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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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[Coming Home] Florida Keys resident Mariela Care shot this aerial photo of the Seven Mile Bridge (bottom of photo) looking west to Bahia Honda Key and other portions of the Lower Keys, while flying high above the island chain in a commercial jet late Thursday afternoon.
[Free Streaming Service] Did you know that you can stream over thirty thousand films and TV series from Kanopy, a streaming service offered by the Monroe County Public Library. Link
[Damaged Car] When the Pit Stop shop manager instructs you to drop your vehicle off in front of their gate for service, do not do this. Any damage they do to your vehicle they will use as a loophole not to take responsibility and say it came in damaged. Then say it’s an unfortunate situation as they force you off the property. I had $1500 worth of damage.  ~
[Luxury Cruises] Here, do a detail page by page tour of this cruise line and then do a World Tour Package for 165 days, then tell me we are not peasants. I’ve read where some wealthy old people permantly live aboard some of these luxury ships. Link

[Worm Cactus Blooms] Both cactus flowers bloomed in 1 night for just a few hours. It timed itself for my niece’s visit. Life is good.

[Racers Keep Out] Wildlife Refuge closes Boca Grande, Woman Key and all other offshore island beaches to keep powerboat racers away.


I’ve learned to use meditation and relaxation to handle stress. Just kidding! I’m on my 4th glass of beer…

I liked election day when it was really ‘something’. Kids couldn’t wait until they turned 21 to vote. It was a rite of passage and everybody looked forward to the results later that night at around 1 or 2 am. Everyone wanted to stay up. No one complained or spread strange theories. My state even closed the bars to keep the population civil. Many employers gave employees the day off. It was like a national pride day, an event. A day to show our patriotism.
The Big Pine Book Lovers Book Club invites you to their next meeting in November to discuss The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter by Hazel Gaynor. The New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Who Came Home, Gaynor creates, “a historical novel inspired by true events, and the extraordinary female lighthouse keepers of the past two hundred years.” Saturday, November 19th, 10:00 am, adults. Full Menu > Book Club
[Un-Christian] If gay people or any other minority get beat up it is not considered a crime by many Christians. They can quote some words from their book. They look at crime in a totally different way, as they consider being gay or different from them a crime. That’s absolutely sickening and un-Christian.
[Longer High Tides] We have been having continuous High Tides for more than two months. Whether you call them Fall Tides, Alignment Tides, Lunar Tides, or King Tides, they have been happening here for much longer than I have ever observed in forty years. There have been times when the tides have fallen some, but they have never actually dissipated. Hurricane Ian passed on 27 September, and the tides were very high then, but the longevity of this event has nothing to do with the passage of a major hurricane. We are very lucky that Ivan stayed to the west of us. This event has much more to do with rising sea levels. Many of the roads along Key Deer Blvd have remained partially submerged for more than two months. It has become more obvious that sea level rise has been occurring at a faster rate. I wonder if very many residents notice this?

Help monarch butterflies by safely adding milkweed to your outdoor spaces. You can still do it while keeping your pets and other wildlife safe. Link
[Afoul of the Law] We expected a wild and crazy party town, not a Big Brother controlled can-not-do-this-or-that turn off! What happened to the good old Key West I knew in the 1960’s and 1970’s? Seems you were overtaken by greed and plastic people instead of real world party goers. Nowadays it all about the city, county and state fleecing the tourists (and citizens). Just wait until you get even slightly right of one of the county or city redneck cops. Even if you are released a few hours later, charges and the trumped-up charges are dropped, it will cost you thousands as you fund the crooked, bloated lawyers, bailsmen, courts, judges and police.


Chas McCormick’s Catch of the Century captured in outfield dirt.  Link

[Halloween on Gilligan’s Island] Here is the ‘”official portrait” of Mrs. Howell (Lovey), Fran Decker, Queen of Fantasy Fest”, & Ginger the movie star. (Mary Simmons). I just heard that Padre Donna, rector of St Paul’s was marooned in Cuba. Had she been home, her plan was to be Mr. Howell, so I would have had a husband. I told people he was away on business.

[Get A Life Department] Teenagers check thier phones roughly every 5 minutes. It’s like another appendage to them and just as important.


[No Vember] I wanted to remind everyone that this year I am taking part in No-vember, so consider that before you ask me to do anything, help you with something, or go anywhere. No!

[Men Control Needed] 85% of all crimes involving a threat to life are committed by men.


Laura Ingraham in knee high black boots? Whoa, it’s getting hot in here!

[Aaron Carter is dead] I think he was from Tampa along with his brother, Nick, who is also a memeber of the boy band Backstreet Boys. Link

[Dummy Woman] The first crash dummy modeled after women is here. Since the 1970’s, dummies resembled only men, but a new design offers much needed physiological diversity to safety tests. Link

[“Longer high tides”] The high tides have been lasting longer and longer and higher and higher. Climate change deniers say the sea isn’t rising — the island is sinking!


If you thought seasonal depression was bad, get ready for this!

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