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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

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[Does the Wood Make a Guitar Great] Chris Plack is a professor of auditory neuroscience at Lancaster University in England. Plack is both an expert on the intricacies of human hearing and an avid guitarist himself. He and a colleague had six guitars built, varied only in the wood used for the backs and side panels. (The top faces did not vary.) One had backs and sides made of Brazilian rosewood, another was made of Indian rosewood, and the others were made of mahogany, maple, sapele and walnut. The guitars were tested by 52 guitarists who sat in a dimly lit room wearing welder’s goggles. Plack was not surprised by the results. “Our conclusion was that the difference between the guitars was insignificant,” he said. Not only did the guitars all have very similar ratings—in many cases, the expert musicians could not even distinguish one guitar from the other.

Yet, when ten renowned musicians tested Stradivarius violins against newly built models in 2014, most claimed that the new violins had a superior sound.

Nuclear aircraft carriers are very expensive to scrap. The USS Bonhomme /Richard cost $30 million to scrap in 2020, but the newer carriers like the USS Enterprise would cost between 1 to 1.5 billion dollars. Most of the cost is from disposing of the carrier’s eight Westinghouse A2W nuclear reactors. Link
I saw this guy today at Starbucks. No phone, no laptop, no tablet. He just sat there drinking coffee like some psychopath.

Guy Bradley
was the first Monroe County game warden, with salary paid by the Audubon Society. He was murdered by a former plume hunter associate in 1905.

[“Poisoning poisonwood”] Are you sure it’s poison wood trees or is it Florida Holly they are killing? I’m going to bet its Florida Holly which is an invasive, although just like the Australian Pines have been her forever

[Getting Along] the famous animal BLT – Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger. Video
[Oxygen in Space] Lunar soil could help us make oxygen in space. A team of scientists in China proposed a new way to harvest useful resources on the moon. Link


[Fall of Rome] It’s really cool to be alive in America at this point in history because it’s like witnessing the collapse of the Roman empire, but with wi-fi.

[World Control] A handful of billionaires now have unprecedented control over banking, the food we eat, the health care we can access and now, the information we receive. This is what oligarchy looks like.


[For Sale] Aqualung US divers buoyancy compensating vest. Blue and black BC adult size, men’s. Everything works perfectly. $150. Questions? Call/text (305) 731-6910 Pick up in Grassy Key.

[“Chain link fence for deer”] Just order some 7’ plastic poultry netting from Amazon. I use it to wrap our bushes every winter before heading south and our deer are full sized, not mini Key Deer. Just wrap it around the trees and tie it to itself with string then take it off and reuse it next year. Best thing is you can’t see it.


Enjoy half an hour of comedy. Over a dozen comedians linked together in this video

[“Service dog”] I read the man’s post about his service dog and carrying the dog to market. Question: who is servicing who?


I really miss the times before social media. Now when a moron influencer wears pink fur it seems like everyone has to wear pink fur. It’s pathetic.

[Bad Oysters] FDA issues warning for oyster eaters in at least 13 states over a norovirus outbreak. Link
[“Chain link fence for deer”] Buy 2 X 4 welded wire fencing from Strunk’s (Overseas Lumber’s welded wire fencing is too thin and won’t stand up by itself). You need something strong and rigid because those damned bucks are a terror on plants and trees. On my best plants I often encircle them twice. Once close to the trunk and the second ring, another foot outside that.


I took a pregnancy test on Monday and it said, YES. I took another test on Thursday and that one said YES.  Am I having twins?

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ukraine Defenses. Here, watch  people die. Watch how a shoulder fired missile can take out a tank, aircraft and whatever else it’s shot at. This is fun to generals and other politicos who are just sick enough to love it. How to stop this madness? Easy! Stop over-breeding of useless eaters and let those who realize this is the only damn rock we have to live on.


[Bad Guys Caught] US Marshals explain how authorities captured escaped Alabama inmate Casey White and corrections officer Vicky White following a chase in Indiana. Video

[“Service dog”] How embarrassing for a manly-man to have to carry a dog everywhere he goes. Get some balls, man!
Bahia Honda Park’s Sandspur Beach is now open for day use nearly 5 years after Irma ravaged that part of the island. Please help keep it pristine with good beach habits.
[Fakes] Spot the difference. the invincible business of counterfeit goods. Selling cheap fakes of a successful product makes horribly good business sense. Is there any way to stop it? Link


What to do if you find a turtle in the road. Link