money. Many “double-dipped” by using another entity and applying again. I know a guy who got $800,000 for his small business and simply banked It.  He’s now drawing 5+% interest on it.  He bought a $100,000 muscle car last month. Hardly any had to repay these loans.  Only a tiny few have been investigated for fraud.
Unfortunately, this is not a conspiracy theory. Look Up your favorite politician or business: Link
[Movies] Every movie now has at least one drone shot.
Christmas ads started November first this year breaking all records for early Christmas commercialization. They are starting earlier and earlier every year. I think it’s shameless.
[War Ghosts] A secret war, strange new wounds, and silence from the Pentagon. As always young men sent to war to the bidding of their masters. Link

[Luck] A good example is war’s luck. Someone might get killed by a ricochet while someone else might survive 5 bullets. It’s just luck, nothing else.

[Sacrilege] Police are searching for a man caught vandalizing Key West’s most famous landmark. A man was photographed scrawling graffiti on the monument Friday night. Link
[Ashes to Ashes] If we’re a Christian nation that follows the Bible’s teachings, “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust”, why do we make so much effort preventing corpses from reaching that state with our expensive lead-lined coffins and concrete coffins?
[“Down with texting”] How can that person possibly think that talking on the phone is faster than texting? Texting is the best thing since email.
[Veterans Day Ceremony] Director of Monroe County’s Veterans Affairs Cathy Crane and VFW Post 10211 Commander Dennis Ward will be sponsoring this event on November 11 at 11AM, inside the auditorium of the Upper Keys Government Center located at Mile Marker 102 Bayside. A United States Coast Guard Honor Guard, Upper Keys Community Band, montage of brilliantly produced tribute videos, student keynote speaker and Purple Heart guest speaker will all be a part of this ceremony. A picnic will follow directly behind the Government Center at Peace Park on Key Largo’s beautiful bay. Free food donated by the American Legion 145, American Legion 333 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10211 will be available. Please join us in honoring America’s veterans
[Critic] If you are one of those people who always say, ‘I’m my own worst critic’, I have a simple solution. Get married. I did and haven’t said it for decades. You’re welcome.
[Welfare Society] Are you effing kidding me? They want you to leave a tip for pumping your own overpriced gas?
[Hate] Hamas received billions of dollars in foreign aid to elevate their piece of country and what did they do with all those billions? They bought bombs and built tunnels. Didn’t any of those donor countries wonder why the Palestinians were still living in mud huts and dirt when they had so much money?
[Chess Kings] Fabiano Caruana joins leaders as the Grand Swiss reaches final rounds. The top 13, including the world No 2 and Hikaru Nakamura, are covered by just half a point as none have been able to distance themselves from the pack. Link
[Sloan Bashinsky] On my 81st birthday one of my daughters posted, “Happy Birthday Grandfossil, He’s old but he’s ornery.” I replied that I wanted that said at my wake. I hope someone dear to you, Empress, reads your pigs in mud poem at your wake:
All want the security of the well-fed pig.
Horror at the baseness unrecognized.
A lifetime spent in shirt stuffing.
And pen comparison.
Is truth more palatable when honeyed?
Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet?
May my affectations always be understood.
[Books For Sale] Check out the wonderful books for sale in the Friends corner at the BPK Library. Many of the books are like new and would be great Christmas gifts, and a real bargain! $2 for hardback books and $1 for paperbacks. Please bring your gently used books to the library for the January 6th sale
AARP calendar of activities for November is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
Thanks to all you citizens who voiced your opposition to the Judicial Circuit Assessment Committee and unanimously defeated the circuit court consolidation proposal. We won’t have to drive 250 miles to go to court.
New island emerges near Iwo Jima in Ogasawara chain, Japan. Military personnel located on Iwoto Island witnessed the birth of a new island following intense volcanic activity. The eruption, which occurred .62 miles off the island’s southern coast, was preceded by frequent volcanic tremors since October 21. Link

[Big Pine Book Club] For November’s discussion the book is Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail by Ben Montgomery.  The eBook is also available from Amazon for only $2.99. For more information go to Full Menu > Ongoing Events> Book Club

Five things to quit:
Trying; to please everyone.
Fearing change.
Living in the past.
Putting yourself down.
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Key West Orchid Society meeting. Sunday 11/19/23, 1 PM at West Martello Garden Club. November guest speaker is Milana Davison from Jim-N-I-Orchids.  She will be speaking about Orchids in the Landscape. Plants will be available for purchase.  For additional information: ~Connie Kirkland
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Gun laws only exhibit the spin that the weak and uneducated live in to hide their fear of confrontations. No one on this planet needs any type of weapon of any design except a Game Warden or some fool in the wild. But that will never happen because humanity loves to hate and the danger of battle. The bad guys will always have weapons to control the good sheep.  The sheep will always bend over. If humanity had the self-control to not over breed and to not develop values in useless merchandise and funds, there would be no crime. A dream? Certainly, this is a dream, but only because humanity is .02 percent higher on the evolutionary scale than most animals. We are just animals too. It started by throwing rocks then using clubs and spears now we have a devise to end it all in a second.  So who is the nut that will push that button?

Low-cost path to home ownership through Habitat for Humanity. Come to the meetings. Link

An anthropologist defined religion as: … system of symbols which acts to establish powerful, pervasive, and long-lasting moods and motivations in men by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence and clothing these conceptions with such an aura of factuality that the moods and motivations seem uniquely realistic.
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