2022 August

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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[Latinos Work Harder] I had 2 American companies scheduled to do some major landscaping on my Keys home. 1 company came and looked and was supposed to give me a quote. 2 weeks later I never got it. The 2nd all American company never showed up.
I then contacted a company that was legal and operated by Latinos and within 10 days the project was completed and looked great.
I would hire a company of Spanish speaking workers any day now over a company of Americans. I learned my lesson.
Hate on them all you want because they won’t know because they will be working.
[“Slow Driver”] I think the writer of those posts is stupid or an internet troll, most likely both

[Grizzly Hangover] ‘Drunk’ bear is found slumped in a forest and given a lift to the vet after gorging on hallucinogenic ‘mad honey’ in Turkey. Video
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Philosophy is wondering if a Bloody Mary counts as a smoothie. Age is not caring if anyone thinks it’s a smoothie or not. I’m drinking it!
[Robots] 300 Japanese stores will be reshelved by robot arms next month. Telexistence’s TX-SCARA is designed to fill Japan’s labor shortage, but its implications are much larger than that. Video
[Keys Disease Strikes Again] The man who runs the All Keys Computer store in Marathon is the most sour, depressed and despondent business owner in the Keys. He lives here in Big Pine and I sure hope he gets out of our Key as soon as possible. His miserable and sad attitude should not infect any other residents in the Keys and I’m hoping that he packs his bags, sells all he has for pennies on the dollar and moves on.
My wife tells me I have two major faults: I don’t listen . . . and something else.
[“Slow Driver”] I don’t know if the latest slow driver post is from the original person or one of her compatriots, either why it left me bewildered. The post inadvertently validates my post regarding slow drivers. This person espoused driving 10 miles an hour below the posted speed, not at it. This is what I, reasonably, objected to. At the very least, drive the posted speed. So we are in agreement. You further validate my point about it being very common to drive up to 7-10mph above the posted speed (I only advocated 5mph). You will not be ticketed–as you point out with references. So what gives? Friend or foe? And my original question still stands. Why? Why drive slower than all the other drivers in the traffic flow? It is not unsafe to drive 5mph above. Studies have repeatedly shown that it is the slow drivers who actually cause accidents. Look it up. Please drive at least a bit above the posted speed like most everyone else. And definitely not below it!

The old “Compass Rose” getting a total redo. Key West never stops. I wonder if you have pics of old Hukilau and the new building that replaced it?

Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries are scooping up farmland in drought-afflicted regions of the U.S. Southwest, and that has some people in California and Arizona seeing red. Link
[Walmart] You go in for cookies and pudding and you come out questioning the fate of the human race.


Cincinnati Zoo welcomes surprise baby hippo after mother’s birth control ‘fritzes’. Hip-hippo-hooray for Fritz! Link

[Credit Cards] All you need to know about gold backed cards. I’d rather have a food and water backed credit card. Link
The local Senior Center Gardening Club has almost tripled in size since they made the switch from planting tomatoes and zucchinis to growing and cultivating their own glaucoma medicinals. That 60’s and 70’s generation seems very well versed in the subject and it’s so heartwarming to see their excitement in this program. It’s too early to know if this remedy works, but we can certainly hope that they share their results with the surrounding community.
This project was made possible through a generous grant from The Willie Nelson Foundation
When aluminum meets mercury. Aluminum-mercury reaction builds a structure. Link

[Movies] If there’s an aquarium in any scene you can bet it will get broken.
[Backfired] Zuckerberg’s AI robot became anti-Semitic and started talking trash about the boss. Link

[Marsh Rabbit] There was a little dark grey marsh rabbit sitting in front of the former Lutheran church staring at the road last week.

My cat doesn’t purr. She seems happy enough to purr. I think her little purr motor is broke.

412 mass shootings of 3 or more dead. Do you feel safe in america? If you have a concealed weapon permit you don’t feel safe to the point where you have to carry a gun just like in the old West, except the old West didn’t have over 400 murders in eight months!

[Crabs] Can I use SCUBA gear to stay under water long enough to drown crotch crabs or lice? Would that work?



Night blooming cirrus cactus at 10pm Monday.

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