2022 March

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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[Ramblin’ Jack Elliot] I lived in Marathon part of the 70’s and Key West in the 80’s. My mother Annette married Jack Ross after he divorced Geraldine. They owned The Reef Bar in Marathon. I saw your story about meeting Jack Elliot on the 7 Mile Bridge. I knew him personally as my Mom and Jack went to Nashville and created a record company called Jelly Records. I still have the business card. It was my step father’s money.
Actually, Jack Elliot was not that good. I listen to him sing at the Overseas Bar in Marathon. It was a bust. However I was impressed with the Coconut Telegraph. Are you still doing this? Please respond. I have a lot more stories of the Keys and pictures (Marathon Key Beach Club (formally Tarpon Lodge), Pirate Cove Villas (formally The Buccaneer), The Reef Bar, The Galleon in Key West being built, ect. I would love to hear from you either way. It’s so different now.
Fellow old days Keys lover,
Barbara West
[“Trust mainstream media”] Only because they double check each story’s facts. Sometimes they get it wrong, but at least they don’t make stuff up to feed their political thirst. Alternative web sites do not fact check and there is the problem. They usually don’t check any facts. They stopped checking facts when none of their facts ever checked out or they don’t like the results.
[Sex in a Porta-potty] I went up to Juno Beach for a weekend art festival. Nice art, steamy hot weather. Outdoor porta potties in high temperatures. I tried to use one and lo and behold 2 people having were sex — IN A PORTA POTTY!
I’ve seen 2 people doing it overhead in a tree in Key West once, but In 62 years of life, I’ve never seen this. Disgusting
The war in Afghanistan has cost Americans $2.3 trillion so far. And there are untold lingering costs to come. How come we can spend trillions on a bs war but not on expanding Medicare to cover everyone’s health? Or fix the goddamned infrastructure or provide day care for kids?

A stack of 1 trillion dollar bills would be 358,333,333.333333′ high. The equator is about 24,900 miles in circumference. This means that at the equator the stacked bills (now lying on their edges) would circle the earth about 2.73 times

[Angry Resident] The Haitians are coming! The Haitians are coming! Oops! they are here already. If the holy rollers
think of welcoming them with open a**holes, WW3 will start somewhere along route 1 south for sure. This trash cannot run their own country and want to come here for free handouts and ruin my life? Never!

After 18 days of stealing Putin’s tanks, Ukrainian farmers are now unofficially the fifth-largest military in Europe. Now they’re expanding their horizons literally.

Abe Lincoln was re-elected for his second term without one southern electoral vote. If you think politics is divided and evil now, it was literally explosive back then
Over 100 Haitians arrive in Summerland Key Monday morning. Where the hell is our security? This is getting to be a common occurrence


[Countenance] Look at that expression! That’s how he’ll look waiting for the judge to announce the guilty verdict.

Contrary to what people may say, there’s no upper limit to stupidity.  ~Stephen Colbert

Well, I’m back to working out at a KW gym. There’s an older guy working out, hogging the one and only piece of equipment. He stops momentarily and walks to the mirror, phone in hand, taking pictures of his exercised body.
And he’s about 60 years old. God help me.

[Cloud 9] Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the lawyers, politicians, religious nuts, criminals, liars, and weirdos were not here anymore?
The Temptations — Cloud Nine
Ukraine TV drama series reflecting their politics starring now President Zellinsky from 2015. “Servants of the People” Video
I assembled a small table from Amazon that we could not find locally. I want to commend the Chinese robots that packaged it. If we could have this kind of efficiently in the US, we would be top of the game.
[Mexico] The wall has been breached many times by cutting it with hand-held battery powered grinders. Not too many people had faith that the wall — or any wall — would hold. Mexicans are smarter than steel. We seem to forget that. An attractive fence with continuous hi-tech surveillance would be better. Using cameras, Border Patrol, drones, and sensors would be better and probably cheaper than that ineffective 3-billion dollar ugly monstrosity we now have.
Federal records show Trump’s border wall is costing taxpayers billions more than initial contracts. Link


[Life in America] If you grew up in the 70’s you’ll remember this. Video