2022 March

Friday, March 11, 2022

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[Bagged Deer] Someone bagged a deer but my wife was able to pull it apart. For a few seconds it was all legs and more legs!
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[Potholes and bureaucrats] They would rather wait until they can spend tens of millions of dollars to redo the whole length of Key Deer Blvd instead of just filling the three big sink holes that are towards US1. We don’t care if they are crappy patch jobs — anything is better than those sinkholes! We’re dangerous when we cross lanes to bypass the dips. That’s a stupid thing to do but we do it just the same
[“Free Covid test kits”] Who cares? The Covid scare is over. “Covid” ended with the Super Bowl where, to prove the point, 60,000 people crowded together without masks. And no one died who wasn’t going to die anyway. The people have given up and are learning to live with Covid.
[Lack of Care] On our drive back from West Palm Beach we decide to stop in an orange big box store in Marathon. I called first and asked if they have a few red cordyline, since ours are 15 years old, and they show it.
They say, “We have about 25”. We stop. Ask the garden person where are they. He looks dumfounded, admits he doesn’t know what they are or what they look like. Bingo, not one cordyline in the store!
We stopped at a garden center down the keys and got our 2 replacements. How do these monster stores stay in business? please tell me?
Why do these crazy drivers speed up to a red light?
[Fat Bottom Girls] I’m not trying to be rude or funny but can someone please explain the recent infatuation with huge Botox butts? I think they look silly. It’s almost like the girl has a suitcase or duffel bag on her back end.
Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
[Repair Woes] I have a 2-year old AC and it’s been fixed, maybe, 6 times in the last year. The parts were covered, but the labor is not! Now I need a proctologist.
[“History and the Church”] All through history there are whose who would burn books or edit them to remove unpleasant parts of history. This is a fatal mistake unless you want to relive history. You can skip over the parts you don’t like but don’t try to change them or ban them or remove them.
[Friday Joke] Ukrainian farmers stealing a $25 million Russian Tor Surface-to-Air-Missile launcher. And according to the Ukrainian government, any Russian tanks you take home are not considered income!
[Big Aunty] China is tracking and scoring citizens in new social media credit system. Video
[“Catholic bashing”] Pope’s Associate Guilty of Sex Abuse (March 5) Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta an associate of Pope Francis was indicted by an Argentine court Friday of sexually assaulting young men in a case that has raised questions about the pope’s handling of sexual abuse at the highest level of the Catholic hierarchy
[Friday Joke] I know a lot of people will think I am just showing off, but when you work hard all your life, you deserve to treat yourself. I can’t express the happiness I am feeling right now. White was the only color they had, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve just purchased these four lawn chairs, and I can’t wait for summer!
[Power Play] What happens if California takes over their shitty PG&E? Link

[Creating a Living Map of Earth’s Animals] The idea is to track animals on the move with a network of wearable sensors that can send real-time data to space. Link

[Music] About fifty famous musicians from around the world collage to perform Led Zepplin’s When The Levee Breaks – no mean feat. Video
[Moon light Kayak Tour] Sign up time!  If you or someone you know would like to sign up for the National Key Deer Refuge Moon light Kayak Tour sponsored by Big Pine Kayak Adventures, it is time to reserve your spot.  Tour #1 is March 16th from 6-8 p.m.  Please call Bill at 305-872-7474 to reserve your spot.  Donation is $30 pp, cash upon arrival.  Come to the Old Wooden Bridge Resort and Marina, 1791 Bogie Dr on Big Pine Key about 5:30 p.m..  We’ll provide all the gear.  Proceeds benefit the Florida Keys Wildlife Society. Visit
[PCs And Phones] I am starting to realize how completely people are who use nothing but cellphones and not real computers anymore. It is scary how they are so closeted.
[“Check out frustration at supermarket”] We could go on and on. These people who are working in the stores are useless. I used to feel sorry for the workers who worked the self-checkout since automation was going to take their jobs away. Now I embrace it! From Southwest Airlines to Ikea stores, humans are treated as cattle, and the clerks (or customer service agents) are just window dressing.
[There’s a hole in the bucket, there’s a hole …] According to records obtained by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act, Mexican smuggling gangs have sawed through and breached segments of the new border wall 3,272 times in the past three years.
Mexico to pay for it. They didn’t. There were claims the wall would be erected within months. It wasn’t.  Declared to be impenetrable. It isn’t.
The previously undisclosed maintenance records the newspaper obtained from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol show that the federal government has spent $2.6 million repairing breaches to the wall between 2019 and 2021.
Battery-powered angle grinders and demolition saws and then, under cover of darkness, cut through the base of the 18 to 30 foot tall steel bollards. Once severed, the steel beams easily can be pushed aside to create a gap wide enough for people to pass through. Link
In most states, there are no mandated certification requirements to be a firefighter, and where such a mandate exists, it typically applies only to paid personnel. Fewer states require certification to be a fire officer at any level. In all states, to provide emergency medical care or act as a law enforcement officer, you must hold a professional certification.
[Bad News] It is amazing how the media has brainwashed the public into viewing the unimportant junk news they display online instead of real-world news. It’s turning this generation into 1984 useless eaters and blind followers!
[Book Club] We’re happy to say there’s been great response to reading,  A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and all copies have been checked out of the library. If you have finished reading the book, please return your copy to the library as there are additional readers who would like to read it before Book Lovers on March 19. Full Menu > Ongoing Events > Book Club
[Double Bagging Problem] I have a solution to your double bagging problem. Buy some re-usable bags and no one will question your bagging skills, you will be able to put a lot more in them, and it will help our fragile environment. Also, it will be a big middle finger to the oil companies that make money from single use plastic bags. Winner-winner-chicken-dinner


I thought this was a naked curly-haired woman on a paddleboard living her best life.