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Friday, May 6, 2022

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[What Does Frog Piss Taste Like?] I had some city-slickers visit and was showing them some of our critters. When prodded a Cuban tree frog jumped on my niece’s face and peed on her lips in the process. After we all freaked out (ewh!) she said it tasted like water. No ammonia taste or any taste at all. We could probably mix it into a cosmetic and sell it to the tourists at a crazy price.
P.S. The frog didn’t turn into a prince.
A tourist fed pelicans in Key West. His response to state wildlife officers sent him to jail. Link
Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, children of all ages, Wetstock 17, a day of Peace & Music, is set for Sunday May 29 Memorial Day weekend in the waters off Picnic Island. We will have 4 bands this year: Bobby Howard & The Ukeholics, Stormfront, Haywire, and The Ray West Band.
The music starts around noon, Keys time. Take only pictures and leave only footprints. Also make sure your boat has the proper safety equipment and we will all have a safe and wonderful day!  ~Your friend, Flip Flop Bob
[Service Dog] We have been homeowners on Big Pine Key for about 30 years and love all our friends there. We return to Michigan each summer. I have a service dog. He always wears his service harness when in stores. He is a small terrier. I carry him or he is in a carrier I hold. Never walking. In the Keys I am respected. Since April, in the north, I have been treated to four store employees giving me a hard time. I went to buy groceries and again was subject to nasty remarks. As a result I have had five panic attacks. I cannot handle confrontation. I am just trying to say how wonderful it is to be in a place that accepts the disability and my gentle helper that makes it possible for me to go out in public without having panic attacks.

[Wanted] I am looking for 2 pieces of 5 foot high chain link fence that are 7 feet long to keep the deer off my fruit trees. If anyone has any left over from a job, I would buy it from you. My cell is 305-304-1724. Thanks
The poisonwood trees that are being killed are much more obvious this week. They are on the east side of Key Deer Blvd. across from the vicinity of Pond Lane and Fischer Lane. They appear to have been killed with herbicide and they seem to be on property owned by US Fish and Wildlife. Last year it was happening on the west side of the road. Who could be killing protected trees on federal property? Do they want to harm the White Crowned Pigeons?

[“When I was a kid…”] A rare photograph of my parents on their way to school.

[Friday Joke] A man gathered all of his children together and said, “Children, when George Washington knocked down the cherry tree, he told his father honestly that he did it. Now answer me honestly, who knocked down the outhouse?” Finally, the youngest son admitted it was him, at which he received a lashing he wouldn’t soon forget. “That’s not fair” complained the son, “George Washington didn’t get punished when he told the truth.” “Son” replied the father, “The difference is, that George Washington’s father wasn’t in the tree when he knocked it down!”


[Belated, but a good graphic.]

[Idiot] Man attempts to rob a concealed weapon carry class and gets shot 14 times — by everyone! Link

[Flamingos] Before they grow into splendor, flamingos are just awkward floofs. Take a photographic journey through the Yucatán’s busiest flamingo nursery. Link

[Key West Fantasy Fest] Let the freaks have their fun. Everyone knows the further down Duval St, the later it is, the worse it gets.

[Grammar] Why don’t Russians use articles in English? The answer is pretty simple: Russian language has no articles and the concept of a noun needing one is not really easily grasped by Russians. Video
When is Cinco de Mayo this year?
[The Biggest Problem In The World] Just for the fun of it, I typed in this search and was amazed at the ridiculous results. It seems not one of the following links has anything to do with reality, but displays the mind sets of the sheeple and holy rollers. Very scary to think that they think this way and also run our governments and play war games. Open this search link and go through each link then go get drunk. Link
Escaped murderers with help from correction staff happens more times than told. Shoot to kill on the escaped 6’ 8” convict (load up on deer slugs). Send the female officer to prison. Unfortunately, she’s going to be found, used and abused by him, and hanging from a meat hook.

[Old Graffiti] America’s largest cave figures discovered in Alabama. Graffiti is not new. Link

[Friday Joke] I had visited a cafe one day with my friends. The waiter recommended that we try their special fresh ground coffee. We agreed and soon the coffee arrived. As we drink the coffee, we realized that it tastes like dirt and mud. Disgusted by the fact, all of us complained immediately. The alarmed waiter rushes over and says, “Well Sir, it was fresh ground this morning!”