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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club is holding our 1st SHOW & SHINE of this season on Sunday, October 16th, Noon to 3PM at the Sugarloaf Lodge MM17. This is always a FREE event to all Lovers of classic, custom, sports and street rod automobiles of all years and makes. There is plenty of room for parking show cars and outdoor seating in the grass under the trees with prizes and a plaque for People’s Choice and 50’s and 60’s music from our new sound system. Bring the kids to enjoy these beautiful relics of the auto world. Visit our new web site  The Club is seeking new members.  Join at the show and receive a new style Club shirt and Club sticker. For more information contact Lance Stehman 305-797-6782
[Crooks] Keys Energy found another way to smack it to us. They charged me $3.75 to pay my electric bill by mail. Not only did they just raise our rates, but to add further insult, they are charging us money to give them money.


Doctors say I have to cut out drinking.

[“EVs no good after hurricane”] The same is true for gasoline powered cars. After hurricane Wilma’s 5 ft storm surge turned my car into a “fishbowl” I was told to disconnect the battery and move it out from under my house. The saltwater conducts electricity and can cause a fire. Just wanted all to know this is true with all batteries.


First sign of this year’s crop of snowbirds.

[Electric Vehicles] One quarter of all new vehicles sold in China are electric. Link

[Movies] It’s predictable. If you see an aquarium in a movie you can bet it’ll get broken.

[“BS and pity me posts”] So who is making you read them?
[South American Explorer] When the guide picked up the viper “A whole lot of venom squirted out,” Jack later wrote his brother. Fawcett was familiar with Amazonian snakes, but he still found the demonstrations enlightening, and he shared his notes in one of his dispatches for the North American Newspaper Alliance. (“A snake-bite which bleeds is non- poisonous. Two punctures, plus a bluish and bloodless patch, is a sign of poison.”) Before leaving, Fawcett was handed what he most wanted: five years’ worth of anti-snakebite serums, stored in vials marked “rattlesnakes,” “pit vipers,” and “unknown” species. He also received a hypodermic needle to inject them
[Don’t Trust Amazon] Prime Early Access Sale October 11-12. Yesterday I looked at a new laptop that cost $829. I figured I’d wait one more day and buy it on sale. Year, right. Today, the day of the “sale” it cost $899—70 dollars more! No longer trust Amazon, especially the “Buy Again option on your Orders. They are higher priced than the original
[Queen’s Wealth] Ministers may face legal action over documents on Queen’s hidden wealth. Ministers have until end of October to respond to request from information commissioner or risk being taken to court. Link
[Crooks] When you dig into who is selling what, you realize a new form of prostitution is alive and well, selling junk foods, phony medical supplies, weapons and ammo, religion and politics.


[Stamps Going Up Again] U.S. Postal Service announces new prices for 2023. Forever Stamp to rise three cents (isn’t that an oxymoron?)

This generation defines “Desktop” and “Laptop” as kinky sex positions and their cellphones as, well, you know…
[HMS Looe] The Looe left Spithead, off Isle of Wight, with a small convoy of merchants, in transit to New York and Virginia, on the way to Charleston South Carolina, on the 5th of August 1743.  After passing by off Plymouth, a week later, the convoy set out to cross the Atlantic.

The Captain of the Looe was not, however, occupant of Looe’s Captain’s cabin on this voyage.  A separate, small cabin, had been constructed for Captain Utting, along with a new storage closet specifically for brandy.  The special guest on this voyage, a passenger with the rank of RN Commodore, was the Governor of New York, George Clinton.  Apparently, Gov. Clinton had developed a taste for brandy.

His family, sharing the Captain’s cabin on this voyage, included a future British Army General of American Revolutionary War fame, Henry Clinton, who would have been just age thirteen at the time. Full Menu > Big Pine Museum > HMS Looe Key

Crab Cakes
2 large eggs
2 1/2 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 1/2 teaspoons Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
1/1 teaspoon salt
1/1 cup finely diced celery, from one stalk
2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley
1 pound lump crab meat
1/2 cup panko crumbs
Vegetable or canola oil, for cooking
Serve with tartar sauce and lemon wedges
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