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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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[Cowards] Uvalde, Texas. The crowd of cops stood around with their thumbs up their asses or picking their noses while a killer spent an hour murdering 19 kids. Since then I’ve heard more excuses than I could imagine. None of them valid. The only excuse for them is cowardice. All the macho talk in the locker room or barroom is just bravado.  You’d think there would be at least one hero among all those cops who would have risked his career, took the initiative and shot the lock off the door, confronted the killer and tried to save the children. Someone should have tried. As far as the fat cop (maybe the chief) running to help, that’s bogus. He didn’t know what to do. He panicked and even forgot his radios and couldn’t communicate with the other frightened cops. Out of all those cops you’d think at least one would have been brave. All this happened while children were screaming, phoning, pleading for help, texting for help, bleeding and dying. The cops were wearing body armor, carried ballistic shields and were heavily armed and they still were afraid to confront the killer and did nothing for an hour.
Vietnam POW 40 year reunion. Video
[Out of Proportion] If you are watching streaming TV you’ll notice that almost all American programs have gay people and mixed couples. I think the preponderance of gay characters is due to the industry itself. Most creative industries employ gay people because they are so creative. TV programing is no longer related to the populace. If you went by recent TV programming to see the mix of our population, you would think that half of Americans are Black and the other half are gay. And the other half are gay Blacks.


Look, up in the sky… It’s a bird. It’s a plane… It’s Catzilla! 

Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.
plunged to about $17,749 and ether fell to about $897 at around 4:15 E.T. on Saturday afternoon, as the sell-off in the crypto market accelerates. The world’s two most popular cryptocurrencies are down more than 35% in the past week, as both breach symbolic price barriers. Bitcoin peaked at $68,789.63 in November. Link
It turns out that yes, Norway’s government is tracking what you buy at the supermarket, allegedly for statistical analysis of consumption. So they’ll know if anyone is hoarding food—implying the government will be able to take it away from you. 1984 was not a manual but a futuristic horror novel. Think about this before you download another app.

[IE Kaput] Microsoft is finally retiring Internet Explorer in 2022. Internet Explorer will no longer be supported in June 2022. Link
[Gossip] Tom Hanks lost his temper and swore at a crowd of fans after his wife Rita Wilson was tripped and everyone is in shock. (good for him)
[More Guns] In Israel (often used by gunners as an example of a place that has armed teachers and no school shootings), unless you have three years of military training, you have to be 27 to even apply to own a gun. Then you need a license. And have to take a written test. And a practical exam. And a thorough background check (paid for by you) that includes actually interviewing friends and relatives to see if you’ve been exhibiting abnormal behavior or making threats of violence. And you can only have 50 bullets for the gun. And you have to have a valid reason why you need it. “I want one” isn’t a sufficient reason. And semi-automatic weapons are not available for sale.
And those armed teachers? All are veterans or still in the reserves. And they are armed to protect their students from foreign terrorists, not their own f**king citizens.

Could it be that cilantro really does taste like soap and the people who like it are the ones who have the defective gene?

DNA from plague victims’ teeth may unravel the origin of Black Death. A 14th-century pandemic may have started in Central Asia. Link
[Shakers] Spontaneous dancing was part of Shaker worship until the early 1800s, when it was replaced by choreographed dancing. Spontaneous dancing returned around the 1840s, but by the end of the 19th century dancing ceased during worship. Services consisted of singing hymns, testimonials, a short homily, and silence
[Boom] Man dies after lighting cigarette while using oxygen generator. You can’t fix stupid. Link

[WWII Pacific War] Kamikazes killed more than 10,000 allied troops

[Sick Society] Male blood donor who refused to say if he was pregnant was turned away. Leslie Sinclair said it was unnecessary for him to answer a question on a form asking if he was pregnant as he is a man in his 60s! Link
Here’s a list of the blood drives on BPK the rest of June. To schedule an appointment, please click on the link and enter your zip code and dates. Donors receive an All American Hero shirt and a $20 eGift Card. Thank you for donating! Link
-Thursday, June 23 – Berkshire Hathaway Keys Real Estate Big Pine – 30085 Overseas Highway Big Pine – 12:30 pm-5:30 pm
-Sunday, June 26 – Keys Vineyard Community Church – 100 County Road Big Pine – 8:30 am-12:30 pm
-Thursday, June 30 – Bealls @ Big Pine Shopping Center – 12:00 pm-5:00 pm


Evil is everywhere, especially in onions!

[Bermuda Triangle] Is it just me, or does no one disappear in the Bermuda Triangle anymore?
Watermelon will restore you on a hot day.  It’s easy to forget that our bodies’ sweat isn’t just water. Our sweat consists of water and salt, so next time you’re reaching for that glass of water remember to replenish electrolytes, too.  Watermelon with salt replenishes all.
The Top 9 Health Benefits of Watermelon. Helps you stay hydrated. Packed with nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. May have anticancer effects. May improve heart health. May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. May help prevent macular degeneration. May relieve muscle soreness. May aid skin health.


Cats sleep wherever they want to.