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Friday, November 19, 2021

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[Surveillance] My wife picked up a cosmetic she’d never bought before at Walgreen and then replaced it on the shelf. When she was at the checkout register, it spit out a $7-off coupon for the product she handled but didn’t buy. It looks like Walgreens is using facial recognition software to identify her and products she showed interest in. Now, that’s very scary.
[President Biden Drives Electric Hummer] Big hoopla on the new electric GM Hummers. Sticker price $110,000 and 350 mile range. Forget that, I’ll buy 5 Kias for $20,000 each. It’s funny watching President Biden hitting the gas pedal — 0 to 60 in 3 seconds! Video

[Rental Wanted] I’m looking for a small, furnished rental Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar-Ap-May for one person, 1 small dog, 1 fat cat, occasional visitor may stay over 5 days max. Top rent $2k can offer cash discount. Non-smoker, light drinker.
[Friday Joke] I went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile; then yelled very loudly, ‘Hey! There’s no toilet paper in here.’ One of the clerks passed out. Link
Southernmost Car Club Show & Shine this Sunday! Our November Show & Shine is all set for Sunday, November 21st as always on the third Sunday Noon to 3 at the Sugarloaf Lodge MM17.  Free event. Our always successful Holiday Christmas Car Show for this year is Sunday, December 5th 11AM to 3PM. The location is as always the Conch Republic Seafood Company at Greene St. and Elizabeth St on the harbor in Key West in the reserved parking lot. Happy Holidays!  ~Dick & Kathleen Moody 305-942-1758
[Friday Joke] How do you rape a Key West Hooker? With a bogus credit card!
I know they sell Cornish Hens in the markets, but do they have Cornish Pigeons since there are so many of them crapping all over the Keys.
What is the difference between a Cornish hen and a Rock Cornish hen? A Cornish hen is a chicken variety which is a cross breed of White Rock and Cornish chickens. This small chicken is also known as Rock Cornish hen or Cornish game hen. Sometimes, it is called a poussin, a French word that refers to a young chicken that weighs not more than 1.5 pounds.
[“Are you a veteran”] I followed the link to get a veteran’s ID card, but the card offered didn’t have anything to do with the government. It was some private people who made a website and are trying to make money from vets. I don’t want anything they offer. I’m looking for the free Veterans Administration and what they offer vets. Link
[Toad Venom Addiction and Abuse] Smoking toad venom has recently become a way for people to partake in a so-called “religious experience” where the Psychedelic toxins from the Colorado River toad cause the user to trip and hallucinate. Some say it can cure depression, but other research shows it can be addictive and dangerous. Video
[Prostitution] My grand pappy says if they legalized prostitution all wars and crime would go away. My grand mama says, for $20 she’ll fix it now!

Any luck with over-the-air antennas in BP that will get local channels from the mainland.

Most communication problems are simply translating from one language to another. Go to Google Translator and type in your favorite one liner joke. Then pick any language to translate to. No translation will come out with the same meaning or punch line.

Now type in some sort of serious statement as if you were speaking to the United Nations. Bet you could start World War 3 by a simple mistranslation. We’ve got to fix this.
Communication Breakdown


[Tiny House] A S.C. homeowner has converted this vintage 1978 Chris Craft into a tiny AirBnB rental. Does this count as a “Tiny Home”?

[Rittenhouse Trial] If you arrive armed to a place where violence is happening, prepared for violence, and you engage in violence, there is no self-defense. You are in fact, a willing combatant. If you do this without being sanctioned by a government outside of a combat zone, you are also, in fact, a terrorist. We had another word for armed civilians operating outside the military as well: insurgent.
If your recourse to the terrorist is to look up the criminal history of the victims, it is no different than looking up the criminal past of everyone that died on 9/11 in order to justify the hijackers. This kid was illegal all the way around, this s**t is ridiculous.
Christmas is coming and there will be some fun music on our island in December.  The first is The Deer Santas playing for the parents, children and onlookers Friday, December 3rd when Santa comes to Coldwell Banker.  He’ll arrive about 6 p.m.  Feel free to watch, listen and sing along.  29967 Overseas Hgwy, BPK.  Music begins about 5:45 and will last until Santa has finished visiting with the kids.  ~Marianne
[Friday Joke] I truly believe water can solve all of our problems. Weight loss? Drink water, Clear skin? Drink water, Tired of someone? Drown them!



Day three and they suspect nothing!

[Ahmad Arbery Dead Runner] Armed White man to unarmed Black runner, “Stop because I tell you to or I’ll kill you.”
[Tax Prep Volunteers Wanted] UWCK is starting to prepare for our annual VITA program, a free tax preparation service for residents whose household income in 2021 was $66,000 or less.  As the first step, we are recruiting volunteers from Collier and Monroe counties to help provide this service. The volunteer training is free and no experience is required. There are several training sessions available remotely, in November and December. 100% remote/virtual work offers flexibility. Interested parties can contact Loretta at  or 305-563-1470 for more information or to volunteer.
[Overdoses Continue] CDC reports record high 12-month drug overdose death toll. More than 100,000 Americans have died of drug overdoses over a year-long period during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the highest yearly death toll from drugs ever recorded in the US. Link


Do cellphones freeze
? Do they freeze in Alaska?

[The Great Reset] Shocking glimpse into life after The Great Reset. We won’t be allowed to have possessions – we’ll have nowhere to keep them. We will not be allowed to wash clothes often, to save water.  Since there will be a shortage of meat, we should eat bugs. Everyone will be monitored.  The Great Reset means the elites gain more control over your life.
Do the movies Omega Man, Soylent Green, THX1138 and Hunger Games come to mind?
Howard Beale, I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!” When will we rise up (and wise up)? Video
[3D Printed Houses In Africa] They are able to build a 3D-printed house in just 12 hours at a cost of under $10,000. Its building process reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 70% when compared with a typical house-building project. every day around 40,000 people relocate to one of Africa’s many vibrant, growing cities where there is little or no available housing.  Video
[Kids Got Talent] Her singing stopped Simon Cowell from pressing the red buzzer. Video


[Concealed] Ever wonder why Keys people don’t carry guns all the time? Because you’d look like an idiot in a Bikini or Olympic trunks with a .45 auto sticking out!

Railway Track Laying Machine renewing a high-speed railway line. High output railway track laying machine Plasser & Theurer ZUSW-500 renewing sleepers and rails with the assembly-line method for the high-speed railway line Hannover-Göttingen on June 30, 2019. Video
[Trivia] During WWII, U.S. airplanes were armed with belts of bullets which they would shoot during dogfights and on strafing runs. These belts were folded into the wing compartments that fed their machine guns. These belts measure 27 feet and contained hundreds of rounds of bullets. Often times, the pilots would return from their missions having expended all of their bullets  on various targets. They would say, “I gave them the whole nine yards”.
[Inflation] In the 1959 movie The Slime People, top round beef was on sale at the butchers for 49 cents a pound.

Add the cent sign to keyboard.

[Kid shoots rioters] The post defending Rittenhouse failed to take into account that a child, and that’s what he was, went to a riot with an automatic weapon. Why would anyone bring an automatic weapon anywhere unless he wants to shoot someone? We have police. Children should not have automatic weapons. Just carrying a loaded automatic weapon in public by a kid should be enough to convict him. Tuesday’s poster falsely claimed that the kid only tried to wound those trying to take his gun away from him. That’s bs, he panicked and started shooting. Only Luck protected the wounded man from the kid’s murderous actions. Rittenhouse was not intent on killing him, but he was ready to. That’s why he brought the gun. If Rittenhouse had been intent on killing the State would have filed 1st degree murder charges against them. I think Tuesday’s poster has been watching FOX News a little too much.
[Eclipse] There’s an especially big window to catch this week’s eclipse of the Beaver Moon. Friday’s celestial event will be the longest lunar eclipse in nearly six centuries. During a lunar eclipse such as this, the moon will go dark with a reddish hue. Link
[Reputation] It doesn’t matter what you do, only what they think you do.


[Lost in the Fifties] Another time, another place. Who remembers the Gilbert Chemistry Set? Video

Government websites always suck because they hire the cheapest engineers, minimum wagers and such. That’s why we’ll never have online voting, they’ll use the lousiest engineers who work for the govt to design it and their work can be hacked. For the best website you need engineers from the best:  Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook. remember the Obamacare website? What a disaster.
[Reject] My family and I came to the Keys for two weeks of fun in the sun, but after several days of seeing the real Keys, we are leaving to go back home. The Keys have turned into a la la land of weirdos, religious nuts, junkies, and ethnic people I don’t care for. We thought NYC was bad, but the Keys are nothing now. Where to next for vacations, if a problem.
[“Realtor migration”] How tacky of Ms Sharpe trying to get business up in Florida where she moved. No Greeting, just ”we moved and are selling real estate in St. Augustine” If she had any class she would have thanked her friends in the Keys for a wonderful life and then say she’s going to continue to be in real estate up there
[“Sea horse pulling a mask”] I suspect that photo of being doctored because seahorses don’t grab paper things with their tail and the only seahorses I’ve ever seen were among the protection of weeds and sea grasses. Swimming out in the open like in the photo they wouldn’t last a minute.
[Friday Joke] High gas prices. Getting gas this morning, I noticed the person before me on pump 3 bought $10.00 worth. Where the hell were they going? To pump 4.