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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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[“Killing poisonwood”] The only reason I can think of is money. You can’t develop land if there is an abundance of poisonwood on it. Posionwood is protected.

[Force] How “Coconut Telegraph” is forcing people to read what they don’t want to.
[Dogs] The biggest myth about dog breeds. If you think your dog is fiercely independent because it’s a husky, you’re probably just projecting. Link
A Memorial Day ceremony will be held in the auditorium of our Upper Keys Government Center in Key Largo on Monday, May 30th, promptly at 11AM.  A United States Coast Guard honor guard, our community band, an accomplished Sheriff’s Office bagpiper, a powerful Memorial Day tribute video and an esteemed Gold Star father delivering our keynote address, will all join together in celebrating this prestigious event.

All in attendance will receive a Wounded Warrior poppy. Hope you’ll join us in remembering and honoring the sacrifices of those who gave their all. Thank you.

Sex Pistols’ God Save the Queen reissued to mark platinum jubilee. The once-banned punk rock anthem finally has a chance to reach No 1 after it missed out in 1977 during the Queen’s silver jubilee. God Save the Queen, is arguably the most iconic single in punk rock history. Link

Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen


Naomi Judd dead at 76. It’s awful that the mentally ill Ashley Judd stated that her mother died of mental illness. Link
Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)

[Lost Phone] I lost my phone playing horseshoes on Friday. If found please charge it and call Elijah’s number to return phone. Reward.

[Apodyopsis] The act of mentally undressing someone; To imagine a person nude. James practises apodyopsis while he’s working at the old folks home. (yuk)

If you fail a pee test, urine trouble!
[New Benefit From Cannabis] A new study published in the Journal of Health Economics suggests that the enactment of adult-use marijuana legalization laws is associated with reduced demand for certain prescription drugs. Researchers found “significant reductions in the volume of prescriptions within the drug classes that align with the medical indications for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep, psychosis, and seizures,” in states that had enacted legalization versus those that didn’t.” Link
[Folder Merger v1.8] I finally found a decent program to merge single and bulk files from a batch of folders into a single folder. Read the help section before using it. It transferred 1089 folders of 56,890 files to a HD in 7 minutes. Link
[Mass-mindedness ] Anxiously we look round for collective measures, thereby reinforcing the very mass-mindedness we want to fight against. There’s only one remedy for the leveling effect of all collective measures, and this is to emphasize and increase the value of the individual.  ~Carl Jung, Civilization in Transition
[Drowning] Man dies after being swept out to sea in the Florida Keys, Coast Guard says. Link

[Throw Baby Out With Bath Water] People read one post they don’t like and condemn the whole site.
[Bad Oysters] FDA issues warning for oyster eaters in at least 13 states over a norovirus outbreak. A norovirus outbreak linked to raw oysters has come south from Canada. Link


[Close, But No Cigar] During carnivals in the 1800s, cigars were rewarded as prizes for winning carnival games

[Herpes] The good news is that your chances of getting herpes from having unprotected sex one time is only 0.06%. So f**k away Cleopatra!


Queen Elizabeth’s military driver during WWII.

[Drought map] There’s serious drought in U.S. Link


1929 Cadillac Hearse. “Call 180, and away you go!”