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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

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[United States Marine Corps Birthday Celebration] This celebration will be held at American Legion Post 333 in Key Largo on November 10th at 7PM. This celebration will include the National Anthem, Marine Corps Hymn, Marine Corps Cake and speaker comments and music. Discounted food and beverages will be available for all in attendance. This birthday celebration is open to the general public and all members of our Armed Services. We hope to see you there!
[“Greedy Realtors and ethics”] Deer Buyer, if the realtor you spoke with is the listing agent, then he/she/whatever is doing their job. They told you they had an offer – and helped you write one that they hopefully (as in legally) have to presented to the seller. The reason the sellers are having an open house this weekend is because they didn’t take, nor respond, to your offer indicating it was not to their liking. In my book, the realtor you were working with should have communicated that to you. I’m not saying the Keys don’t have their fair share of sharks in the industry. I know, I worked real estate for 20 years down here. My suggestion is if you’re looking to buy property in the Keys, find a buyer’s agent who will represent you in the transaction. Listing agents represent the seller and do the seller’s bidding until there is a contract between two parties at which time they are supposed to act as “transaction brokers”. Good luck!
I’m not totally useless. I can be used as a “bad example”.


A Soldier’s Journey Link

The judge in this Wisconsin murder case first advised the jury that details had been corrupted by the media.
The day of the two “murders”, I watched brand-new videos of two rioters who assaulted Rittenhaus, that 17-year-old “armed guard”. Of the first “murdered” rioter, no street videos showed his being shot and killed.
After being struck by the second rioter, Rittenhaus killed him in self-defense. The third rioter who raced to Rittenhaus’ side was shielding a pistol from sight. When he raised it, that rioter was shot in the forearm, and was then unable to release his grip on his Glock pistol.
Recently-released FBI drone coverage vindicates Rittenhaus, so expect more rioting in the name of Minnesotan George Floyd, who’d died earlier this summer while in police custody.
But wait! The judge just had a visit at his home from George Floyd’s nephew, threatening that trial jurors’ photographs will be made public. We can expect a mistrial now.


[Letting Yourself Go] Now that we lived during a plague, I understand why most renaissance paintings are of chubby women laying around without a bra.

[Infrastructure] The House approved a $1.85 trillion package of road and other infrastructure projects after Democrats resolved a months-long standoff between progressives and moderates, notching a victory that President Joe Biden and his party had become increasingly anxious to claim. Link
[Someone Who Used To Live Here] I can’t stand reading the Konk Life Daily News or the Keys News, any longer. They are so left wing to the point of propaganda and out-right lying. It makes me sick! The Keys have crashed and will never return to what they were 20, 30 years ago. The new breeders have turned the Keys into a holy playland of air heads and profiteers. I am out of here after 30 years of fun that turned into plastic parasite sand dunes.
[Lucy on Looe Key Reef] The ship Lucy. On another stormy day in January a consortship of ten wrecking vessels and four fishing and turtling craft succeeded in hauling the ship Lucy off Looe Key reef. They had worked unceasingly for five days, offloading 1,534 bales of cotton, carrying out anchors, and heaving around at the windlass. With the aid of the sails, they had gotten the ship about two hundred yards from the reef when the wind suddenly shifted, caught the sails aback, and drove the ship astern toward the coral heads. The crew immediately let go the last anchor, and the Lucy brought up just a short distance from the edge of the reef. Eventually she was towed back to Key West.
[Infrastructure Bill] If we spend $1 per second, it would take 56,663 years to spend $1.85 trillion. so, this additional $1.85 trillion will result in spending another over $1,000 per second for 5 1/2 years. A trillion seconds would amount to no less than 31,709.8 years.  + 26,953.33 (.85 years)= 56,663.13 years.
[Definition] Tradition (n.) Peer pressure from dead people.


More than 250 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported globally, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

[“Misogynist who lives alone”] That greedy greedy greedy animation verifies to me to never let women ever run anything in government or the military.
[Reef Restoration]  The United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) is pleased to announce the release of a ‘Reef Revitalization’ Request for Proposal (RFP) to further support local coral restoration efforts. This grant opportunity is part of UWCK’s larger initiative — ‘Revitalizing the Florida Keys through Reef Restoration and Beyond,’ with support from the United Arab Emirates.
Up to $377,718 will be available to coral restoration practitioners expanding Mission: Iconic Reefs restoration efforts at Looe Key during the next 4 years. The application for funding will be open through the UWCK grant management portal until December 3, 2021. Applicants will be required to provide a 1:1 private sector match on awarded funds, culminating in approximately $755,000 towards restoration. Grant priorities will focus on Phase 1A of Mission: Iconic Reefs, financial impacts to the Monroe County workforce, community stewardship and volunteer strategies, and engagement with students studying in related marine-science fields.
UWCK is working to revitalize the very lifeblood of the Florida Keys community, the coral reefs, while supporting project sustainability through related education.  Additional Information about this funding opportunity including the full Request for Proposal and application as well as complementary efforts is available. Link


[Sea Level Rise] Years ago I turned a deaf ear when family said not to buy Florida swampland.

AARP November calendar of activities is here, although there’s no place for the activities now that they are tearing down the AARP Senior Center. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[New Windows 11 Is Out Now] There’s no reason to update now. This should have been an update not a new operating system. It doesn’t offer anything particularly compelling for the user. Windows 10 will continue to be supported until 2025.
The Snipping Tool doesn’t work. The time and date doesn’t appear on all my monitors. The File Explorer has a subtle new look with colored and shaded icons it’s easier to navigate.
When Microsoft notifies you that it’s your turn to install Windows 11, do it, it has a lot of security stuff you need. Then the hard part—checking for updates. It took me about a dozen times going through the upload/download/install routine to totally update my laptop. Here’s how to update. Windows icon>Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates. It should read: You’re up to date. If not you’d better update, or else!
[Movies] Movie actors gets burned on the face, back and shoulders, but not the hair. Also, aircraft only crash behind hills, mountains, forests, or over the horizon. It saves a lot of money to have a colorful explosion in a bucket instead of crashing a three million dollar helicopter.
[Trolling] I think the poster belittling all women is a troll with nothing better to do. People can’t really be that dumb?


[The Fallen Actor] They will probably make a monument as a tribute to fallen actors who died in the line of famedom.