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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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Cancer ghosting is brutal. Especially from one’s only family member. And maybe I will change my Will and give it to someone who will be with me during hospice since that family member “Mopey” the overly indulgenced, mom beater, spoiled millennial, said he would not be in attendance. But he was there when we put pets to sleep. I’m a single mom and 61 and my kid and I were best friends until a few years ago when his mate decided his mom was bad and the kid should dump her. What would you do? I have a big house full of animals and the kid did not take care of them on my vacation. They had zero food when I returned.
[Good Fried Chicken] I would like to give a shout out to the deli worker that cooked the fried chicken at the Winn Dixie Big Pine store on Friday morning. It was excellent!

It’s a good day. The bulb finally burned out on my check engine light!

[Florida Squatters Law] If you let them stay at your place for 3 days or more, they cannot be thrown out! Some will use this to gain a foot hold in the Keys then collect state funds for their ‘suffering’.

St Mary Star of the Sea in KW is a most beautiful church, but with video security cameras. What kind of society have we become where God needs help protecting the church? God help us all.

[“Normal people and interest rates”] It’s about time interest rates were raised. We’ve been loaning money to people for basically zero interest. If you can’t afford to pay between 7-8% on a mortgage you should not own a home. Plus us seniors can’t afford to gamble our hard earned retirement income in the stock market. We’re out of time to recoup losses. With interest rates finally providing decent yields, we can now safely invest in Certificates of Deposits. We deserve to get something back on our investments instead of banks loaning our money to others for basically nothing. If we can make 3-4% on a CD, the banks can use our deposits to issue loans at 5-7% – Then we can all be better off.
[Local-ish Author Dies] The result was the book “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America” (2001), an undercover account of the indignities, miseries and toil of being a low-wage worker in the United States. It became a best seller and a classic in social justice literature. That book traced her own journey as a waitress and hotel housekeeper, among other low-income jobs, and became one of her best-known works. Working as a waitress near Key West, Fla., in her reporting for “Nickel and Dimed,” Ms. Ehrenreich quickly found that it took two jobs to make ends meet.
Ms. Ehrenreich, the journalist, activist and author, died at 81 on Thursday at a hospice facility in Alexandria, Va., where she also had a home. Her daughter, Rosa Brooks, said the cause was a stroke. Book
[“Explain how raising interest rates with no end in sight is helping normal folk”] The short explanation is: It makes everything more expensive, so people don’t spend, so prices go down, so inflation deflates.

[The ‘Boss’] In case you still refuse to feel old, Bruce Springsteen now looks like Woody Allen. He even dresses like him.

My wife asked if I have seen the dog bowl. I said, ”No, but I’ve seen him catch a frisbee.”
[Pianist Wanted] The Lower Keys Community Choir and Keys Chamber Orchestra are looking for a pianist to accompany us during rehearsals and performances of our Christmas and Easter Cantatas. We volunteer our time and talents, rehearsing Sunday afternoons beginning the end of October. Pianist is needed for choir rehearsal 5:00 – 7:00 pm, and a bonus to also attend orchestra rehearsal 2:00 – 4:00 pm. Three concerts will be performed in December.  We then repeat for Easter starting mid-February. No need to be a full time resident if you are in the Keys late-Oct to mid-Dec, and mid-Feb until after Easter. Lots of fun and a way of giving to the community. For more information: Link
[Waste] I’m really sick of our throw-away society. A prime example is water bottles partially used. From no name Winn Dixie to Perrier. A few sips, leave the rest. These fools never heeded the advice of our elders who went through the Great Depression, nor were simple frugal folks


[Art] The Arrival Of The Electric Bill by Johannes Vermeer (oil on canvas).

[Ink] Should we switch from petroleum ink to soy-based ink? Soy-based ink is renewable and made from plants—and it also creates more vibrant colors than the alternative. Link


Canada’s Skateboard Patrol.

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